Grand Canyon Journey

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Grand Canyon Journey
June 12, 2013

In this very special message given at the Shrine of the Ages near the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Adamus speaks about the unique energies of the Canyon, and how its “interdimensional energy highway” connects with patterns of sacred geometry, ancient Egypt, our angelic families, and the 21st crystal cave that is in the area.

Adamus also talks at length about his principal topic – embodied enlightenment – and the importance of being in the Now moment, where there is no worry, no planning and no questions. He states that “In enlightenment, it’s a constant Now moment. There is no past. There doesn’t need to be a future. It’s a constant Now moment.”

Then, after speaking more about the energy attributes of the Grand Canyon, as well as the actual origins of energy (consciousness distilled by passion), Adamus leads two interdimensional journeys, assisted by the inspired drumming of Amir Yakobi (of Yoham). The audience first feels the energies that are present, then journeys into one of the literal tunnels that connects the Grand Canyon with the Giza Plateau in Egypt, experiencing the interdimensional attributes that make such travel possible.

Whether you have visited the Grand Canyon or not, Grand Canyon Journey is an amazing experience of insight, opening and awareness.

Grand Canyon Journey includes:
MP3 audio recording (1:23:23)
PDF text transcript

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