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•  How they got into channeling
•  Changes on Earth are all about freedom
•  Stop asking “What’s wrong with me”
•  Only keep the thoughts you want
•  Recognizing the dream and living self-full
•  Allowing vs. changing the world
•  Gaia leaving, body changes, co-creation, cosmic waves & more



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Channelers of Change
Three Perspectives on World Transformation


Featuring world-renowned channelers
Steve Rother • Jim Self • Geoffrey Hoppe

Humanity and planet Earth are undergoing rapid and unprecedented evolution, including huge advances in technology and Artificial Intelligence, changes in TimeSpace, planetary changes, moving from the third to the fifth dimension, bringing in the light body and more. In August 2017 Jim Self, Steve Rother and Geoffrey Hoppe felt called to get together on stage for the first time ever to discuss consciousness, the changing world and our role in it.

During two sessions, these world-class authors and channelers talk candidly about the information they are receiving from the angelic entities. Topics include how they each got into channeling, dynamics that are most affecting the near future, preparing and coping with these changes, and much more. While each of these men offers a particular perspective, there is also a remarkable level of continuity about the dynamics playing out in the world.

Channelers of Change” is a unique opportunity to enjoy different perspectives on what’s happening in the world and what the future might hold. Each channeler works with a unique collective consciousness – Lightworkers, Shaumbra, Alchemists – which brings forth a different focus in the information.

Jim Self – A well-known author, presenter and former California mayor, Jim works closely with Archangels and Ascended Masters such as Metatron, Kuthumi, Raphael and others. Together they guide humans in energy management, conscious creating and multidimensional awareness.

Steve Rother – Author, channeler and Lightworker for more than two decades, Steve works with a collective of beings simply called The group. In recent years, several members of this group have stepped forward to speak individually, providing Lightworkers everywhere with heartfelt re-minders, inspiration and empowerment.

Geoffrey Hoppe – Former marketing consultant, co-founder of a technology company, author and channeler, Geoffrey works closely with Adamus Saint-Germain, an Ascended Master who maintains an intense focus on supporting humans who are choosing embodied enlightenment in this lifetime.

Session 1 – 1:10:40
Session 2 – 1:13:02

Format: Video (MP4), audio (MP3) and text (PDF) download

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Featuring: Jim Self, Steve Rother, Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, August 2017


ProGnost Series The New Human Species Cosmic Conversations End of the New Age

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Lot's of wisdom!
What do you get when three different channelers with similar yet diverse messages come together for a very human conversation? A lot of useful information and deep wisdom, on a lot of different topics relevant to life right now.

As someone who has become very partial to the simplicity and depth of Adamus’ message, I found myself quite moved by the deep wisdom shared by all three of these men, each from his own perspective. Kudos especially to Geoff, who channeled his own Master Self in clarity, beauty and grace, and Jim and Steve were great too.

