Ask Tobias: Dreams

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 •  Dreaming is a brilliant invention that keeps us connected to Self
 •  Death and the dream state are very similar
 •  Bring back dream wisdom by expanding your Silver Cord
 •  Dreams serve you in many, many ways
 •  You can be a conscious dreamer
 •  It is ALL a dream!



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Ask Tobias: Dreams
The New Energy Dreamscape

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Dreams are not only fascinating; they are also necessary. Your spirit cannot sustain itself fulltime on Earth without having some way to soar free back in the nonphysical realms. For those who have chosen to open up and expand, the dream energies can come back with you and be available for support in your everyday life. Dreams are really about allowing and expanding, and they can be used for healing, transmutation and enlightenment. When you dream at night, you can work through human issues, go off on grand trips and journeys, play with potentials and try out different scenarios to see what they feel like. And, you can bring it all back with you by expanding the Silver Cord, also called the Crystal Staircase that connects you to the other realms. 

In this interesting question and answer session, Tobias offers new insights into why dreams occur, where we go in our dream states, and the various types of energies we can bring in from the other realms. He explains how we can become more conscious in our dreams at night (also called lucid dreaming) and discusses the close relationship between dreams and death. 

“What is a dream? It is creatorship. That is all it is. It is creatorship. And, as you break out of the limitations and go past the barriers that you have had in your lives, you’re going to realize that you can create anything. It’s all a dream.”  – Tobias

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Length: 1:36:50

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $20

Featuring: Tobias and Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Reno, Nevada, August 2005

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