DreamWalk of Realization

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 •  You chose to be here right here, right now
 •  Are you ready to allow your real Realization?
 •  This time is special, the Zero Point
 •  Everything is yours… everything
 •  This is heaven, and you’re the God here
 •  What you allow now can literally change history


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DreamWalk of Realization
Accepting what’s already here

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You chose this exact time for your Realization, and it’s right here. However, of utmost importance is letting go of all expectations about what ascension or enlightenment really means. The fact is, anyone can choose and allow their Realization, but human feelings of guilt and shame often stand in the way. In this profound journey into your own heaven, Adamus Saint-Germain invites you to feel how everything, without exception, is your energy. The “veil” or perception of separation is caused by thinking that anything is outside you. Then he guides you into a moment beyond time, surrounded by your past lives and coming face to face with the Merlin. For those who truly allow, this is the end of separation and the Realization of every part of yourself, a fact which literally changes history.

Adamus called for this DreamWalk of Realization at the end of the “Summer of Realization” in 2020. A year of historic changes on all realms, this Time of Machines will be remembered for many things, not the least of which is the remarkable number of humans who have allowed themselves to realize their Realization.

If you choose, it is the ultimate acceptance of what has always been right here in your energy – the light of your wisdom, embodied Realization. As Adamus says, “Nothing changes, but everything changes.”

This download is for your personal use only and includes a bonus music track with a few words from Adamus.

Length: 1:15:57

Format: Downloadable video (mp4), audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $25

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, October 2020

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. DreamWalk to Realization is another beautiful presentation form Crimson Circle and
Adamus. This is a profound experience that goes beyond words. Realization was
always there in our own field of energy. Tobias calls energy a Wall of Fire in his story of
creation described in The Journey of the Angels. It is this part of each of us that went
outside of consciousness.
Now we can experience the potential of bringing consciousness to energy - to The Wall
of Fire.  It is about accepting what is already there. Everything is in our own energy.
Heaven is there, and since everything is there – so is Hell. Adamus in his usual way
with words re-defines this very basic duality.
Great opportunity to meet all our facets, past lifetimes and change the history. Integrate
wisdom of this lifetime with the wisdom of all lifetimes. Become wise Merlin. Adamus
describes it as Ground Zero of realization.
From my childhood I knew I’m here to bring heaven to earth.  And this DreamWalk is
bringing this to human reality.
When Tobias initially described The Wall of Fire, it was a painful experience - our
consciousness was splitting into all those potentials. Adamus recently added that the
pain happened because there was a resistance and this fire is a symbol of the passion
of the soul, I AM. We never left out Wall of Fire, or did we?
Just one more note - the intro graphics are out of this world – I can feel them with all my
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 1/12/2021)
An important thing mentioned by Adamus is to let go of all expectations of what realization is. He uses the word realization, because what happens is, that the human becomes aware, aware that the Master within has brought wisdom into all experiences that
. I Am that I Am. I am aware that I am aware. I observe that I observe. I Am Realized. I tell myself that I am realized, and my energy will adjust to this statement and so it is!
It was a relief for me to read the .pdf file days after I had been watching the Dreamwalk of Realization. In fact, I was not fully aware during the session; I fell asleep in between and could not remember what happened … But this has happened so many times before.
I decided to be aware of what happened in the period after instead of going through the session again.
Many times, time (the clock) told me it was 11.11 / 12.12 / 13.13 / and so on … in the car, in the kitchen, in town … When I said it could be a good thing if something happened, then it happened at once or the day after, more than once. I have enjoyed feeling a distance to emotional happenings f. ex. in politics and has regarded those as entertaining soap operas. So, I have felt freedom in many ways.
An important thing mentioned by Adamus is to let go of all expectations of what realization is. He uses the word realization, because what happens is, that the human becomes aware, aware that the Master within has brought wisdom into all experiences that you have had, in this and in all your past lives.
Now this happens instantly within you, you have awakened the Merlin.
And why should you become realized? Because you have chosen to; the planet needs embodied Masters to balance everything, to shine the light of consciousness that the planet needs.
In the DreamWalk Adamus guides you into your own energy. It is everything, within and outside of you. Everything you perceive is inside of you, coming from within. Your physical body, your thoughts are also your energy …

