Death and the Astral Realms

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Death & the Astral Realms

What happens when we die? In this fascinating teleclass, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe discuss what happens shortly before death as well as during the first weeks of transition after a person's death, particularly the experiences that may be encountered in the astral dimensions, also known as the Near Earth realms.

The core information comes from Adamus Saint-Germain who states that the soul essence generally leaves the physical body several days before actual death, even in the case of accidents. Once physical death occurs, the person tends to linger around for 1-2 weeks or even longer before going to the Near Earth Realms, a series of dimensions closely linked to physical Earth where most people go between lifetimes. (A great deal of comprehensive information about this is given in Adamus’ DreamWalker Death Transitions™ School. You may find more information about DreamWalker Death here.)

This class, first given on September 21, 2011, is ideal for anyone curious about the death and post-death process, as well as anyone who has friends or loved ones that are in the process of transition or that have recently departed.

Also, if you would like more information about Adamus’ DreamWalker Death School, this session is a great introduction. Geoff and Linda share info from the School and explain what more can be learned and experienced by DWD attendees.

You are welcome to share this free download with anyone you feel may be interested.

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