Crystal Consciousness

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 •  The I Am is awakening, the human needs only to allow
 •  Your physical body is a product of the ancestors
 •  The light body is ready to come in 
 •  It’s easy – and it changes everything
 •  Relax into your enlightenment
 •  Walk & talk like a Master; it changes how energy comes in


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Crystal Consciousness
Allowing in the Light

Who is responsible for your awakening? The answer might be different thank you think! A natural part of the enlightenment or ascension process is integrating the crystalline light body – and the light mind or divine knowingness – into the human biology. This brings profound change including release of the ancestral biology, a more efficient body that needs less food and less sleep, and overall rejuvenation of the physical being. There’s nothing to do but trust and allow the intimacy as your light body makes love with your human body. Adamus guides a couple of very deep experiences and reminds the audience that when you “Walk like a Master and talk like a Master, suddenly you are a Master.” 

The I Am is awakening therefore you are awakening. Simply breathe it in, allow and embrace the process. No special practices, diets, activations, affirmations, or other efforts are needed. The light body is ready to join with the biological body; will you allow this experience of love? 

NOTE: Audio recordings include consecutive German translation by Wulfing von Rohr. 


1. Who’s Responsible (35:29)
This is all about enlightenment, not aliens, dimensions, human problems, or anything else. The awakening is already happening as the divine comes into radiance in this reality. The human needs only to allow the process without manipulation of any kind. 

2. Receiving the Light Body (1:21:33)
Receive and embrace the enlightenment; it’s just that easy. Allow the light body to make love to the physical. It gently begins disconnecting from ancestral biology and rejuvenating the physical until your body has attributes of both physical and light. Sink into a deep experience of allowing this very subtle process. 

3. Receiving the Light Mind (35:19) [Recording starts late]
Adamus talks about the difference between the human mind and the divine intelligence, then leads an experience of going beyond, or “un-hypnotizing” the human mind and allowing in the light mind (gnost), which brings great relief and freedom. 

4. I Exist (1:19:38) [Recording starts late]
This is THE lifetime. You and a relatively small group are going through this profound transformation first, bringing divinity to humanity in a way the Masters of old could not do. Rather than delaying your enlightenment with the mind, allow yourself to feel the rhythm of your own existence. 

5. Allowing the Light (1:04:20)
Every Ascended Master had trouble with the mind, but your deep desire for freedom has kept you on the path. Adamus leads a deep experience of allowing both the light body and the light mind to come in and gently integrate with the human self. It is especially recommended to listen to this session in a quiet place without interruption. 

6. Act Live a Master (1:12:20)
Adamus declares that if you act like a Master, you’ll start feeling like a Master. When you walk like a Master and talk like a Master, it changes how energy comes into your life. Adamus takes audience questions on relationships, illness, aspects, the light body and more.

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf) 

Cost: $60 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe, Wulfing von Rohr 

Recorded in Zurich, Switzerland, May 2013

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