DreamWalk for Childhood Magic: It Wasn't Make Believe


 •  Were you ever told as a child, “You’re just making it up?”
 •  Learn how to unlock and open to the magic of your childhood
 •  There is so much more to life than this reality
 •  Remembering your childhood takes trust in yourself
 •  The land of Fae: a realm of magic, faeries and elves
 •  The magic comes from allowing your knowingness



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DreamWalk® for Childhood Magic
It Wasnt Make Believe

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Did you play or talk with imaginary friends when you were a young child? Did you have a special toy or object that came to life when you were alone? Did you see beings or hear sounds that didn’t exist for the adults in your life? If so, understand that these weren’t the by-products of an overactive imagination, fantasy or make-believe; rather they were a direct result of your openness and innocence as a child who was naturally connecting into the magical realms. Sadly, these gifts and playmates were inevitably lost under the pressure to “grow up” and be “normal.” The good news is, though, that these beautiful memories and experiences that were locked away, hidden or suppressed as you grew up can be reawakened, and used to welcome back the magic of childhood. It wasn’t make-believe.

This beautiful DreamWalk, guided by Beloved St. Germain, will help you remember and reconnect with the magical beings that you played with as a very young child.  It will explain how angelic guides and magical beings were always by your side to aid you in adjusting and settling into this lifetime, gently easing the transition back into this dense realm of physical existence. It will also help to relieve the doubt you’ve had in yourself and give you the confidence to open your awareness once again.

St. Germain talks about the journey of birth and what a shock it can be, but also the wonderful supporting angels and beings that accompany you. He reminds you of your experiences in the “Land of the Fae,” and helps you reawaken to the magic and energy of other dimensions. You will begin to remember the early angelic guides and friends, nature divas, air wisps and shadow beings that you used to play with.

Take this sweet journey into your childhood memories and learn to allow the magical realms into your life once again. 

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Length: 1:23:29

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $25  

Featuring: Beloved St. Germain

Recorded in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, October 2013

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