DreamWalker® Death 2020

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  • Now is the time to redefine death!
  • It is simply a transition; there’s nothing to fear
  • Take a DreamWalk journey with Merlin as your guide
  • Accompany a loved one through the realms
  • Remember what’s important in this, your last lifetime
  • Learn important details of how to assist others in their transition

  • $595.00

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DreamWalker Death 2020
A new discovery of life and beyond


• Crimson Circle Cloud Class Event – Streaming Audio/Video (non-downloadable)
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The transition called death is nothing to fear. In fact, it can bring tremendous wisdom, freedom and rejuvenation. DreamWalking, which originated in Atlantis, was practiced in ancient Egypt, and is still used in some indigenous cultures, is the profoundly beautiful act of assisting someone in their transition. Adamus presents new and updated information and offers important guidelines on how to accompany someone through the various stages of the death transition in safety and compassion. You will learn how to traverse the Near Earth Realms without getting distracted by spooks, move through the pure Crystalline Realms of creation, and on to a brand-new place of release and rejuvenation called Novoo, far beyond the gravity and fears of mass consciousness. You will also experience three DreamWalks – an homage to your final lifetime on Earth, a DreamWalk of personal transformation with Merlin as your guide, and a DreamWalk in which you accompany an actual client or loved one, guided by Adamus.

In DreamWalker Death 2020, Adamus gives very clear and practical guidelines that will keep you safe and balanced in the other realms and provide the best possible experience for your client. Whether you choose to do DreamWalking as a profession or simply for loved ones, as the DreamWalker you are often the one who receives the greatest benefit from these profound experiences.

With the angelic families dispersed and the Order of the Arc disbanded, the old Bridge of Flowers now stands idle, a monument to the ancient path of the Anasazi. A new destination now awaits, fresh, beautiful and ready to receive those who desire to consciously prepare for their next lifetime on Earth. Adamus discusses the fascinations and perils of the Near Earth Realms and the profound, indefinable beauty of the Crystalline or birthing realms, from which all creation springs. He answers 38 questions submitted by the initial attendees and closes the school with a profound sense of wonder at what is really happening.

“As the planet evolves, we’re changing the very nature of death, and that changes the very nature of life itself.” – Adamus Saint-Germain


1 – Your Last Lifetime (1:46:42)
Adamus talks about the important reasons for this new version of DreamWalker Death, how it will help change the consciousness of death on the planet, and the ancient origins of DreamWalking. He then leads a very personal DreamWalk for your last lifetime.

2 – DreamWalking Guidelines (1:02:30)
After discussing what to do with the physical body after death, Adamus goes into several important guidelines, discussion of the Near Earth Realms, and more.

3 – DreamWalker Commitments (59:18)
A very important discussion about distractions, commitments, client restrictions, a reconnection object, staying clear, approximate schedule and purpose of the DreamWalk.

4 – DreamWalk of Your Death (1:02:48)
Adamus helps you determine what’s yours and what isn’t, then talks about redefining death and what it really is. After a review of the guidelines, he leads a profound DreamWalk of your own death, with Merlin as your guide.

5 – The Four Doorways (1:08:42)
Learn about the four doorways one passes through in the ideal transition: 1 – physical death; 2 – the Near Earth Realms; 3 – the Crystalline Realms; 4 – Novoo and the Bridge of Tears

6 – The DreamWalk (55:29)
You now connect with the client who has come to you for a DreamWalk, escorting them through the realms and receiving precious gifts along the way.

7 – Questions & Answers, Part 1 (1:05:44)
Adamus answers 16 questions, addressing topics ranging from the fear of pain at death and planning one’s own funeral, to issues of euthanasia, dementia, personal beliefs, ghosts and more.

8 – Q&A Part 2; Reimagining Death (52:54)
After answering another 20 questions, Adamus closes the workshop by talking about the impact of this consciousness work on the planet, the importance of redefining death, and how the very nature of death – and therefore life – is changing.

