Energy Vampire Teleclass

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Energy Vampires
Who's Feeding on You?

A Crimson Circle Teleclass with Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe
Presented November 11, 2010

Are there people who insist on taking your time even after you've had enough? Are there interactions where you go in with clarity and come out feeling confused? Do you have intense dreams that leave you exhausted when you wake up? You are most likely experiencing the effects of energy stealing or feeding. It is an age-old practice that we have all engaged in, one way or another, with results being anything from fatigue and frustration to emotional abuse, psychic manipulation and physical injury. But now, in this time of consciousness revolution and spiritual awakening, more and more people are beginning to realize what's going on.

In this presentation, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe talk about energy feeding and offer tips on how to extricate yourself from the cycle.
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