From Awakening to Realization

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  1. What’s this all about anyway?
  2. A brief history of Shaumbra
  3. Why you’re here
  4. Post-awakening – going beyond spiritual
  5. Realization, enlightenment – it’s natural
  6. The light of consciousness is here

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From Awakening to Realization
St. Germain’s February 14, 2020 Message

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This is a message of welcome and honor for anyone curious about or new to the Crimson Circle. It will help you understand what Realization is, the long and arduous journey that’s brought you here, and the changes and ultimate freedom of what comes next. Adamus discusses energy, consciousness and allowing, as well as the purpose and passion of those who call themselves Shaumbra. First coming together in Atlantis, then reuniting in the times of Yeshua, and now post-awakening and beyond spiritual, Shaumbra are human beings who consciously chose to allow their embodied Realization (also called enlightenment), at a time of profound transformation on Earth. In this “Time of Machines,” humanity is facing drastic change from technology, high levels of mental imbalance, and the evolution of a new human species. Because of this, the light of consciousness from Realized Masters is needed more than ever.

Adamus, a facet of Beloved St. Germain, likes to offer special messages to Shaumbra every few years on February 14, Valentine’s Day. In this special 45-minute session, St. Germain directs his message to the new ones coming to Crimson Circle. He tells about the origins and history of Shaumbra, a global affiliation of Masters without rules, memberships or dues, and four “essentials” by which they live, including: 1) Allowing their Realization, 2) Staying embodied after Realization, 3) Letting energy serve, and 4) Radiating their consciousness at the Time of Machines.

St. Germain goes on the explain that while most Shaumbra took the spiritual path to Realization, it is not a spiritual group and that there are many paths to Realization (also known as “enlightenment”). He ends by talking about what you, the new ones, can expect next in your journey from awakening to mastery. He points out the many changes you will go through, but notes that it will be easier because of what current Shaumbra have done to pave the way. St. Germain notes that Realization is a natural process, and, ultimately, you only need to allow it.

This is a beautiful message for the new ones coming into the Crimson Circle. For veteran Shaumbra, it provides a heartfelt summary of why you are here, and what is to come in the years ahead.

Length: 45:02

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at Villa Ahmyo, Kona, Hawaii, February 2020


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Hidden messages?
- What was in that talk? I'm really not sure. I thought there was nothing new for me. An answer to a particular question was answered but the rest? So why did I feel such a sense of joy and understanding after? Not sure, but it was truly astounding. Thank you x
Review by Claire / (Posted on 2/18/2020)
- Beautiful Message for all of you who are new to the Crimson Circle and an honoring from The Beloved Saint-Germain as well as from his facet Adamus for us long term Shaumbra. Beautiful.
Review by Merlin Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 2/15/2020)