ProGnost 2018 Update - Goodbye Gaia

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•  Gaia, your home for so long; she’s leaving
•  It’s time for humans to take responsibility for the planet
•  TechGREEN – Technology, Gaia, Realms, Earth, Energy, Nature
•  Evolution: moving toward God; Pandelution: God moving in its creation
•  Practical implications of Gaia’s departure
•  Earth needs to be more social, human sovereignty
•  Deep honor for Gaia and for you

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Goodbye Gaia
ProGnost 2018 UPDATE

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Gaia. She has brought life and balance to Planet Earth for eons of time, helping to create this beautiful place of experience on behalf of the Order of the Arc in an epic act of co-creation. Now, she’s leaving, because humans are ready to take responsibility for Earth. In ProGnost 2018 Adamus talks about TechGRIN (Genology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology), and in this Update he discusses TechGREEN – Gaia, the Realms, Energy, Earth (terra), and Nature. As everything changes in this Time of Machines, it becomes more important than ever to expand our own consciousness and allow the Free Energy body (light body) to integrate with our biology.

TechGREEN: GAIA is a souled being, a living entity who has served as a conduit between the light of creation and this planet. She provides the balance of “antigravity,” without which Earth could not exist. The REALMS on the planet include the plant, animal, water and air realms, among others, all supported by Gaia. They will change with her departure. EARTH or terra refers to the dirt, the great rock that has been brought to life by Gaia’s infusion of crystalline energies. The ENERGY that supports life on Earth isn’t actually from the sun; there is another form of energy, and it’s important that humans begin to understand this. NATURE is the life and experience of the planet, analogous to the “human/experience” in our own trinity of being.

The departure of Gaia, which will take place over the next couple of centuries, has profound implications for life on Earth. Some of the vital areas that will be affected include cleaning up the planet, food production, the development of new species, nature, and water itself. It is time for humanity to create a “social” planet, to co-create and collaborate as we did – and are still doing – in the Order of the Arc.

Adamus compares the process that Earth is going through to our own process of Realization. In the final session he leads a beautiful merabh, revisiting the grand gathering of the Order of the Arc, feeling the choice for true creation and the arrival of Gaia to the planet. Then it gets personal as he compares this to the body’s own communication network, the anayatron, dissolving away and being replaced by the Free Energy or light body. It is all happening together, and it’s why we are here.


Session 1 (1:03:05)
After reminders of ProGnost 2018 and TechGRIN, now Adamus talks about Gaia and TechGREEN, for Technology, Gaia, Realms, Earth/Terra, Energy and Nature.

Session 2 (54:49)
Gaia’s purpose has been to balance this carbon-based reality and as she leaves, this responsibility shifts to humans. There are many implications, but it’s all about co-creation. 

Session 3 (45:24)
Gaia’s work is done, it’s time for humans to learn how to work with energy, allow in the Free Energy Body and realize why we’re here. Adamus leads a beautiful merabh of honoring Gaia.

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Louisville, Colorado, June 2018

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ProGnost 2018 Update New Earth Update 

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An important part of the Shaumbra kit at this Time of Machines
I’m always totally fascinated by ProGnost, these compact reviews of the current state of the world. They have proven to be valuable tools for me personally – they always reflect what is going on within and shed light on how it is connected to the bigger picture – and they always provide some dizzying perspectives into the changes that are happening in the entire creation. No small thing!

Or, how do you feel about integrating your free energy body while taking a detailed look into how our dear Earth is changing now that Gaia is leaving? ProGnost 2019 is practically knocking on the door as I write this and the dragon enters… Whatever that means, I feel ready. We are becoming energy sovereign, the hot topic Adamus has been talking about in Shouds and particularly thoroughly in Keahak. Energy, it’s all about energy.

ProGnost is not about robotics and cool new technological innovations or even getting used to the idea of a more technologically oriented world. Adamus keeps saying that technology is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere, it’s the Time of Machines, and it is all happening because of consciousness. Because of the changes we are allowing in our lives. There is nothing we need to do, there is nothing to fix: our chosen “work” is our embodied enlightenment. He states, “The awareness of the Human, the Master and the I Am all together, THAT changes the planet.”