If you haven’t seen or heard it yet, this downloadable program is well worth a couple hours of your time. And you can’t beat the price!
Review by John / (Posted on 9/23/2017)
Three Wise Guys
A few months ago I kept hearing comments on social media and seeing links to a talk with Steve Rother of Espavo (formerly Lightworker )and Jim Self from Mastering Alchemy about the “earth ending” in fifty years…. Mmm I said,” That’s not what I know to be true for myself and the material I work with in the Crimson Circle?” So it was due to some of this controversy I understood which led to Geoff Hoppe inviting them for a greater discussion with a live audience recently at the Crimson Circle Connection Center. It was also broadcast live online for free.
Both Geoff and Jim have teamed together in the past for events such as ProGnost and I have met and enjoyed Jim’s input and breadth of knowledge. His integrity is without question. I have also met and studied with Steve Rother in the past and even first heard of Crimson Circle at an event with him in 2000! While I don’t follow his work anymore, I respect who he is and had some amazing accurate readings from him when I was still looking for answers outside me. I know both he and Geoff met and woke up with Lee Carroll and Kryon so share a rich history.
So it felt like a bit of a high school reunion to see all three of these wise guys come together to compare notes about the future of the planet. Rather than further controversy or drama, there was truly an underlying energy of genuine respect and honor for each other as each took turns sharing with little ego or competitiveness. Masters too have a sense of humor and this truly shone with all three as they joked back and forth as they shared their stories.
For Shaumbra, quite frankly none of the information was new from Geoff if you are following the Shouds, Cloud classes and in Keahak. But for folks new to it, he dropped lots of Adamus’ gems of wisdom we know that could be quite transformative if you’ve never heard them before like talking about the hunger games, allowing and the growth of AI. You knew Adamus was present and Geoff showing remarkable restraint sometimes from adding more. Or was Adamus gagged in the back?
Steve and Jim have their own language of course for their own audiences that relate more to talk of portals and numbered dimensions which we don’t relate to anymore. Shaumbra prefer the idea of senses and “and”. It’s really a matter of semantics and possibly the story of the blind men describing an elephant. Different ways of saying the same thing. Or as Jim said “Overlapping circles with different attention points for people to choose.”
The overall agreement is of course that change is here and we chose to be here at this time. That yes the planet IS changing and a new earth will emerge in this century. They all repeated many times that we are not here to change the world. Just to be aware and choose for ourselves.
So yes for those of us who are already conscious, this was preaching to the choir of gritty angels so to speak. However this event was offered free live online and available now to share as a free download . It consists of just over two hours with the second hour a lively question and answer session with the audience. Why not be of service and share it as a Master with no agenda? I know I have.
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 9/4/2017)
One of the comments was about how people`s awareness is very much occupied with emotional stuff, such as what Trump is doing etc.
Channelers of Change, two and half an hour in the company of three masters: Steve Rother, Jim Self and Geoffrey Hoppe. And even for free!
I enjoyed this event very much. I was not told many new things, but it was a good experience to meet three sovereign beings telling about what was happening on Earth and with people in general right now. AND what was coming up. One of the comments was about how people`s awareness is very much occupied with emotional stuff, such as what Trump is doing etc.
What is happening with regard to Artificial Intelligence and the technological development, which is happening so very fast, does not get the attention they deserve. About 80 % of the population of the Earth is like hypnotized and are not aware and conscious in their lives. Some years ahead we are also going to have a new minor ice age… This was new to me, although I am aware that the magnetic fields of the Earth are changing again. Luckily this takes a while to come.
I recommend you to enjoy these two sessions with Steve Rother, Jim Self and Geoffrey Hoppe. The last session contains many questions from the audience in the studio in Louisville, Colorado.
Format: Video (MP4), audio (MP3) and text (PDF) download (PDF available no later than September 8, 2017)
Finn Andersen
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 9/1/2017)
A Very Timely Message
I enjoyed the Channelers of Change even more than I anticipated. It was a delight to hear Geoff, Jim, and Steve share their perspectives on the messages they have been channeling regarding global shift. Each man offered a unique interpretation, but the over-riding theme was very cohesive. In short, they said we came here at this time for a specific and very important reason. Now it is up to us to create our personal reality, so what do we choose to experience? It is time to stop feeling like a victim and step up to the plate as creators. I particularly enjoyed the final minutes of this discussion. It brought a smile to my face! This was very useful information, and calming to hear during this time of great global change.
Review by Donna / (Posted on 8/29/2017)
The common understanding from the 3 channelers is much more conspicuous than the differences. And it broadens the whole perspective of the changes going on.
I found it very interesting to listen to the 3 channelers, Steve Rother, Jim Self and Geoffrey Hoppe, talking about what they have observed and received from the ones they channel, about the changes going on / coming here on Earth.
After having heard The Prognost ‘17 update, it was not exactly new information, but you can say it broadens the whole perspective. Each channeler has of course his own background and understanding, but to me it is fascinating that the common line and perception of the three was much more dominant than the differences. The differences had more to do with the ways they express it than the content.
What I find is the most important, is that they all agreed that we don’t have to let it affect us. Of course, we can feel it, but we can step back, take a deep breath and come back to ourselves. Be in the AND.
The changes are needed. We have asked for them. And every time something new is going to happen, we have to let go of the old. All the old conflicts that have been suppressed are coming to the surface. They have to. We can’t move forward and just pretend they were never there. We see it in our own lives as well as in the world. And the more we resist the changes, the more they hurt.
As the channelers said, we can choose for ourselves to move forward into the embodied realization. But not everybody is ready for that. That is also the reason why the New and the Old Earth is not melding together. Some people are still choosing the way of duality, with battles etc. And true compassion is allowing them their experiences without judgement.
Adamus has said more than once, Enlightenment is natural, it will happen to everybody sooner or later. So, relax and enjoy life.
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 8/27/2017)