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DreamWalker™ Birth Transitions
Birth into biology; Rebirth into enlightenment



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• How did you get here?
• How does one prepare and then incarnate into a physical body?
• How can this ease the realization of enlightenment?

Birthing is actually much more difficult than dying, the wild ride of a soul infusing itself into dense physical reality. Fraught with challenges and opportunities, birth is an unpredictable game of chance for most parents and incoming children. However, with the insights shared in DreamWalker Birth, you will learn how to make it a conscious choice.

Learn what happens in the other realms when a souled being makes the choice to incarnate on Earth, and learn how to choose who will join your family! This fascinating journey takes you through angel education, the birthing tube and all the way into a biological human with incredible things to sense and explore.

DreamWalker Birth provides a whole array of information and tools that will make the birthing journey much easier than it currently is. Adamus Saint-Germain teaches expectant parents how to develop a deep, spiritual connection with their baby long before actual delivery and even before conception. Therefore, the entire process of conception, pregnancy and birth can be much smoother and more fulfilling, eliminating much pain and trauma often associated with conception, pregnancy, birth and the first months of life.

This conscious birth work is indeed having a profound effect. Since Adamus Saint-Germain conducted the first DreamWalker Birth class until now, many babies have been born around the world using the information and guidelines he offers in this class. And, if you’re fortunate enough to know a “DreamWalker baby,” you can see it in their eyes and feel it in their energy.

This material also provides deep insights into rebirthing yourself in this lifetime. At a deep cellular level, you are truly becoming a new being, even though it might feel like you’re dying. A thorough understanding of the birth transition process (as well as the death process) will greatly facilitate and ease your transformation.

DreamWalker Birth is also used for training spiritual birth assistants, also called Adoulas. These facilitators guide the family through the birthing process, enabling sweet, exciting moments of connecting with the future baby.

Crimson Circle Cloud Class Event

Cost: $495 

Length: Twelve sessions

Format: Streaming video, audio and e-reader text

Access: 90-days access to video & audio; unlimited access to e-reader and other support materials in DWB graduate site (you will receive an invitation at some point after registration)

Full Session List

  1. Introduction; First Birth (33:36)
  2. The Monatry and Tube (1:05:15)
  3. Choices (43:52)
  4. History, Tube & Monatry (1:01:51)
  5. Remembering Your Birth (47:47)
  6. Adoula Work; Questions & Answers (1:14:16)
  7. Choices, Guidelines & Eesa (38:29)
  8. Choice, Naming & Crystals (40:42)
  9. Birth Breathing (26:11)
  10. Rebirth (35:25)
  11. The Tube; Questions & Answers (59:55)
  12. Interview with Adamus; Closing Remarks (52:53)

Please, review the Technical Requirement FAQ’s for online access before subscribing.

• To attend this Cloud Class again at a 50% discount, please send an email to customerservice@crimsoncircle.com

Note: This Cloud Class is available at a 50% discount for verified DWB Graduates (Personal Study Course or in-person class). To inquire, please send an email.

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