In ProGnost 2018 Update, Adamus continues with two sessions about the ‘tech’ theme of the main ProGnost event in January. He now expands from what he calls TechGRIN into TechGREEN and describes some of the changes and implications that emerge as Gaia, the crystalline energy conduit, is leaving. Adamus explains Gaia is leaving, because it is time for humans to take responsibility for Earth. This is both exciting and sad, something is ending, but it should be seen as an evolution, a change. Adamus discusses the Seventh Kingdom (referring to the six Kingdoms of animals and plants we have had so far) that will comprise of completely new species, and even a new social structure, as technological innovations start becoming a more prominent part of our everyday lives. The examples Adamus gives are thrilling!

In just a few decades – a lot faster than some futurists are able to see – the world will have changed so much we may hardly recognise it. Our questions change, “Is this real”, we may ask? Perhaps it will be even more real, in some ways, or become more clearly the co-creation it is with the added human touch. Things may also, of course, not go so smoothly; there are some rather worrying potentials and questions to answer, collectively, which is why the ProGnost messages emphasise adding our consciousness, deep compassion and wisdom at this time. Ideally, the solutions will make living on Earth easier, more energy efficient, and more fun, assisting us in truly enjoying life. All humanity, not just Shaumbra.

In the final session of the three, Adamus points out that Shaumbra are the leading edge in knowing how and what energy is. He has been highlighting the topic of energy lately as it is the crucial element that we are now ready to sense and play with. Anyone who has experienced The Master’s Life 7: I Am Creation deeply will also understand the sacred nature of true creation, which is basically the joy of the I Am expressed, the I Exist, that communicates or communes with energy. This is what sets us apart.

This seemingly simple Update turns out to be quite the package of information, complementing the January discussion about TechGRIN and pandelution. Such a soothing preparation and an eye-opening perspective to integrate before the upcoming ProGnost 2019. And, as the cherry on the cake, there is a Merabh at the end for integrating the free energy body. Yes, now. This is what many of us have been focused on for some time. An essential evolution out of the dependent, forever hungry state of the old, limited human who would even steal from others to sustain itself. I consider ProGnost an important part of the Shaumbra kit at this Time of Machines!

Maija Leisso – CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Maija Leisso / (Posted on 12/15/2018)
Everything is Changing!
The news is filled with information about how the planet is changing in terms of climate, etc., but there are few who know just how big of a shift is taking place with Gaia leaving. That is clearly explained in the ProGnost 2018 update, and the implications are monumental.

When Adamus first started mentioning the departure of Gaia, I can remember that many felt shocked and distraught. It was a good time to stand behind that short wall once again and really feel into humanity, this planet and the shift in consciousness. A couple of years ago I was flying to Colorado from Utah which took me over the Rocky Mountains. I looked down and had such a strong impression of how old and heavy the energy felt. It feels appropriate that this entity would depart to leave the care of the planet to humans.

TechGRIN and TechGREEN are concise explanations of some of the dynamics that have been on the planet since the beginning, what is occurring now and what will unfold. I’ve heard the story of the Order of the Arc from Tobias, Adamus and Saint-Germain, but it seems like every time it is retold there are bits of information that help to further clarify the creation of Earth. I was particularly interested in the discussion of energy in TechGREEN which was a reminder that there is another type of energy that is transmuted by Gaia that brings life to the planet. It has been a dance of energy since the beginning, and all of that is changing.

Years ago when I was with a group of Shaumbra in Kauai, we were told that one of the things that our gathering was assisting with was the ushering in of new species of elementals. Some had been on the planet since the beginning, and they were leaving. It was touching that our presence could assist in that way.