I will not go deeper into the contents of this DreamWalk of Realization, but recommend you give this
gift to yourself. You will bring heaven to Earth …
Finn Andersen
CC Review Team member
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 11/18/2020)
A very personal and profound experience.
. This DreamWalk is brought by Adamus at the end of the Summer of Realization and has a special experience.
In the introduction part, it’s interesting to observe all the preparation and the specific time we have chosen to be in, with some remainders of times when we could had our Realization in other lifetimes, but now the time for Realization is here. So now it is the Zero Point – it is the time.
I enjoyed some fun added to the remainder of letting go of expectations - `maybe forever`, making the point more important. Also, I found interesting the simplicity about our Realization, that is just waiting for us, and some other interesting perspectives.
The Dreamwalk is like the exploration of our own energy, discovering what was already there and is just waiting for us to show up. It was interesting to observe how easy it seems to be and feel, with a proper guidance from Adamus, and even having the mind in a quiet and observing mode. Also, it is interesting the options to revisit the material or not, and for me it seems to be working fine viewing more than once. I found amazing that Adamus says that after this experience: Nothing changes, but everything changes and that is something to experience.
Many thanks and appreciation to Geoffrey, Linda, CC staff and Adamus for such a high quality video and music and message experience, as in every material.
So I do recommend the material for the unique experience it can bring.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 11/18/2020)
Hallowe'en Treat
. Trick or treat? This latest DreamWalk of Realization released on Hallowe’en 2020 is definitely a delicious treat! Unlike the previous spooky Hallowe’en DreamWalks of the past, this one is more like the recent DreamWalker Death update… really all about you and your personal journey.

I’ve never been a fan of those forays into the near realms and things that go bump into the night, so this was a relief! The only thing you get to bump into are your own past lives/ghosts and that’s a good thing. In fact, this DreamWalk reminded me more of the Ancestral Release Merabh!

Adamus promised us this DreamWalk in the last October Shoud and it certainly does cap off the “Summer of Realization” or “Zero Point” as he calls it. I call it the “Cherry on top”! How many ways and words has he tried to help us realize our Realization in the last few months? This Master Professor does have more tricks up his sleeve and this DreamWalk is one more way to perhaps finally experience our Realization if you allow.

As usual, he says the words really don’t matter and if you fall asleep not to worry about it! I actually didn’t for a change and set up a very safe space, with the big screen, big sound and candles burning and dogs snoring. Watching this on your phone will not do this justice so do take the time to savor it alone. The swirling graphics and misty ambience are the perfect setting to allow. Adamus says once is enough and no need to repeat it… (I tried it one more time and promptly dozed off so guess that’s true.)

The energy is there because it truly IS all your energy and the experience will be truly yours and to trust it. I loved Adamus’ definition of heaven which is maybe the first I’ve ever heard him describing that all our energy IS our heaven (and hell if we choose). There is nothing outside and echoes Gandhi’s quote “Earth and Heaven are in us.”

I was also happy that Adamus dove deeper into explaining how when we become Realized, all our past lives do too! He touched on that in the “Simple Master” in 2017 which left me with some questions. Now I understand how the future truly IS the past healed. AND the ramifications for how this changes history is HUGE! Truly that sort of time travel movie scenario… Do we fuck things up if we go back and change what happened or improve them ala Groundhog Day? Mmmm more to be revealed by our Merlin I’m sure. I love this time hopping stuff and a big fan of that type of “fiction.” I’m sure there are some fun Shaumbra stories to be written!

I’m still not quite sure everything that transpired during this DreamWalk and again Adamus cautions against having expectations. Before Realization, dog walking and laundry, after Realization dog walking and laundry. But I’ve had some wonderful treats show up at the door lately and happy to dance with them! Why be afraid of our own energy?

I certainly recommend treating yourself to this sweet and potent DreamWalk. Just $25 and timeless since it’s a download you can keep! Hallowe’en kisses to Adamus St. G, Geoff, Linda and the CC crew for another classic creation.

Tammie O’Rielly
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 11/5/2020)
Completion is Sweet
. Ahh, Yes, Sweet!!

St. Germain takes us on a dreamwalk on Halloween, like no other dreamwalk on Halloween, or any other time!

For those who have resonated with the Summer of Realization, this experience is the celebration, the closure, and the absolute clarity of this once EVER experience.

It’s why we chose to be here now, in this lifetime, in the time of machines.

I’m not going to say much. Dreamwalk of Realization is a truly sacred and personal experience, way beyond words.

For me personally, I had an intense 2 hour experience late during the sleep time of the night before. I even wondered if I was making my transition.

I went to sleep knowing I’d have clarity with the dreamwalk the next day. And indeed I did!

The experience of Dreamwalk of Realization also put words around and brought clarity to a number of the transitions I experience during the Summer of Realization. Particularly on a 3 day retreat I gifted to myself in July, up in the mountains of Colorado.

Outtake for me: completion, clarity, sweetness, calm & peaceful!

As always a big thank you to Geoff & Linda, and all the CC staff in Louisville and Kona. And to our brave, adventurous and beloved family of Shaumbra who create this loving safe space for all of us to bravely allow our wisdom & the realization of our Merlin, each in our sovereignty, stepping into a new era of Creation.
Review by Patti / (Posted on 11/3/2020)
Zero Point for Realization
. For those who have experienced Adamus Saint-Germain’s Halloween DreamWalks from past years, you will find this DreamWalk very different from the others. The only real similarity is that they were all available on Halloween. Where other DreamWalks have ventured into the non-physical realms, he now invites you to go into your own realm. That Adamus goes this “route” is perfect for what he calls the “Zero Point”. It’s time for those who have chosen embodied Realization to truly allow it.

