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For Pets

How to stay connected to your pet after their transition, and how to invite them back for another incarnation

DreamWalker for Pets is ideal for anyone who has pets, and especially for anyone who has lost their pets. Based on the popular DreamWalker series from Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe offer in-depth guidelines for being with your beloved pet before, during and after their death transition process.

In the first portion of the message, Geoff and Linda talk about what our pets are from a spiritual perspective. They also give an explanation about Adamus’ DreamWalker process, noting that it is a journey into the non-physical realms. Next, they explain how to do a DreamWalk with your pet whether they die from natural causes or from euthanasia. And finally, they offer specific guidelines for how to invite them back for another incarnation as your pet.

If you’re a pet lover, this special session will help you to make a sacred connection with your pet throughout their death transition. Instead of feeling that your pet is gone, you’ll continue to enjoy their presence and love in a new, multi-dimensional way.  

DreamWalker for Pets includes over one hour and 20 minutes of insights and advice in an MP3 audio format, plus a full text transcript.

Click here for a beautiful message from Tobias on Pets.

Time: 79 minutes
Format: Digital download (MP3) plus text transcript (PDF)

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