DreamWalk for Releasing Emotional Wounds

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 •  Have you ever been angry, ridiculed, abused, betrayed, abandoned?
 •  These deep wounds can last a very long time
 •  Don’t judge yourself; it was never about lessons or karma
 •  Now is the time for true healing
 •  Come on a journey to free these trapped part of self
 •  At last, you can bring the element of love



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DreamWalk for Releasing Emotional Wounds
Discover true healing and freedom

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Being human means being hurt, many times and on multiple levels. It is simply a part of life on Earth, and all of us carry many deep and painful emotional wounds. Some we are aware of, while others are buried deep in our psyche from past lives. These stuck energies may stem from things like betrayal, sexual abuse, accidents, and other experiences with darkness. They consume a lot of energy, can be extremely persistent, and are some of the most difficult elements to deal with as a human. Psychological counseling and mental processing only serve to magnify and entrench them even more. Now, there is a way to truly release these emotional wounds and finally find freedom from the pain. 

In this unique and highly personal DreamWalk, Adamus says, “We’re not going to try to fix anything. We’re not going to process anything. We’re not going to try to repair. We’re here for a sacred, deep and very personal experience.” After talking about the origins and types of the wounds we carry, Adamus guides us on a profound journey deep into our emotional selves. Once there, he invites us to acknowledge and recognize the element of love in every wound. 

This is truly a magical and mystical journey of release and resolution that is ultimately about loving yourself. 

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Length: 1:35:17

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $25

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded in Golden, Colorado, March 2013

Refunds: No refunds on digital purchases


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