DreamWalker For Pets

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 •  Learn the difference between animals and pets
 •  Our dear pets are here in pure service and love
 •  This unconditional love transcends time, space and lifetimes
 •  DreamWalking your pet is both a connection and an invitation
 •  You will know when your pet begins the transition process
 •  Even from the other realms, they are still with you



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DreamWalker® For Pets
Connecting now and beyond

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If you have ever had the good fortune of sharing life with an extra special animal, then you’ve undoubtedly known both tremendous love when with them and unbelievable grief when it was time to let them go. However, the special bond between a human and their pet can actually be maintained long after the pet has passed away. In fact, there is a unique way you can be with your pet as they approach death – whether through natural causes or euthanasia – and continue to enjoy their presence and love in a new, multi-dimensional way once they are gone. And, when the time is right, you can invite your beloved pet back for another incarnation and enjoy their physical companionship once again.

DreamWalker for Pets is a special session with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe. It is ideal for anyone who currently has a pet, and especially for anyone who has lost a pet. Based on the popular DreamWalker® series from Adamus Saint-Germain, this information offers in-depth guidance on how to stay connected to your beloved pet before, during and after the transition of death. And, instead of feeling as if your loss is permanent, you will learn how to invite your pet back to the earthly realms for another life with you.

If you are pet lover, this remarkable recording is for you. 

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Length: 1:21:40 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf) 

Cost: $25 

Featuring: Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe 

Recorded in Golden, Colorado, April 2012 

Refunds: No refunds on digital purchases


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I want to learn more!
This is a great session! Thank you so much. I want to learn more about animals, pets, wild animals. I would like to know how animals for food, fur, entertainment, sports, in abuse, react, what they fell and thing during that time...
Review by Tyasha / (Posted on 5/23/2021)