Change can be very difficult without the understanding of what is really happening. The ProGnost 2018 Update gives incredible insight to just that. The bottom line is that everything is changing, and more rapidly than we ever thought possible. We will see changes in the birth process itself, an exponential growth in technology and even the creation of new biological species which would have seemed not only unimaginable not that long ago, but was science fiction! And it’s not in the distance - it’s here now. Our choice to come to the planet at this time and to go through our embodied realization is an essential component to bring balance during this time. It’s perhaps the greatest gift we can give to the planet that we love so dearly.

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 9/5/2018)
Hope of the future
At first I was skeptical about the whole Prognost program. It seemed so far out. I couldn’t connect. But then I decided to trust the information and invest in Robotics. Now I see things that Adamus has been talking about becoming more and more part of every day reality. Just recently, I saw a ‘grinder’ - body hacker on a regular cable TV show and did some digging (had to look for a ‘grinder’ definition, hehe) - there are websites that describe step by step procedures on how to insert implants into human body. AI - Artificial Intelligence, deep programming is already part of my personal reality at work at high tech company. So now I watch Prognost with a sense of wonder and curiosity. What is coming next?
We’ve heard it for a while now - Gaia is leaving. But what does it truly mean for us humans? What will take her place? Humans? So many questions. What will change? Will the new reality be worth staying? Adamus has been telling us that we are the ones that bring balance and consciousness during the times of all those changes.
This Prognost update 2018 is told as a story. Adamus gives few more nuggets of information - defines what Gaia is and what is it’s function. Explains how all of this reality was created, starting from the Order of the Arch. He covers vast spectrum of topics: From what does really make our biology work and what are the true nutrients, to new food sources. He also gives us hope in what will happen when humans take over this planet (cleanup of the oceans and the air that is needed for balancing gravity and energy). He confirmed my suspicion about Millennials as change agents. The future of community – without compromise - this is something that I’m truly looking forward to.
In January adamus talked about Tech-GRIN (Genes, Robotics, Intelligence (AI), and Nanotechnology). This time it’s Tech-GREEN (Gaia, Realms, Earth (Tera), Energy, Nature).
I truly enjoyed Prognost Update 2018. It is packed with new information and it even ends with a Merabh to balance it all.

Review by Iwona Wirkus / (Posted on 9/2/2018)
Sovereignty: The Next Chapter
ProGnost - Gaia is Leaving (July 2018) is a catalyst. I found the energies embedded in these channels to be very stimulating. My body actually became very restless as I watched the sessions and I had a hard time sitting still. During the final merabh, I found it very helpful to massage my arms, legs, and feet, which calmed my body and supported it to integrate more of my free energy body.

