DreamWalker® Death 2020 - September 25-27, 2020

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September 25 - 27, 2020

Hosted by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

When Adamus made the announcement earlier this year that both the angelic families and the Order of the Arc have disbanded, the questions popped up almost immediately. While newsworthy in itself, this remarkable change has particularly important repercussions on Adamus’ very first class, DreamWalker Death.

Initially presented in 2005, this class explains the various stages of the death transition, what happens after a person dies, and teaches the listener how to guide a newly deceased client in their transition. The journey terminated at the Bridge of Flowers, the “portal” to the high angelic realms where the client would be handed off to their angelic family.  The profound experience at the Bridge of Flowers was the grand culmination of the DreamWalk journey, assuming the client did not become distracted along the way. However, with the angelic families disbanding, this final destination came into question.

To address this and other changes, Adamus recently recorded DreamWalker Death 2020. While it contains the essential information of the first DreamWalker school, it is vastly updated to reflect the current situation in the other realms as well as consciousness changes here on Earth.

There are three DreamWalks in this new school. Two of them are very personal in nature, and on the third, each attendee accompanies their client on the new path to a new location. The majestic old Bridge of Flowers stands idle now, a monument to eons of compassionate service and angelic love. The new destination is fresh, beautiful and ready to receive those who desire to consciously prepare for their next lifetime on Earth.

Adamus also talks about the many New Earths that have been created, a total of 224 “realms” with various attributes of this Classic Earth. He discusses the fascinations and perils of the Near Earth Realms and the profound, indefinable beauty of the Crystalline or birthing realms, from which all creation springs.

The new DreamWalker Death 2020 will be hosted live online by Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe, and will include two additional live channels with Adamus, including a Q&A session. This class is both a profound gift to yourself, and a training in compassionate guidance for those who desire to assist a loved one or client as they transition. 

All times are Mountain Daylight Time for Denver, Colorado.  

Check your local event launch time here: Time & Date

Friday, September 25:      10:00 AM – 3:00 PM 

Saturday, September 26:  10:00 AM – 3:00 PM 

Sunday, September 27:    10:00 AM – 1:30 PM 

All end times are approximate.

Coffee breaks between sessions will be 20 minutes. The mid-day meal break will be 45 minutes.

We recommend a similar daily rhythm for you as you participate from home. 

COST: $595

Registration closes September 24, 2020

• Verified DWD graduates can attend for $297.50. 
• Verified DWD certified teachers can attend for a one-time price of $150.
Please use the link to apply for the special discounts before September 15, 2020:
 Click Here

ONLINE ACCESS From September 25 until December 27, 2020  
The DreamWalker Death 2020 streaming video and audio recordings and text transcript e-reader will be available online until December 27, 2020 (no exceptions). 

 * Please read below for registration details and agreements *

AGE LIMIT – Due to the nature of the content, you must be 16 years of age or older to view this material.

STORE CREDIT – Translator, webhost and Crimson Circle store credits can be used to purchase this online event.

LANGUAGE – This live hosted online class will be offered in English only. (DWD with text translations will be offered at a future date.)

Please be aware that the text transcripts will only contain the recorded channelings of Adamus since this is the first time this workshop is hosted live. As soon as the new complete text transcripts are available, the e-reader will be updated in the Cloud Class site.

PRIVATE – This is for your personal experience only. The materials cannot be copied or shared in any way. It is not permitted to watch the online class with others that have not registered for this class, nor is it allowed to split the cost with others and view in a group setting. 1 registration = 1 person. Your integrity is very important. 

CANCELLATION POLICY - No refunds on digital purchases

It is very important to understand that by registering for this event, you agree to the five points listed below. The following terms and conditions set forth the Agreement for attending the DreamWalker Death School online. 

Registering for the workshop described on this page signifies full agreement to these five points:

  • I agree not to copy, duplicate or share any of the materials in any way. I understand that the DreamWalker Death School materials are trademarked and copyrighted, and that it is unlawful and immoral to copy or duplicate them in any way.
  • I agree that the DreamWalker Death School materials are for my own personal use only. I will not allow any other persons to listen to or take part in the Dreamwalker Death School to which I have access.
  • I agree to use the DreamWalker Death School materials to develop and enhance my own spiritual and human condition, and by doing so also enhance the spiritual and human condition of others. I agree not to use the materials to knowingly harm myself or others.
  • I cannot and will not teach the DreamWalker Death School program to others.
  • I understand and agree that the Crimson Circle and the copyright owners do not imply or guarantee any specific results from using the DreamWalker Death School program. This is a self-development course and as such, results will vary by the individual.

 ** Please review the Technical Requirement FAQ's before registering. **

• Please make sure you register with a valid email address.
• Shortly before the class begins, your access link will be sent again from [email protected]. Please add this email to your safe sender or white email list. Otherwise, you may need to check your spam folder for this access email.

If you have any questions, please, contact us:

Application, registration and general questions at [email protected]

Technical support at [email protected]

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