Beyond the Lie of Darkness - Merabh

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 •  Humans believe in evil, which then makes it real
 •  It is Satan’s biggest accomplishment
 •  Darkness, power, and sin are illusions
 •  You have never done anything wrong!
 •  This is your key to freedom
 •  Return to the inherent grace and beauty of your soul


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Beyond the Lie of Darkness
Out of Evil into Freedom

What is Satan’s greatest accomplishment? The answer may surprise you, and it holds the key to ultimate freedom. According to Adamus, power, evil, and darkness, are only real if one believes in them, for the belief itself brings something into experience. Therefore, Satan’s greatest accomplishment is convincing people that he exists. Struggle, pain, “bad people” and even Satan are simply humans not allowing themselves to be the I Am, trying to control others, unable to love themselves, and believing in evil. Religions are particularly invested in darkness, using it to perpetuate unnecessary suffering instead of talking about the inherent grace, freedom, and beauty of your soul. 

In this merabh Adamus invites you to walk on from the lies of power, sin, and evil. He emphatically states that it cannot be done part way; it’s all or nothing. There is nothing for you to fight, yet there is so much to allow in this very difficult but very important step into freedom. The mind will resist, but the brilliant outcome is inevitable. 

What would our world be if Satan, evil, darkness, and power had never been invented? What could our world become when we walk on beyond the lie? It’s all about whether you put your consciousness into the lie or into freedom. 

“Freedom is when you allow that you’ve never done anything wrong. Period.” ~ Adamus 

NOTE: This presentation is an excerpt from Shoud 9 of the Walk On Series. 

Length 25:19 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), text (pdf), video (mp4) 

Cost: $00 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain 

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, May 2016 

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