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

Cost: $595 (DWD graduates can apply for a 50% discount)

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, July & September 2020

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On Death & Dying DreamWalk Journey to the Earthbound Realms Halloween DreamWalk Death Merabh

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A new discovery of life and beyond
For me it is and was a discovery of life by understanding the topic that most people avoid or give an answer that is not theirs.
Now we have this material that is going `new` and it is most suitable for a personal experience using the online format, or the cloud class, after some iterations that included an update in preparation for this new material.
I liked to observe that the new material is more casual or not so serious about the topic, Death, and Life ultimately or how to live without the fear of death.
For the Shaumbra veterans and the new Shaumbra, the first session is presenting a Dreamwalk to get us to real point – this is our last lifetime on Earth. Also, there is a lot of information preparing the next subjects, making the introduction and stating about how one comes back to Earth using some concepts that were used in the thinking that energy is outside of us.
The next big topic is introducing some of the guidelines for a safe experience with DreamWalking someone that we knew, and there is a discussion in some of the best ways to leave. So the extensive preparation with the guidelines goes over some sessions and it is a very interesting conversation.
Another topic that I found very interesting was the proposition of calling Death as Ascension, and now, after some time of considering it I find it to be right on the point – relevant because the ultimate wish or purpose of the soul is just that in experience.
What I found interesting in the new material was the new place for going after a lifetime on Earth and what we are helping to create after the previous way to guide someone to the Bridge of Flowers, that is no longer the option for a Dreamwalk, but to go to a new place. A new Earth with so many new perspectives for a new lifetime on Earth that is free of Karma. And that is amazing just by looking at it.
After the actual Dreamwalk to this new place and feeling it, there are some relevant discussions about the process itself. The last sessions are about some really good Questions and Answers, that bring much clarity about every aspect of a Dreamwalk and in some detail. Also this is where some homework results about our on preferred service, and some other situations that are really funny in the way how Adamus talks about it, even the topic is still very serious for some people. So it is a precious material.
So we have a brand new material that was considered always a core class for Crimson Circle, and it is a potential that can be accessed anytime and it can bring a change about how the humans see or believe about death or ascension.
Considering the conditions of having such a clear and personal safe space to contemplate the issue of death, I just only present my blessings and thanks to Adamus, Linda, Geoffrey and CC Staff for an amazing cloud class on a subject that affects an important part of how to enjoy life and not fear death in the same time.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 12/23/2020)
Everything goes new
. I am just happy that I have made a commitment to my Self to follow this DWD 2020 Update wich truly is a gift. So many great and beautiful experiences as well as not to forget to mention that there are indeed changes in the Dreamwalk because everything has gone new. I recommend it to anyone who is a Dreamwalker Death Facilitator.
Review by Merlin Saint Peter / (Posted on 11/12/2020)
Change is coming
. This was a third version of DWD for me. My first one was in Denver on very cold winter weekend of 2006 and it was my third live Crimson Circle workshop in the row in two months period as I dived deeply in the Tobias (and St. Germain’s at that time) materials.
During my first DWD I started crying when we get to the Bridge of Flowers after safely escorting my recently departed co-worker I turned back and looked at my life. Oh boy… I cried for several days. I realized that I took too much and now it will have to change. So, it is interesting that right now Dreamwalkers escort recently departed to the Bridge of Tears.
After my first DWD I wasn’t interested in assisting others. There were no deaths in my family since 1992. Yet it connected many dots for me personally and helped me to become a Dreamwalker or at least have an attitude of one in my own life – to walk through life with awareness that other realities exist and not being fooled or seduced by “the spooks”.
In the second update few years back, I learned how to die. The fear od dying was gone. I literally was lying down and observing death of my old beliefs or personalities.

In the brand new DWD 2020 I felt the beauty of death and for the first time in a long time I felt the evolution of this planet. Under all this chaos, people in power grasping to survive and being so disconnected from the new reality. And in some places young people say enough is enough. I can feel the change coming.
There is so much beauty in death. So much magnificence and honoring. There’s no judgement. No fear. And it is a natural way to take a break between adventures.

One interesting note - Something did die in my life during DWD 2020. And it was my computer with all the files. All the past. So, I’m writing this on a brand-new laptop. And no, I didn’t dreamwalked it to Novoo. But I took the essence and brought into this new one. The old one served me well for over 9 years. We traveled, taught CC classes. So many memories.

All in all, this is a must program for everyone who is serious about realization. In addition to powerful messages that connect many points the production was beautiful. Thank you.

