DreamWalk Journey to the Earthbound Realms


 •  Experience a DreamWalk of service, radiance and compassion
 •  Death is the doorway to a new life
 •  Ghosts are beings unable to go through the doorway
 •  This DreamWalk is a tremendous service to them
 •  “In silence we shine our light”
 •  What you feel out here is not your own; be in total acceptance

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DreamWalk Journey to the Earthbound Realms
A mission of light and life

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Join in this incredible experience with Ascended Master Adamus Saint-Germain as he guides a journey into the nonphysical realms. There are many realms beyond Earth, including the Near Earth Realms where most humans go upon death, the Crystalline Realms where the birthing of all creation takes place, and the Bridge of Flowers, gateway to the pure, high angelic realms. There is also an in-between place, called the Earthbound Realms, where humans sometimes get stuck because of things like trauma, hatred, jealousy, strong attachments or confusion. This is the source of true hauntings where beings feed on people’s fear. In this DreamWalk of light and life, Adamus leads a journey into the Earthbound Realms where you will encounter those entities who are trapped in darkness. You will find yourself beyond time and joined by your own angelic assistant as your compassionate presence begins illuminating new potentials of freedom, helping the lost ones find hope and the way out of their torment.

Although this DreamWalk was presented on Halloween, when the veil is particularly thin, it can be experienced at any time. An excellent demonstration of true compassion, you will learn to simply be present with the beings who are stuck in darkness. Neither judging nor forcing change on them, you need only shine your light in purity and compassion so they may perceive new potentials and realize that life can go on, even past the doorway of death. During this profound experience, as you walk through this doorway, perhaps some of those who are trapped in the Earthbound Realms will follow, or at least know where the doorway is.

NOTE: Please make sure to listen to this material in a quiet, uninterrupted safe space. At the end of the experience, allow an additional 15 minutes to breathe and ground yourself.

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Length: 1:07:16

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $25

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded in Golden, Colorado, October 31, 2012

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