The picture Adamus paints of our future planet represents a very big change. The importance of consciousness and the level of human responsibility that will be required to create compassionate outcomes cannot be denied. After listening, I had a better understanding of how the body of consciousness and the Earth’s transformation are connected. I also better understood the great gift that Gaia has given us and that her leaving is in harmony with and a catalyst for the evolution of humanity.
Review by D / (Posted on 8/21/2018)
Things are changing!
As I watched ProGnost, I had a whole range of feelings arise; from that’s nice, to oh my, this could be a big deal; but as I listened to Adamus, I realized he was saying that we will be taking accountability for what happens on this planet and no longer expecting Gaia to hold the balance for us. We are responsible for ourselves and our planet. In my opinion, this is what we have been needing to do for a long time. This class is appropriate for individuals who are ready to embrace their sovereignty.
Review by J.D. / (Posted on 8/16/2018)
Deep understandings on what means Gaia is leaving
My personal experience with Goodbay Gaia - ProGnost 2018 Update was an incredible expantion while going through the videos. While the obvious presentation has incredible words for it, the experience was quite amazing for me, beyond words and even listening to the Adamus phisycs was pretty amazing to me. Going through the material was based on a conscious choice to experience it, so I observed how at the time of starting the process everything around me just quited down and like everything being in support of my experience, and just feeling the deep safe space that radiates from the videos.
In any case, Adamus starts by saying it is just a way to put in words and record our journey so it is not about new things. After getting aware of what was the the meaning of TechGRIN, as a reminder for the previous ProGnost session, getting to feel the TechGREEN while the G stands for Gaia and that she/he is leaving and getting into a deep understantanding of what Gaia means, and the rest of it, I did noticed when Adamus underlined the extended state of being while listening, that I could also feel that. Getting into the second session, the discussions and feelings about what means that the Gaia is leaving, what potentials are, what probabilities are already available for experience - quite an interesting experience by itself. Looking also to my past experience, first time hearing that Gaia is leaving from Tobias – it was interesting information to me. Now it is a deep understanting of what that means really. Looking from the perspective that consciousness allowed technology, and we can see it beyond good or bad, I guess we will experience some things and more so, we will observe things. In any case, another interesting perspective I did notice was the subject of the social planet, that looks like another reason for us for being here now. In the third video is a merabh, kind of one the best experiences, and most about personal feelings about creation, co-creation and feeling into the gathering of the Order of the Arc at the beginning, yet all into the now.
So, from my experience, if you just reading the title and the description – the words just try to point to the experience of it, but it has some great experiences on the personal level, and just maybe feeling how apprioriate is for you can help you determine if it is for you. Yet, Gaia is leaving, we say goodbye, but there are some things to consider looking at this particular case and here are some deep understandings and physics about that.
I have to appreciate also the entire safe space for this experience and the quality of the video presentation and expressing my deep thanks to Geoffrey, Linda, Adamus, Crimson Circle staff for a very profound experience.

Experiența mea cu La revedere Gaia - ProGnost 2018 Update a fost cea a unei incredibile extinderi în timp ce treceam prin materialele video. În timp ce prezentarea acestui curs are cuvinte incredibile, experiența a fost foarte uimitoare pentru mine, dincolo de cuvinte și mi s-a părut fascinantă fizica lui Adamus. Am trecut prin material pe baza unei alegeri conștiente, așa că am observat cum la începerea procesului tot din jurul meu s-a liniștit și era în suport pentru experiența mea și doar simțeam cum radiază un profund spațiu sigur și din materialele video.
Pe scurt, Adamus începe prin a spune că aceasta este o cale de a pune în cuvinte și de a înregistra călătoria noastră, așa că nu este despre ceva nou. După ce am (re)devenit conștient despre înțelesul conceptului TechGRIN, ca reamintire de la ultima sesiune ProGnost, am ajuns să simt ce înseamnă TechGREEN, în timp ce G este pentru Gaia care este pe cale să plece și am ajuns într-o profundă înțelegere a ce înseamnă Gaia, și celelalte lucruri, și am observat cum Adamus sublinia starea de extindere în timp ce ascultam, pe care puteam să o percep și să o simt. În a doua sesiune, discuțiile și înțelegerile despre plecarea Gaiei, care sunt potențialele, care sunt probabilitățile disponibile deja pentru experiență – o experiență interesantă în sine. Privind la epxeriența mea anterioară, când am auzit prima dată de la Tobias că Gaia pleacă – era o informație interesantă. Acum este o înțelegere profundă despre ce înseamnă asta cu adevărat. Privind din perspectiva în care conștiința a permis tehnologia și că putem privi dincolo de bine și de rău, bănuiesc că vom experimenta câteva lucruri și, mai mult de atât, vom observa lucrurile. În orice caz, altă perspectivă interesantă pe care am observat-o a fost subiectul despre planeta socială, lucru care pare un alt motiv pentru care suntem aici acum. În partea a treia este un merabh, cred că una dintre cele mai bune experiențe, legat în principal despre simțirile personale despre creație, co-creație și simțirea profundă în adunarea de la Ordinul Arcului la început, totuși în acum.
Deci, din experiența mea, dacă doar citiți titlul și descrierea – cuvintele încearcă să redea experiența, dar are experiențe vaste la nivel personal și poate doar simțiți cât de potrivit este acest material pentru propria experință și vă va ajuta să determinați asta. Totuși, Gaia pleacă, îi spunem la revedere, însă sunt lucruri de luat în considerare în acest caz și în acest material sunt înțelegeri profunde și fizica legată de acest lucru.
Trebuie să apreciez de asemenea întregul spațiu sigur pentru experiență și calitatea prezentării video și îmi exprim mulțumirile profunde față de Geoffrey, Linda, Adamus și personalul Crimson Circle pentru o experiență foarte profundă.
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 8/6/2018)
Goodbye Gaia, Hello Humanity!
Facebook investing in robots. Meatless burgers developed in Holland. Grocery store in Quebec growing organic produce on the rooftop.… ProGnost 2018 Update? No, actually reading the business headlines in our daily paper! As Adamus often states in this annual update, it’s not happening in the future, but he’s looking back at what HAS happened. “This isn’t science fiction, this isn’t projection, this is what’s happening to the planet right now as Gaia is leaving…”

