Ask Tobias: Depression

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 • Depression is a natural part of waking up
 • It serves a very important purpose
 • A metamorphosis that will not last forever
 • It’s the caterpillar becoming the butterfly
 • Why psychotropic medications are not advised
 • Personal repercussions of suicide



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Ask Tobias: Depression
The nature of spiritual depression

Depression is one of the major issues encountered by nearly every human in their journey of spiritual awakening. Comparing it to the transformation of the caterpillar to butterfly, Tobias says that this ‘dark night of the soul’ serves an important purpose in expanding into our true self. Joined by the energies of Adamus Saint-Germain and Kwan Yin, Tobias offers deep compassion for this challenging experience, as well as helpful suggestions on how to move through it. He also talks about the hazards of psychotropic medications and what happens when one uses them, as well as the personal repercussions of choosing suicide. 

According to Tobias, spiritual depression is different than a depressive episode based on outer circumstances or lifestyle choices. Instead, spiritual depression is a difficult but natural part of releasing the old self, the old stories, and opening up to your divine self. Tobias says there is actually a tremendous sense of joy within the depression, because of what it means for the soul.

In this “Ask Tobias” presentation, moderated by Linda Hoppe, Tobias is joined by Dr. Norma Delaney ( After the initial lecture, they answer questions about the difference between spiritual and other types of depression, using medications, feeling suicidal, and much more. It is a profound message of hope for anyone who is struggling with this issue. 

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Length: 1:21:08

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $20

Featuring: Tobias, Dr. Norma Delaney, Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Reno, Nevada, August 2005

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Additional resource:
In late 2015, Adamus Saint-Germain offered his comments on what causes depression and how to go beyond it.



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