Discovering Your Passion

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 •  Passion – the burning joy of life
 •  Remember: You are the I Am Presence on Earth
 •  Karma is man-made – let it go!
 •  Questions create reality – ask the good ones!
 •  Feel the flame of passion, the joyful dance of life
 •  Are you ready to allow passion into your life?


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Discovering Your Passion
The Joy of Your Soul's Life

One of the most difficult symptoms of spiritual awakening is loss of the old passions, whether they are jobs, hobbies, political/social causes, even our quest for spiritual enlightenment. But this loss of passion doesn’t last forever; it comes back in a completely new way as the true passion of the soul emerges. As Tobias notes, in awakening your new passion it’s very important to release karma, old agreements, contracts and duties, allow a deep transformation, ask new questions, and make true choices. 

The loss of our old human passions can be one of the most challenging parts of spiritual awakening, for without passion we feel lost, dull, even hopeless. But as Tobias says, you’re changing everything about your consciousness; it should be no surprise that the old human-oriented passion changes as well. 

In this presentation, you can come to understand the difference between an old energy passion and your soul’s true passion. You’ll discover that passion is your soul’s desire to express its joy, and that can be part of everything and anything you choose to do in your life. 

Passion isn’t something you so. Passion is the flame waiting to express and expand.” ~ Tobias


1 – Passion is Expression (1:08:58)
Passion – the burning joy of life – can become dim, particularly on the path of awakening, because you are reorienting yourself from the heaviness of old duties and expectations to the new freedom and joy of the soul’s passion. Now it’s time to choose – and you can’t get it wrong!

2 – Contracts and Agreements (39:22)
Your passion is here, but it has been restricted. It’s time to take a look at your life contracts and agreements, which can greatly affect your experience of freedom and, yes, passion. Who and what have you been serving?

3 – Karma and Questions (23:59)
Other things that have kept passion from your life are karma and questions. Karma is man-made, you can release it at any time. Questions create your reality because they stay alive until answered. Become aware of the questions you’ve been asking.

4 – Transmutation and Freedom (37:16)
At this Point of Separation, Tobias invites you to release the limitations, transform the old dynamics, and allow passion to set you free. The process will continue, moving through every part of your life. Bring the questions home, for all the answers are within.

5 – Questions and Choices; Audience Q&A (45:57)
Tobias talks about the origin and purpose of questions, giving a diagram that illustrates the concept. He then takes questions from the audience on various topics. Are you ready to allow passion into your life?

Includes transcript and Study Guide

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Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $150 

Featuring: Tobias, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe 

Recorded in Denver, Colorado, June 2008

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