Personally I have always been a fan of science fiction from Star Trek to the current Westworld. I love the realm of possibilities and imagination. My late husband always use to say that we needed to learn to put down old tools and pick up the new ones to stay current or we would become “techno peasants”! So Adamus’ latest update didn’t faze me at all. He says towards the end we may be excited about it or depressed… I’ve noticed both sides in the comments on the cloud class to date. Hell yes or hell no!

I’m personally jazzed about the future from this update. It IS happening with or without us so why not find the joy and stay here to play longer? I’m all for having a lawn that won’t require cutting one day or at least a robotic lawnmower.

In Goodbye Gaia, Adamus briefly reviews the “TechGRIN” from January’s ProGrost and expands in this update to talk about TechGREEN. The subject is planet earth repeating the news that Gaia IS leaving. He explains the beautiful dynamics going back to the original Order of the Arc of how earth was created in the first place, who Gaia is, the realms, nature, energy, human species, etc. This isn’t your high school biology class and so much more fascinating. If I was 18, I would be choosing a science career for job security!

Adamus lays out what we can expect in the world in the next few decades and again you may be sad or glad about it. Personally despite recycling and voting Green once, I’ve never been a big placard waving environmentalist or vegan. However change is happening and will continue as humanity takes responsibility now for the planet instead of Gaia. I know I had my first paper straw the other day in a cold drink AND also had my first meatless “Beyond Burger” at the drivethru since Adamus said we would find them delicious. And it WAS pretty good! Adamus talks quite a bit about the whole surge in technology to provide food and how our current system is very archaic. Test tube food is here to stay.

What struck me the most in this update was a question Adamus kept hammering at “Is it real?” Is that an “original tree” or a lab tree? I use to be a purist and think I would only choose natural vs synthetic but this update finally made me realize it’s ALL real AND it’s ALL illusion. We ARE the Creators of it all! This update shifted something in me that I’m still pondering about…

The other information that I found profound and new was about co creation which I don’t think has ever been covered to date. How we had this ability in the Order of the Arc and that we need to remember that again to remain on this classic planet. How to be sovereign but also respect and cooperate with others without personal compromise. Why we are here at this time. Whoah! Love this Adamus!

Yes indeed it’s time for human and spiritual maturity on this planet. And with Shaumbra on the leading edge of consciousness, why we are here. Let’s bring it! Along with another order of fries with that meatless burger….

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 8/6/2018)
Best ProGnost ever.
Wow. I’m not sure why it’s called an update, for this might be the best ProGnost ever!

In the first two sessions Adamus gives the clearest picture yet of how Gaia is leaving, and of how humanity is taking over responsibility for Planet Earth. He talks about technologies that are already being developed for that, and about how those will be both wonderful and sometimes scary. I found it to be a very beautiful picture of the future on Earth, so long as there is consciousness to balance it. And that, of course, is our job.

Then there is the third session, the merabh, and it is worth far more than the small price of this Cloud Class. In the merabh Adamus brings it all together for us, starting with the Order of the Arc and how conscious creation began there and resulted in this playground we call our physical universe. He talks about how our “free energy body” (a.k.a. light body) is integrating with our biological body, and of how that changes how we relate with everything.

