Crystal Consciousness

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Crystal Consciousness 

Recorded in Zurich, Switzerland
May 11-12, 2013

During this two-day workshop given in Zurich, Switzerland Adamus Saint-Germain is at his best. The six sessions begin with the very important question, Who is responsible for your enlightenment? In the subsequent sessions, Adamus shares his insights about the light body, the light mind, the truth of all truths, deep allowing and so much more.

Session overviews:

Session 1 – Who’s Responsible? (0:35:29)
Adamus says, “It’s all about enlightenment” and then asks the audience, “Who is responsible for your awakening?”

Session 2 – Receiving the Light Body (1:21:33)
Adamus leads a deep and gentle experience of allowing your own awakening to come to you. Then he guides the listeners through a profound experience of allowing your light body to come into your biology and begin its transformation and rejuvenation.

Session 3 – Receiving the Light Mind (35:19)
Note: Recording starts late.
Adamus talks about the difference between the human mind and the divine intelligence, then leads an experience of going beyond, or “un-hypnotizing” the human mind and allowing in the light mind (gnost).

Session 4 – I Exist (1:19:38)
Note: Recording starts late.
Adamus talks about the challenges and joys of the Shaumbra journey and living out this lifetime of experience and awareness. Out of approximately 100,000 Shaumbra on the Earth, he says that there are about 2,200 who are truly dedicated to their enlightenment in this lifetime. Then Adamus asks three questions about the previous day’s experiences and discusses the answers, particularly how the human mind can delay your enlightenment.

Session 5 – Allowing the Light (1:04:20)
Adamus talks more about the human mind versus the divine knowingness. Then he leads a deeply profound experience of truly allowing both the light body and the light mind to come in and gently integrate with the human self. Especially for this session, it is recommended to listen in a quiet place without interruption.

Session 6 – Act Like A Master – Q&A (1:12:20)
After working with the audience on walking and talking like a Master, Adamus addresses questions on various topics, including the role of the human mind, relationships, the light body, health, aspect integration, “Sam” and more.

Note: All audio sessions include consecutive German translation by Wulfing von Rohr.

Crystal Consciousness set includes:
Six audio recordings (MP3 format)
One Text transcript (PDF format)

Price: $60
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