DreamWalk Journey Into Your Secret Garden

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DreamWalker Series – Journey into Your Secret Garden

Even though life may seem to present you with a very limited set of choices, in your beginning you actually created countless and unlimited potentials. These incredible potentials are still available for you to choose and experience, if you so desire.

During this profound DreamWalk experience, Adamus Saint-Germain will guide you into your own forgotten Secret Garden. Within this precious Garden are potentials for anything you would like to choose for your experience. Things like abundance, love, health, joy, happiness and peace – and anything else your heart desires – are available for you to partake of.

After so many eons of thinking we are not worthy of such grand creation, Adamus offers the opportunity to let that old programming go and truly live in joy and freedom.

Set includes:
High quality audio recording (MP3)
Text transcript (PDF)

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