DreamWalk for Releasing Emotional Wounds

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DreamWalk for Releasing Emotional Wounds
Adamus Saint-Germain

Being human means being hurt. All of us carry emotional wounds; some we’re aware of, some are deeply buried. These wounds consume a lot of psychic energy and are extremely persistent, coming back lifetime after lifetime. They can be some of the most difficult things to deal with on our spiritual journey. The question is, how do we truly release these wounds? Unfortunately, psychological counseling leads to mental processing, which only magnifies and entrenches them even more.

In this DreamWalk Adamus says, “We’re not going to try to fix anything. We’re not going to process anything. We’re not going to try to repair. We’re here for a sacred, deep and very personal experience.”

After talking about the origins and types of the wounds we carry, Adamus invites you on a journey deep into yourself. He accompanies you into a very significant hallway, filled with energies of the past, and guides you on a mystical journey of resolution and release.

Format: MP3 (audio) & PDF (text)

Cost: $25

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