This class is short (under three hours) and inexpensive, and it left me feeling really good about where we are going!
Review by John / (Posted on 7/25/2018)
If you want to know what is going to happen on the planet, watch this update! Big changes ahead!
In this ProGnost update, Adamus continues with the issues he started to talk about in the ProGnost in January. And it is certainly not boring! He starts with the fact that Gaia is leaving. Already Tobias mentioned that, but it feels like it’s a long time ago, and not really anything to think so much about then. That has changed. I’m not sure if she is leaving faster than Tobias talked about, because the faster change of consciousness. But it is very clear, when you listen to Adamus, that the consequences of Gaia’s departure are enormous for humanity.
That is not a bad thing – according to Adamus. It is giving over the responsibility to humanity. Kind of the same as when a teenager leaves home. The parents withdraw, giving the responsibility to their son / daughter for their own lives. - So how are we going to handle it?
As Adamus has mentioned many times, technology follows consciousness. Meaning, we are going to use the technology to take care of the many issues on Earth right now. Some of the most important, cleaning up the water and the air. The seas and lakes are so important to keep a balance of Earth, and one of the first ways to clean it would be to send robots out to do it. And also, use technology to teach people in the places where they still throw their waste in the river - the same they use for drinking water etc. – to stop doing that. It is again a matter of consciousness.
To stop polluting the air. We need clear air to breathe, so factories have to cleanse their smoke and cars will more and more be using electricity.
The food supply is just as important. That means that producing food has to be much more efficient. He gives the example of fields being taking care of by robots, from planting the seeds to provide the right amount of water etc. Seeds that have been modified in laboratories to have a high amount of protein, vitamins etc.
He also mentioned, how trees, flowers, grass would be grown in laboratory tubes and then planted in the fields. The new is that they would replicate themselves in a few years (trees). So, we might ask the question, is this a “real” tree or one of the new ones? And he says, they are all real. They are all biological.
What I found the most interesting, is when he talked about the seventh kingdom. A new human species. Again, grown in a laboratory tube, maybe part robotic, part biology. Without all the diseases we know. Adamus says we need a new model. The one we have now is too old, not efficient. It’s probably right, but still a bit scarring. I come to think of some of the movies I have seen...
So again, as he says, you wonder why you chose to incarnate in this time of the machines to get to your realization? To provide consciousness to the planet in these intense times with so many changes taking place.
Adamus talks about a lot more than I have mentioned, and of course ending with a beautiful merabh. To me, listening to the 3 sessions, has been like part of me finding this is great, and another part not being so fond of it. But as Adamus also says, whether we like it or not, it is there! Some of it has already happened, and is now being refined, other things are sure to come!
So, if you choose to be updated about what is going on in the world and what to expect, watch this ProGnost ’18 update!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 7/18/2018)
Technology is closely connected to human consciousness. As Gaia is leaving responsibility for keeping balance on the Earth to the humans, more and more technology is infused into everything to make it possible for us to manage this.
Goodbye Gaia – ProGnost 2018 UPDATE
Is as breathtaking as ProGnost 2018.
As always in the beginning we are asked to breathe deeply and feel into the energy lying underneath the words expressed. The message is rather “simple” – It is about CHANGE. Gaia is leaving and what does this imply?
Adamus helps us to remember what it`s all about. He invents the term TechGREEN: Technology, Gaia, the Realms, Energy, Earth (terra) and Nature.
Technology is closely connected to human consciousness. As Gaia is leaving responsibility for keeping balance on the Earth to the humans, more and more technology is infused into everything to make it possible for us to manage this. What we as humans find natural, being “real” life is changing. Robots, drones. New kinds of food are invented (in this now moment); a burger from the laboratory, tasty and delicious. New crops (GMO). New species: Organisms that can exist without air, water and food; “living” just by light-energy, not that from the sun; but a kind of crystalline energy from the source … Humans will be able to do this, also, within the next decades.
Does this sound scary or exhilarating? Well, that`s a choice, your choice …
After having listened to these 3 sessions, I had a day where I felt dizzy and not very aware. I chose to relisten to part 2 in order to feel really into, what is happening. Session 3 contains a merabh, where Adamus takes us back to the gathering at the Order of the Arc; among other things we get the opportunity to choose (again) to create, be the creator and live within our own creation; in short, take full responsibility for ourselves and our lives …
I fully enjoyed this creation; am still digesting and encourage you to listen to it for inspiration/infusion.
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 7/17/2018)
Adamus compacts so much into this approximately 3 hour Prognost 2018 Uupdate; a brilliant experience of coalescence of expanding technology and Realization, within pandelution! He begins by simply observing and reminding us that we are going through the most remarkable changes in the history of all creation!