Iwona Wirkus 
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team 
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 10/31/2020)
Death Redefined
. It was a long time coming, but I finally experienced DreamWalker Death. I’ve been actively working with birthing clients when it has been offered before, but I created the perfect opportunity for DreamWalker Death 2020.

First and foremost, DreamWalker Death is a very personal experience. For those who have chosen this to be their last lifetime, there is a beautiful invitation to feel into the beauty of it. The session where death is redefined and you take a dreamwalk of your own death was an extraordinarily deep experience. Adamus has offered this before, but contained within the energies of DreamWalker Death, it goes to a whole new level.

One of my takeaways is that you can be a standard not only in life, but in death. You can make choices that others are not aware of. Be masterful in your transition! When do you want to go and how? Do you want to bring your body with you or leave it? How do you want your memorial celebration to be? Have you given your family and friends good stories to share and laugh about when they gather to celebrate your life? On a personal note, many times one of my children has said after I’ve done or said something, “Oh, that’s definitely going into the service.” Give them good material while you’re living.

After you have an understanding of the death transition and what that means for you, you can choose to become a DreamWalker Death guide for others. I’ve heard enough about DreamWalker Death through the years to know that you have to be extremely clear when you guide someone through the realms, and although I trust my clarity in such things, I did have a bit of anxiety before I began the actual dreamwalk. My mind was a little busy and I actually had to stop the recording (I listened a couple of days after the event), take a few deep breaths and find the stillness to allow someone to come in to experience this with me. That dreamwalk was so sacred and personal that I’m not yet ready to write about it other than to say that the beauty and and the significance is something that will never leave me.

Adamus said sometime ago that everything goes new, and with the recent changes in the other realms, that certainly applies to DreamWalker Death. I identify as a trailblazer/bridgebuilder and loved the experience of creating a new pathway for those in the death transition.

DreamWalker Death is one of the Crimson Circle’s core classes as it contains invaluable information about the very nature of death, the death transition and the current makeup of the other realms. The material is for you first, but there are very clear guidelines should you choose to be a guide for someone in transition.

I can highly recommend this as the death transition, however we choose it to be, is something we will all experience. A heartfelt thanks to Geoff and Linda and the CC staff for DreamWalker Death 2020. Truly transformational!

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 10/11/2020)
Culmination of the Summer of Realization 2020
. DreamWalker Death 2020 is the 3rd in what feels to me to be the Triumvirate, the “Holy Trinity” of experiences for those choosing to allow awareness of their Realization in this lifetime.
Threshold is the dragon, the essence of Clarity. Freedom from all the guilt and shame of all the lifetimes. The Magic of the Merlin is awareness of Merlin’s Realization, as the Master brings everything to Wisdom. And now DreamWalker Death. This is the death, the ascension of humanness, as we’ve known it for +/- 1,400 lifetimes…. and binggg…...Freedom!
For me, the most transformation is a deeply personal and beautiful dreamwalk, guided by my Merlin. Adamus says death and ascension are the same thing, so this is the ascension of humanness in its old biology.
Guidelines are basically the same, but dreamwalks are now on a new path across the near earth and crystalline realms, to a new bridge and a new destination.
The complex anayatron is leaving, freeing up the “Master of Experience” for the integration of the Free Energy Body, singly and simply communing with the I Am.
And as Adamus reflected in the Summer Conference in Santa Fe in 2018 (which became the final shoud for the Emergence Series), Merlin enters, and the human becomes the Energy, the Creator of experience. Now in Clarity, Wisdomized, and Realizing its Merlin, this frees up everything for Consciousness & Energy to finally come together.
The original DWD was filmed around 2005; then there was an Update in 2017. It stood out to me that Adamus didn’t refer to this filming as another update; it’s simply DWD 2020. The culmination of the Summer of Realization.
DWD 2020 is for our last lifetime. AND as Adamus does so adeptly, he’s fashioned it pointedly, personally & beautifully for us now, completing our last lifetime, as well as for all the new ones who will come to their own Realization, inspired to consciousness. by our stories, classes, and workshops as Crimson Circle.
In the first session, Adamus reminds us that he’s already told us in Prognost 2020 that everything goes New. This is true for dreamwalking those who reach out to us as guides, as the Bridge of Flowers and the old groups of Angelic Families are gone.
But more importantly, DWD 2020, takes us on our own “Dreamwalk of your Death”. Adamus notes he’d prefer use the word“ascension”, to get past all the negative connotations with the word “death”. In the 2017 Update, there was also a dreamwalk for our own death, but this is so profoundly different and more, because we are now clear, wisdomized, realized, and ready to be free, outside of time.
If you’ve made the choice for this to be your last lifetime, DWD 2020 is the celebratory culmination of all that brings us to our freedom. Freedom to soar beyond time, space, gravity, and old biology, into the Magic of Merlin, the reality & freedom of who we have always been, now becoming, in this 2020 trans-formation.
Truly heartfelt thanks to Geoff & Linda and the whole beloved and dedicated CC staff who have been on overtime & probably overload with all of the intense filmings for 2020 & the Summer of Realization…..all done brilliantly….and especially bravely, without many rejuvenating CC hugs!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 10/4/2020)
This is it. Go through your own death without fear and live your life fully as long as you are here on Earth in this physical reality. After having joined the online event, DreamWalker Death 2020 in the weekend 25-27 September I am experiencing life in a
. DWD 2020 online

