Do You Remember?


 •  Why are you here on the planet?
 •  Why have you lost so much?
 •  Why do you feel so alone?
 •  This is the most difficult lifetime you’ve ever had
 •  The biggest job you’ve ever taken on
 •  You’re integrating self and changing consciousness


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Do You Remember?
You’re here on purpose 

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Imagine you’re an angel getting ready to come back to Earth for another round of experiences as a human. And imagine that your good friend, an Ascended Master named Tobias comes and visits with you about the potentials he sees ahead. You hear him describe the coming times of great changes and challenges, but also how very proud he is of you and your amazing ability to always pull through. He knows you will probably forget this conversation, forget to breathe and might even get a little lost along the way. Finally, with a loving smile and a big angel hug, he tells you that this lifetime will be the most rewarding and fulfilling of any you have ever had. Do you remember? 

In this poignant and deeply touching message, Tobias recounts the conversations he had with each one of us as a fellow angel, before we came back to Earth in this lifetime. Knowing we were embarking on the most intense – and maybe the last – Earth experience we would ever have, Tobias discussed some of the upcoming challenges and changes we would face. Even though the human self sometimes forgets, there’s no need for anxiety because everything that occurs in our life is appropriate. This dear Ascended Master also reminds us of his great honor for our journey and for the decision each of us made to come back as a New Energy teacher, creator and divine human being on Earth. Simply breathe it in. 

A beautiful reminder of the incredible love Tobias has for each one of us, how he has been supporting us for so long, and his deep connection with Shaumbra. It is an intimacy of heart and soul that can never be diminished. 

Length: 36:33 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf) 

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Featuring: Tobias and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe 

Recorded in Seoul, South Korea, January 2009 

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Tobias, stop whining for gods sake! I don't know if I want to join your Master's club if I have to hear that Tobias fluffy, dreamy, whining bull shit poetry all day long. Are the others better? Hope so. Oh, my god! Man up Tobias.
Review by Mirja / (Posted on 5/19/2020)