DreamWalker Birth Transition School: Nuland, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands - November 2-4, 2018

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Nuland, the Netherlands
November 2-4, 2018
Presented by certified teacher Irene Berger
Language: English

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Adamus Saint-Germain’s DreamWalker Birth Transitions School
Presented by certified teacher Irene Berger

Date: November 2-4, 2018
Location:  Nuland, the Netherlands

Birth is not just a medical and physical experience; it is part of a miraculous spiritual process that allows the soul to come into biological embodiment.

DreamWalker Birth will change your perception on conception and birth totally. Coming to Earth can be a conscious choice. You can choose who’s coming to join your family. Adamus Saint-Germain is sharing what really goes on in the other realms when a souled being makes the choice to incarnate on Earth. You will learn yourself and later on the parents how to sense and connect with the new one coming in. How to be with the family guiding them through the birthing process in a natural way with joy.

As a certified DreamWalker Birth Guide (Adoula) you're a key partner in this Birth Transition, and you'll experience your own transition as well.

This is also a time of profound transformation and rebirth for those who are choosing embodied enlightenment, a life living present, together with your soul. Understanding the dynamics of the birth process, coupled with the deep “rebirth” experiences offered by Adamus, make this class an important step in one’s realization.

This class is presented by certified DreamWalker Birth instructor Irene Berger, with video recordings from Adamus Saint-Germain. Class content includes the importance of DreamWalker Birth and its benefits, the role of the host parents, group discussions, and guidance on DreamWalker Birth as a profession. The DreamWalker Birth Transitions school is a three day experience led by Adamus Saint-Germain as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe.

Video links
• Short DWB overview with excerpts
• Excerpt from the deep “First Birth” experience

Click for more information on the DreamWalker Birth Transitions School.

Language:  Videos in English; subtitles in English; discussion in Dutch and/or English.

November 2-4, 2018

Friday, November 2: Registration from 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Friday, November 2: 10:00 PM - ca. 5:00 PM
Saturday, November 3: 10:00 AM - ca. 5:30 PM
Sunday, November 4: 10:00 AM - ca. 2:00 PM or longer depending on information about the Adoula work and practising of the conscious breath

Heiweg 11, 5391 EA Nuland, The Netherlands (a private location with a level difference)

https://www.hotelnuland.nl (on walking distance; almost full, be fast, also via booking.com available)

Maximum 4 students

Cost: $695
Lodging and transportation not included
A transcript of the whole material is available for € 15,-- in English

Please note: If you have already taken this class and are repeating it, please contact teacher before registering to obtain a graduate link and register for half price.

CCEC Cancellation policy:
*25% cancellation fee before 72 hours of the event (cancellation fee waived if gift certificate taken)
*50% cancellation fee if within 72 hour window (25% if taken in gift certificate form)

For more information, please contact:
Crimson Circle Teacher: Irene Berger
Mobil: 00351 925252606
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.love-all-that-you-are.com

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