Beyond the Lie of Darkness Merabh

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Beyond the Lie of Darkness
A Merabh with Adamus Saint-Germain


May 7, 2016, Shoud 9 in the Walk On: The Powerless Life Series. This was a pivotal day for Shaumbra and indeed for human consciousness.

In his message Adamus asked a very important question: What is Satan’s greatest accomplishment?

The answer to that question holds the key to ultimate freedom because, as Adamus stated, “Freedom is when you allow that you’ve never done anything wrong. Period.”

In this merabh Adamus invites you to release the lies of power, sin, and evil. And he emphatically states that it cannot be done part way; it’s all or nothing. There is nothing for you to fight, yet there is so much to allow in this very difficult but very big step out of the lie and into freedom.

What would our world be if Satan, evil, darkness and wrong had never been invented? What will our world become when we walk on beyond the lie?


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