Beyond Duality

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Beyond Duality
Zurich, Switzerland
October 14, 2011

During an October evening presentation in Zurich, Switzerland Adamus talked about angels. He explained who they are, why they are here, and what they do with and for us. Including angelic regiments such as the “Crisis Management” angels and the “Makyo Police” (of which Adamus claims to be the commander), there are many angels who work tirelessly to support and assist humans in many different ways.

Then Adamus talked about duality, and how, back at the core of all things, a speck of light and a speck of dark have actually come together. This reunion was made possible by what humans are doing here on Earth, and will have a far-reaching impact throughout all of creation. Adamus also discussed how living beyond duality might affect our lives, and offered a preliminary experience of perceiving and experiencing “beyond duality.”

NOTE: Audio recording contains regular pauses for consecutive translation by Wulfing von Rohr.

1 session – digital download (MP3 and PDF format)

Cost: $15
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