DreamWalk Journey on Metatron's Starboat


 •  Journey on a magical starboat into the multidimensional realms
 •  Stop believing in your limitations, and fly!
 •  Warm yourself at the crystal fire of your passion, joy and desire
 •  Understand death as a smooth and graceful process, like dreaming
 •  Shine your light of joy, passion and compassion for disincarnate beings
 •  Understand “What Dreams May Come”

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DreamWalk Journey on Metatron’s Starboat
A magical voyage through the realms


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Sail through the dimensions on a magical starboat and remember your true self, your passion, and your radiant perfection. Effortlessly cruising through the Near Earth and Crystalline realms, you’ll observe scenes of joy, grief, rejuvenation and terror from a place of true safety and compassion. Be warmed by the crystal bonfire of your passion, joy, desires and dreams, and even bring a piece of this crystal fire back with you. Connect with the Ascended Masters and begin to witness what a profound effect your radiance has on beings in all realms.  Release the gravity of Earth as you come aboard Metatron’s Starboat for a unique and profound voyage into the astral realms and far beyond.

Warmed by a crystal fire, you’ll first set off on a voyage into the Near Earth realms, where you might feel loved ones who have crossed over and tap into the many realities and dimensions that human consciousness has created in the afterlife. Move on to the magical crystalline dimensions and allow the refreshing crystalline energy to clear away any energetic debris. Then take a deep breath as Metatron guides the starboat into the earthbound astral realms where the ghouls, ghosts and demons play. These realms are filled with haunted beings that have been stuck in darkness for years or maybe millennia. As the crystal fire in the starboat glows with life, they come closer to investigate. But they cannot harm the Master who comes in total compassion. 

As the starboat finally returns to harbor here on Earth, Adamus reminds that one day an Ascended Master will meet you with a smile and ask the question, “Are you ready?” It will be the profound moment of your freedom and Realization, and life will never be the same. In this DreamWalk, recorded on Halloween 2013, Adamus carefully leads you on this magical interdimensional journey through the outer dimensions.

Welcome Aboard!

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Length: 1:33:25

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $25

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Metatron

Recorded in Golden Colorado, October 31, 2013

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DreamWalker Death Journey to the Earthbound Realms Crystal Energies Merabh

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