“In simplicity”, Adamus states, “it’s time for humanity to bring in and manage their own energy, their own Self.” And it’s beginning with those of us who are allowing~~

The first two sessions were about understanding, in a very palpable way, the various individual elements, as well as the “big picture” of how and why Gaia is leaving as technology expands, and where we’re going as a species. It never felt too scientific or technical; always in the dance of Creator exploring our own Creation!

In the Update, Adamus reviews TechGRIN from the January Prognost 2018, and then adds and explains what he callsTechGREEN (Gaia, Realms, Earth, Energy, Nature).

He talked about the seventh kingdom, cleaning up the air and water that keep Earth balanced, new food sources, new species, and Gaia as anti-gravity.

I felt such a sweet integration of sensing and feeling what he was talking about. He mentioned several times that he had already been here and seen what’s happening now, via pandelution, and also that we can perceive all of this as going from “end to beginning”.

Going back to the Order of the Arc now becomes more expanded and grander, after having experience Master’s Life 7, I Am Creation. In the merabh, Adamus invites us to go beyond “times” of past, present and future to feel that this Creation of life on Earth is all happening now. This was my grandest experience of timelessness which I’d been trying so hard to understand. Ha, nothing to understand…..simply…. Realization is timeless.

In the whole update and especially the merahb, I was “remembering” clearly that we, with Gaia, planted the crystalline energies in and around Earth for us to use. And just like forgetting who we really are, we also forgot about the available energies. And now we’re tapping into a whole new life force energy and allowing energies to serve us.

What a beautiful experience of feeling timelessness, sovereignty, and a new Free Energy Body, now replacing the anayatron.

Prognost 2018 Update is a sweet invitation to honor Gaia and to honor Self! It’s a view of the potentials that face humanity as Gaia leaves, with awareness of the potential that can be chosen, in this transition, to become sovereign responsible beings, willing to take care of our Earth, our Creation.

Dear Adamus brings great clarity in reminding us that Gaia can step out now, only because we’re stepping in…... into our Realization, our sovereignty. And that new consciousness is about Light coming through clear crystal energy designs, starting with those who are allowing the energies to serve them.

The Merabh in session 3 opened up a grand experience of feeling the timelessness of our journey. As we stand together in the Order of the Arc, we know this gathering of the 144,000 families is happening now, and now is happening as we stand in the Order of the Arc and say….again.... without agenda or plan…. “Let’s Create”.
Review by Patti / (Posted on 7/13/2018)
Wow and Beautiful!
First, it might seem that three Sessions in this Presentation are not much and then comes Adamus and does fill it and it feels like you´re experiencing all times together at once. You really become very expanded. Very well explained here is what´s ahead as well as what has been going on and still is since the beginning of Creation and how this Universe and our Earth came to be. Very common in the beginning and then it is getting very personal. Becoming sovereign ourselves in our free energy body as well as bringing that potential to this Earth is why we´re here. These coming decades are going to undergo much change and these are not to fear. It´s needed and I am very thankful and in honor of myself that I choose to stay here during these amazing times of the TechGrin and TechGreen (the Time of the Machines).
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 7/6/2018)