Ask Tobias: Dei Un Gnost

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 •  Discover solutions your mind can never find!
 •  We are body, mind, spirit and gnost
 •  Go beyond Atlantean programming
 •  Remember your true divine creativity
 •  Learn how to experience gnost in everyday life
 •  Gnost – even more intimate than spirit



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Ask Tobias: Dei Un Gnost
The Missing Aspect of Our Human Composition

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While many people are familiar with the major aspects of our human composition – Body, Mind and Spirit – Tobias says there is a missing leg of our human chair: Dei Un Gnost. Gnost is our “creative solution,” the part of us that can provide beautiful solutions far beyond what the mind can access. Because of the tight mental focus initiated in Atlantis, gnost has been forgotten, because it operates beyond the mind. However, it is ready to come back to us now with the New Energy and the expanding consciousness of humanity. To use gnost is to allow the experience of it and trust that whatever happens is contributing to our highest good. This creative solution can be used in every part of our lives, including health, relationships, abundance, and more.

The late Dr. Garret Annofsky talks with Tobias about how gnost works, how to integrate it into our lives, and what not to expect. In their open exchange, Tobias uses examples from Garret’s life to demonstrate the effectiveness of gnost and how it can bring unexpected experiences and solutions that were previously inaccessible. It is all about allowing, accepting and trusting one’s Self and creation. As Garrets says, “Until I love what I create, I cannot create what I love.”

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Length 1:18:27

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf) 

Cost: $20

Featuring: Tobias, Dr. Garret Annofsky

Recorded in Coal Creek Canyon, October 2006 

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The Land of Blue Master's Life 10 - Way Out 

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