DreamWalk This is Yours: Going Beyond the Noise

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DreamWalk Beyond the Noise – THIS is Yours

NOTE: This DreamWalk was previously released as a Cloud Class. Prior purchases do not apply.

If you feel challenged by the high levels of intense and chaotic energies on Earth right now, this DreamWalk is for you.

Adamus Saint-Germain begins this beautiful experience with a story about a meeting with the Master, and then talks about the energy noise that comes from other humans, nature, electronic devices and global events. He points out that you feel this noise and let it affect your body and mind, without discerning where it is actually coming from.

In the DreamWalk journey, Adamus first guides you beyond time, allowing it to move through you and slip away, because time is what holds everything else in place. Then you are invited into a state where you can observe the noise coming from your body, mind, the planet and more, without taking it on as yours. In closing, Adamus guides you into a very deep and clear feeling of what truly IS yours.

Adamus is a master at guiding us into the other dimensions to get clearer perspective of the energies that affect our lives. It is best to experience the DreamWalk in a quiet, relaxing environment. We recommend listening with headsets, and allowing at least an hour afterwards to fully integrate the energies.

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Format: Audio (MP3) and text (PDF)
Length: 1:06:14
Price: $25 USD


This information is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations.


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