•  Many conspiracy theories are true!
 •  What happens when you go down the rabbit hole?
 •  Fear + drama = energy stealing
 •  Kuthumi discusses UFOs, 9/11, aliens and more
 •  Drama is juicy, seductive and addictive
 •  Learn how to escape the confusion


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A Look Into Conspiracy Theory Energies

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To go down the rabbit hole is a phrase used to describe getting sucked into a situation, a process or even a journey that is all-consuming, complex or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so the more time and energy you put into it. This is what getting caught up in conspiracy theories is like: you can literally get lost down the rabbit hole trying to chase all the conflicting and confusing information about things like reptilians, aliens and more. It can be very exciting and full of drama, but it’s a huge distraction and a very effective means of energy stealing. It doesn’t matter whether the conspiracies are true or not. Some are, some aren’t. What matters is that they “Tie up your head and leave your heart sad and lonely.”

In this entertaining and informative look into conspiracy theory energies, Kuthumi lal Singh shares that he had been consumed by conspiracies in his last incarnation as a student in London. He also answers serious questions about popular conspiracies like alien reptilians, UFOs, NESARA, the government and the Catholic Church, while also explaining their effect on those involved. Additionally, he reveals the true motives behind the theories – which is to create fear and steal energy – and how to stay clear within yourself. As Kuthumi says, “The world doesn’t need saving. It just needs a little love.”


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Length: 1:08:13

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $20

Featuring: Kuthumi lal Singh, Linda Hoppe and Curt Curley

Recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 2005

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A ray of light.
Very interesting and so pertinent to what is happening now. Thank you for this gift in all its facets.
Review by Claire / (Posted on 4/13/2020)