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  • Alchemy is the transmutation & re-manifestation of energy
  • Your consciousness calls forth energy for experience
  • The art of alchemy was used in Atlantis and ancient Egypt
  • Alchemy happens without power or force
  • Experience alchemy for yourself
  • Use it in your daily life

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The Science of Alchemy

Alchemy, what Adamus calls “chemia,” is your innate ability to transmute anything. While it can appear as magic, alchemy’s true use is the transformation of energy from lower vibration states to higher vibration and clarity. With countless practical applications in everyday life, alchemy can be used to transmute the body, the energies constantly bombarding you, and much more. The secret is completely letting go of all power, force, and agenda. After giving an overview of the history of alchemy and a practical example of how to do it, Adamus leads a deep and very personal experience of alchemizing, one that requires tremendous trust and openness. Every alchemical event produces a byproduct; what will be yours? 

This presentation, given during an interview on Spirit Quest Radio, is a foundational element of the work Adamus has been doing with Shaumbra. Allow yourself to transform your life by reawakening the innate ability of chemia, the true alchemy. 

Adamus also answers listener questions on putting chemia to use in daily life, dealing with grand mal seizures, finding clarity and more. 

“Alchemy is simply the transmutation, the change, the rearrangement or the re-manifestation of energy.” ~ Adamus 

Length: 1:15:08

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) & text (pdf)

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Jaentra Gardener, Mark Wandersee

Recorded on Spirit Quest Radio, August 2010

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amazing ! it was a spark for remind ! thanks !!!!
Review by Yuliya / (Posted on 11/19/2020)