This is it. Go through your own death without fear and live your life fully as long as you are here on Earth in this physical reality.
After having joined the online event, DreamWalker Death 2020 in the weekend 25-27 September I am experiencing life in a more intense and aware way. And why is that?
Well, I guess it is because I once more have gone through the death (ascension) process. Knowing what happens and accepting my own death makes life more joyful. DreamWalker Death was the very first Crimson Circle course I took (in 2006, I think) and it was indeed a life changing eye-opener.
DWD 2020 felt easier to go through, was simplified compared to the “old” edition; recently this year, the Order of the Arc, the angel families had left the connection to Earth … Therefore, the “Bridge of Flowers” is no longer a part of the journey home, so this “tour” is a new one.

A DreamWalker is a guide for a friend or a client who wants someone to join her/him through the death process on the journey “home.” What home is, is also explained by Adamus. It varies from one person to the other how it appears.

In this online class Adamus tells about what happens before, in and after death. You go through three DreamWalks, so you experience for yourself how it is to be in the other realms. You learn how to guide a person to the place where she/he wants to go. Today there are four doorways to pass through. This way of guidance is not new; it was known in Atlantis, practiced in Egypt and is still in use. Few people practice this as a job now, but it is a possibility for you, if you want to.
DWD 2020 ends with two Questions and Answers sessions; and the questions go deep this time.

Death is a release, a transition; it is a reason for celebration and should really be called ascension.
How do you want to experience your death? How will you celebrate it? And where and when do you want to leave?

