Grace Merabh

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In this deep merabh experience, accompanied by the beautiful music of Yoham, the Beloved St. Germain guides the listener into the Sanctum of Grace. Here, in this sanctum, one can feel the grandeur, beauty, the flow, and the stillness. It is a place for the Master to truly realize their mastery, to accept and allow all energies.

St. Germain also talks about energy, where it came from and how it works. He says that energy was created by you simply as a tool for your experience. It has no bias or agenda; it simply supports your choices.

In this Sanctum of Grace, we are reminded that, “When you allow yourself to be the Master, the energies will serve you.”

• This merabh is very beneficial if you feel you have been blocking energies in your life because of feelings of unworthiness, or feelings that you have to work hard in order to get what you want.

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Text transcript (PDF)

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