End of the New Age

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End of the New Age
Adamus in Sedona, Arizona
June 2015


In this series of five special channels Adamus talks about what’s happening with consciousness on earth and the amazing changes currently taking place.


1 – Embodied Enlightenment (49:56)

Grand Canyon, Arizona – June 2, 2015

Speaking at the Kryon Grand Canyon Tour event, Adamus gives a beautiful summary of our consciousness work over the last several years. He talks about embodied enlightenment and who is responsible for it, as well as mastery, consciousness, energy, allowing and more.

2 – The Age of Consciousness (42:28)

Kryon Master’s Channeling Summit, Sedona, Arizona – June 5, 2015

Adamus gives a beautiful acknowledgment of the joys and challenges we have faced on this journey towards realization. Then he makes the stunning announcement that we have reached the end of the New Age, and are now entering into the Age of Consciousness, which he also calls the Age of Self.

3 – Relax Into Your Enlightenment (7:29)

Kryon Master’s Channeling Summit, Sedona, Arizona – June 5, 2015

In this short and beautiful message, Adamus invites the listeners to let go of makyo, doubt and questions, and simply relax into their enlightenment. (This recording is also available free of charge on the Kryon website.)

4 – The Purple Elephant (4:50)

Kryon Master’s Channeling Summit, Sedona, Arizona – June 7, 2015

Talking about “the big purple elephant” in the room, Adamus acknowledges the other entities but says he will not participate in such an event again until embodied human masters are on stage, rather than disincarnate cosmic beings. He also makes a very interesting point about their perspectives. (This recording is also available free of charge on the Kryon website.)

5 – The Age of Self (57:04)

Golden, Colorado – June 25, 2015

Beloved St. Germain gives a history of the current age, explaining what was really happening with humanity during the Dark Ages, why the Renaissance came about, and how religion is actually an art form. He declares that we are now entering into the long-awaited Age of Consciousness, which is really the Age of Self.


Excerpts from End of the New Age:

“It’s the Age of Realization of all this work you’ve done over your lifetimes to bring in that Christ seed energy, to bring in new levels of consciousness, to bring awareness. It’s time now to enter that age, to realize your efforts, your work.

It sounds so simply, doesn’t it? But yet I understand how difficult and challenging it is. That’s why I have chosen to be with you, to remind you of what you are doing – pioneers of consciousness in an Age of Realization.”


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