Graphics, music, yes, every element in this class is as beautiful as you can imagine. Thank you to Linda, Geoffrey, the whole staff – and of course to Adamus St. Germain for this beautiful creation.
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 10/2/2020)
Transformative Transitions
. Dreamwalker Death - the first class Adamus presented to us, is special, because it showed us early on that there is nothing to fear, not even death. It revives the art of conscious death, the experience and witness of it, leaving everyone involved enriched and expanded. While there is a place for sadness, it takes the sting out of letting go of the life of another close to us, and eventually our own life.
Experiencing the "update" is sweet like seeing one's child grow up: it has always been beautiful and transformational, but with the disbanding of the angelic families, the DreamWalk was ready for a new destination, and it just opened up, the new earth of "Novoo", with a now well-lit path leading to it.
Every time Adamus told the story of his last lifetime, and how meticulously and successfully he planned it to be interesting and free and sensual before he was ever born, I thought "Why, oh why didn't I? " It would have been just as easy, no brownie points for austerity. And I was not the only fool rushing in for the last lifetime. The way I see it, we couldn't serve as an example, but we made for a magnificent deterrent! So now, one of the 224 new earths by the name "Novoo" was created for the sole purpose to consciously prepare a soul's last lifetime!
The "Bridge of Tears" that the departing have to cross to enter the world of Novoo, felt to me like the culmination of Threshold energies we have worked with over the past years, another way in which the path for those that come after us may have been made more smooth. Crossing that bridge and facing the river of tears that runs below, releasing guilt, shame, fear, stuck energies from all past lifetimes - they can let it go, all at once it seems, before they enter Novoo, and from there experience their last lifetime unencumbered by the old illusions. Well done, Shaumbra!
DreamWalker Death brings back the knowledge, the art and beauty of conscious Death, the purpose why we created it in the first place, and how to move past the dark twists and judgements piled on it by churches, and the sheer personal pain it seemed to involve. It provides comprehensive practical guidelines starting before death, moving on to how to organize a celebration of life even the dead will enjoy, and how to walk with a soul on their path through the realms, shining light on their highest, fulfilling potentials, while compassionately accepting where they might stop instead.
DreamWalker Death shows there is no end to creation and our existence in it. Choices after choices open up as we realize the energies are all ours and here to serve us. There is a definite end though to our humanness; that is when we can choose to die to our human expression without ever leaving the body. We can just 'integrate it", and with it all wisdom and sensuality we gained as humans, ready to serve us should we decide to drop in on earth at later dates!
You know you have served as a master when there is more of you after you are done. The commitments are serious, while quite doable for the duration. The potential rewards for the dream walker are as transformative as the service they provide to the departing one. Never more apparent to me than in the highpoint of the event, the group DreamWalk. It happens only in the context of a class, where participants are joined by an already departed soul, to experience the walk together. From enchanted Taos to official Denver, to a class I taught in my own home, to last Sunday: I gasp every time as to who shows up unexpectedly and the profound gifts they offer at strategic points on the walk. They have turned out to be key stones in my own realization.
Review by sig / (Posted on 9/30/2020)
Going beyond the fear of death
. What a wonderful class! Already the beautiful graphic when it starts sets the atmosphere for the whole event. And so does the background on the stage with Geoff and Linda. It clearly shows that death is not the end, but a transition. We actually go through different deaths during our life: From child to teenager - just think of your own puberty – to an adult and all the different phases in your adult life. These deaths / transitions can be difficult, but the more you know what is going on and the less you resist the easier it is. The same goes of course for dying out of your body.
Most people fear death because, what happens afterwards? Do I go out of existence, or will I be punished by God (and I think that goes for most religions), is it painful to die? Adamus addresses all the concerns you might have. Just think of the impact it will have on your life if you are not afraid of dying. And if that knowledge could spread out to all of humanity! Adamus suggests using the word ascension instead of death. Because that is actually what it is. And that word does not have all the old fearful connotations.
I took DWD at a live event in Zurich back in 06. That was a profound experience. Learning how to guide a person who has just died on their path to the other side, and if they so choose, to the Bridge of Flowers where they would go back to their Angelic family to rest before their next lifetime. Having a rest is the whole purpose of dying. “Who wants to live forever?” as Freddy Mercury (Queen) sang.
When my mother died some years ago, I accompanied her on a DreamWalk. It was a very beautiful experience that I am still happy I had with her.
DWD has a double purpose; it is for yourself, your own experiences, and you also learn how to guide one who has just died to the other side. The part I love the most is on the second day, where Adamus guides us in a DreamWalk for ourselves, to die from the old. It was so deep and so touching. Afterwards I felt so liberated.
Ending the second day, we all went on a DreamWalk together, each of us with a person who had died. For each of us there were several to choose from, and to my surprise I took the husband of a cousin. He died some years ago. I didn’t know him that much, and I wondered during the first part of the walk, if he was the right. The mind!!! Adamus guided us by a new path to the new place, Novoo. Before it was to the Bridge of Flowers. Leading to Novoo is another bridge, The Bridge of Tears. The tears are the clients tears of joy, of cleansing and release. On the middle we said goodbye to our client, who would continue, and we would go back home. I felt a kind of sadness and longing when I was going back.
As we were the first group doing this DreamWalk, we kind of paved the way for those who would come after us. It is indeed a very beautiful experience to walk here.
One of the “funny” effects of the weekend, and before, was a craving for food also when I have just had some. Has to do with the opening to the other side. I also felt rather wobbly the whole time – a bit today too. Being in nature helps.
I highly recommend this class!
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 9/28/2020)