DreamWalk for Childhood Magic: It Wasn't Make Believe

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DreamWalk® for Childhood Magic:
It Wasnt Make Believe


NOTE: This DreamWalk was previously released as a Cloud Class. Prior purchases do not apply.

This beautiful DreamWalk, guided by Beloved St. Germain, helps you remember and reconnect with the magical beings that you played with as a very young child. These beings helped you adjust and get settled in to this lifetime, and helped ease the transition into this dense realm. 

Perhaps you had unseen friends or magical toys as a child. This wasn’t fantasy or make-believe; rather it was the openness and innocence of a child connecting into the other realms, only to be lost under the inevitable pressure of trying to be “normal.”

DreamWalk for Childhood Magic will help you to understand and re-experience lost or forgotten memories from the magical days of your childhood. It will also help to rebalance the doubt you’ve had in yourself, and give you confidence to open your awareness once again.

St. Germain talks about the journey into birth and what a shock it can be, but also the wonderful supporting angels and beings that accompany you. He reminds you of your experiences in the “Land of the Fae” and helps you reawaken to the magic and energy of other dimensions. You will begin to remember the early angelic guides and friends, nature divas, air wisps and shadow beings that you used to play with. Take the journey into this DreamWalk and be prepared for a long-awaited opening of consciousness. 

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Format: Audio (PDF) and text (MP3)
Length: 1:23:29
Cost: $25


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