Goodbye Gaia – ProGnost 2018 UPDATE

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Goodbye Gaia
ProGnost 2018 UPDATE

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Gaia. She has brought life and balance to Planet Earth for eons of time, helping to create this beautiful place of experience on behalf of the Order of the Arc in an epic act of co-creation. Now, she’s leaving, because humans are ready to take responsibility for Earth. In ProGnost 2018 Adamus talks about TechGRIN (Genology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology), and in this Update he discusses TechGREEN – Gaia, the Realms, Energy, Earth (terra), and Nature. As everything changes in this Time of Machines, it becomes more important than ever to expand our own consciousness and allow the Free Energy body (light body) to integrate with our biology.

TechGREEN: GAIA is a souled being, a living entity who has served as a conduit between the light of creation and this planet. She provides the balance of “antigravity,” without which Earth could not exist. The REALMS on the planet include the plant, animal, water and air realms, among others, all supported by Gaia. They will change with her departure. EARTH or terra refers to the dirt, the great rock that has been brought to life by Gaia’s infusion of crystalline energies. The ENERGY that supports life on Earth isn’t actually from the sun; there is another form of energy, and it’s important that humans begin to understand this. NATURE is the life and experience of the planet, analogous to the “human/experience” in our own trinity of being.

The departure of Gaia, which will take place over the next couple of centuries, has profound implications for life on Earth. Some of the vital areas that will be affected include cleaning up the planet, food production, the development of new species, nature, and water itself. It is time for humanity to create a “social” planet, to co-create and collaborate as we did – and are still doing – in the Order of the Arc.

Adamus compares the process that Earth is going through to our own process of Realization. In the final session he leads a beautiful merabh, revisiting the grand gathering of the Order of the Arc, feeling the choice for true creation and the arrival of Gaia to the planet. Then it gets personal as he compares this to the body’s own communication network, the anayatron, dissolving away and being replaced by the Free Energy or light body. It is all happening together, and it’s why we are here.

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, June 2018

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Wow and Beautiful!
First, it might seem that three Sessions in this Presentation are not much and then comes Adamus and does fill it and it feels like you´re experiencing all times together at once. You really become very expanded. Very well explained here is what´s ahead as well as what has been going on and still is since the beginning of Creation and how this Universe and our Earth came to be. Very common in the beginning and then it is getting very personal. Becoming sovereign ourselves in our free energy body as well as bringing that potential to this Earth is why we´re here. These coming decades are going to undergo much change and these are not to fear. It´s needed and I am very thankful and in honor of myself that I choose to stay here during these amazing times of the TechGrin and TechGreen (the Time of the Machines).
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 7/6/2018)