I had a profound experience with this DreamWalk, and after going deeply into my own energy, it began to take on the characteristics of a Merabh. I felt that quantum shift in consciousness that can occur with a Merabh. I’ll call this one a MerWalk. (Adamus isn’t the only one who can make up words!)

I feel like I was very in tune with this DreamWalk because when the Merlin appeared, I had a knowingness of what she/he was offering before Adamus described it. I feel that on some level I’ve been waiting for this encounter as well as the one with my past lives. And in turn, everything was also waiting for me. No experience I’ve had with this type of integration has come close to the one I had in this DreamWalk.

Since the DreamWalk of Realization, I’ve felt calmer, more integrated and more easily able to stand behind the short wall. (That is a gift considering the elections in the US are just a couple of days away.) I have a knowingness that this is a direct result of receiving the depth of wisdom offered in this DreamWalk.

I quite agree with Adamus’ statement that in a way, nothing changes but everything changes when you understand that Realization is a part of you. Allowing our human life to change without any expectations of what Realization looks or feels like will allow each of us to receive the fullness of it.

As always, a big thank you to Geoff, Linda and the entire CC staff for bringing forth this DreamWalk at the Zero Point.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 11/2/2020)
A precious gift to you from you
. You wouldn’t think that Adamus would do better than Passion of the Merlin – but DreamWalk of Realization goes way over the top! I find it very beneficial to have watched Passion of the Merlin already, because in that some of the important concepts are already explained. Especially one of them, that the human is not realized, but becomes aware of the enlightenment of the I Am and the realization of the Merlin. Much is also explained in the DreamWalk, but I really like to hear something more than once. That makes it much easier to get.
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 11/2/2020)
This is your heaven, and you are the god here
. Easy to see how after really hearing that, one could even consider to still dwell on worthiness issues. Adamus is done meeting us where the human thinks they might be at, he is where we chose and need to be right now, bearing another beautiful gift of experience, another right of passage at the end of the Summer of Realization.
Thank You to Geoff, Linda and the staff for another beautifully produced jewel added to our library of consciousness!

I really enjoyed Adamus' description of Heaven as "owning your energy", every experience regardless how fulfilling or taxing it may be. The only hell you can go to is denying yourself that awareness. Who knew, hell has a revolving door:)

It feels to me our collective experience at the Passion of the Merlin was already distilled into wisdom, and shared in the lead up to this dream walk:

Let go of expectation!
I admit I expected something drastic to happen with realization, that might take me out of my ability to function for a few months. I made a choice eventually that I am ok with that, and it turns out it may or may not happen that way. The clear choice to allow realization triggers the unfolding, which is individual like all of our lives. So it may be that you bliss out for six months because you can, or "nothing changes, but everything changes" Life may go on as we know it, yet the clarity, understanding and ultimately the freedom we experience is nothing like it was before.

Zero Point in time!
We know that, and yet Adamus brings it home one more time. Reminding us we made the clear choice to realize now, when "the planet that we love so much needs us the most" to make its own quantum leap! We already knew realization to be at our fingertips, and we decided to time it for greatest impact, so Earth could make its own leap of consciousness at the Time of Machines, the crossroads of the ages! Nothing to build or deserve - there never was - so trigger it now, for Earth's sake!

The actual Veil...
is not between heaven and earth, it is the illusion of anything present outside of ourselves. Anything I'll ever perceive is me, any other sovereign consciousness is still seen by me. Again not new as a concept, but what freedom in applying it: I felt badly stressed recently by the intensity of my human life, and even more so by the perception that I was pulled away from participating in the energies of this summer. Feeling like a misplaced, distracted pinhead in a foreign universe ... . I stopped the imminent panic attacks remembering that it is impossible! I AM the Universe I live in! And the best way to stop fearing the future is to create it! So I slid back into the creator's seat, owned the situation, and I even saw what beauty the current busy-ness has the potential to expand into.

4 The core DreamWalk: a Circle of Honor created by our past lives, with us in the center, different in our responsibility to add the last missing morsel, the wisdom of our current life to the glowing ball of light/wisdom already assembled by the past lives. Different also in our choice to stay embodied. The Merlin does the honors, and with that, each of us walk into this light, realizing ourselves beyond duality for good. The past lives, ready or not, realize in the reverberation of this act of consciousness, and they leave. Did the circumpunct symbol just dissolve? I love the graphic that plays at the end, the morphing ball of light, that I kept breathing in to settle the experience.

At a time when the whole world seems to bite their nails with uncertainty and worry about the future, Shaumbra quietly started changing history! Their own, and ultimately that of the planet.
Adamus can barely contain himself over the potentials that become available for earth and human kind, the next big thing already in his sights: consciousness actually melding into its own energy! But that is for another day... .
Now is the time to totally love our lives, live boldly, revel in our awareness without expectation and without limitation in any direction. Remember, heaven or hell, it is all Our Heaven and we are the Gods in it!
Review by sig / (Posted on 11/1/2020)