This is Yours - DreamWalk Beyond the Noise

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 •  Noise – it comes from EVERYWHERE!
 •  In all the chaos, how do you know what’s really yours?
 •  Go beyond time, let it flow by you like a river
 •  Watch the noise drift away
 •  Come back to what is yours
 •  This wisdom will always be with you

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This is Yours
DreamWalk Beyond the Noise

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This beautiful DreamWalk is a valuable gift to yourself, a resource to use whenever you want to go beyond the noise, chaos and confusion of the world. Adamus talks about the countless sources of noise that humans have to deal with, including other humans, cars, electrical equipment, food, air pollution, wars, past lives, mind and body issues, and even nature. All this noise is not yours, but most humans tend to absorb it all anyway. This makes it very difficult to determine what is yours and what is not. However, by releasing time itself, the factor that holds this reality together, you’ll be able to let all the noise drift away on the river of time and come back to the pure wisdom of what is yours.

Adamus Saint-Germain begins this beautiful experience with a story about a student’s meeting with the Master, and then talks about the energy noise that comes nearly everything on the planet, and even the planet itself. He points out that you feel this noise and let it affect your body and mind, without discerning where it is actually coming from.

In the DreamWalk journey, Adamus first guides you beyond time, allowing it to move through you and slip away, because time is what holds everything else in place. Then you are invited into a state where you can observe the noise coming from your body, mind, the planet and more, without taking it on as yours. In closing, Adamus guides you into a very deep and clear feeling of what truly IS yours.

Adamus is a master at guiding us into the other dimensions to get a clearer perspective of the energies that affect our lives. It is best to experience this DreamWalk in a quiet, relaxing environment. We recommend listening with a quality headset, and allowing at least an hour afterwards to fully integrate the energies.

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Length: 1:06:14

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $25

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, July 2014

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