The Creator Series (e-Book)

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  • Discover who you truly are and why you’re here
  • Remember your true divine nature 
  • Gain practical tools to make the journey easier 
  • Feel the support and encouragement from Spirit
  • Move beyond duality into the New Energy
  • Gnost – even more intimate than spirit


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The Creator Series
Practical Tools for Your Spiritual Journey

This beautiful gift from Tobias contains tremendous practical wisdom to help ease the often-difficult journey back home to Self, what is also called ascension, enlightenment, or Adamus calls Realization. You will be reminded of your true divine nature, your angelic origins, your innate creative abilities, and helpful ways to deal with everyday human challenges. You will find that the tools Tobias gives, such as the ‘short wall’ and ‘oven of grace’ are much more effective than old manipulation techniques like visualization, prayer, and meditation. Truly new information for this New Energy era, the inspired messages shared in The Creator Series can literally change your life. 

Tobias brought his messages through Geoffrey Hoppe for 10 years before returning to Earth as an embodied Ascended Master. During that precious decade, he sent out the call to awakening humans around the world called Shaumbra, helping us connect with each other once again. In his monthly messages and occasional workshops, Tobias also covered nearly every aspect of awakening and enlightenment. There are many presentations from Tobias and Adamus that go into great depth on different topics, but The Creator Series provides a priceless overview and very practical tools to navigate this once-in-existence journey back to Self. 

“You never go Home. Instead, Home will come to you.” With these words, Tobias laid out an entirely new understanding of how we came to Earth, and why this time is such an important crossroads on our spiritual journey. 

The Creator Series is a collection of twelve profound lessons for moving into the New Energy, compiled from the monthly messages given between August 2000 and July 2001. 

In this book you can learn how to:

   • Be in your divine moment, every moment
   • Create your new reality without struggle
   • “Stand behind the short wall” in the midst of chaos
   • Resolve your challenges in the Oven of Grace
   • Empower yourself rather than giving your energy away to others
   • Discover why you left Home and what happened before you came to Earth
   • Learn why prayer, meditation and visualization are old tools
   • Understand why the battle of light vs. dark is intensifying

In The Creator Series, Tobias offers a loving opportunity to challenge yourself to release the old and move into your new personal divinity.

Format: Downloadable text (pdf) 

Cost: $00 

Featuring: Tobias & Geoffrey Hoppe 

Recorded in Golden, Colorado August 2000 through July 2001

Published in 2002

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