Grand Canyon Journey

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 •  The Now moment is awareness without past or future
 •  The Grand Canyon is an interdimensional crossroads
 •  Chaos = movements, shifts, changes and clearing
 •  Energy came from the passion of consciousness
 •  There is a direct link between Egypt and the Grand Canyon
 •  An experience of energy, space and interdimensional travel


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Grand Canyon Journey
Traveling through Time and Space

Grand Canyon National Park is a unique and ancient combination of color, forms and energy that can overwhelm the senses. Adamus said this incredible place is literally a chaotic interdimensional crossroads where ancient and modern energy flows converge in the Now moment. He particularly spoke of a very distinct energetic link to Egypt and the proximity of one of Earth’s 21 crystal caves, as well as connections with Atlantis. It is while sensing beyond the incredible landscape and into our own expanded perceptions that the true journey reveals itself, and we begin to discover the dance of consciousness and energy. 

In addition to his insightful description of both the energy of the canyon and the origin of energy itself, Adamus’ principal topic is embodied enlightenment and the importance of being in the Now moment, where there is no worry, no planning and no mental questioning. After opening remarks and background information, Adamus leads us on two interdimensional journeys, assisted by the inspired drumming of Amir Yakobi. First, the audience feels deeply into the energies that flow through the canyon, then journeys into one of the actual tunnels that connects the Grand Canyon with the Giza Plateau in Egypt, experiencing the interdimensional attributes that make such travel possible. 

Whether or not you have experienced the Grand Canyon in person, this message is a remarkable experience of insight, expansion, awareness and even multidimensional travel. 

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Length: 1:23:24 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf) 

Cost: $20 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Linda Hoppe and Amir Yakobi 

Recorded at the Shrine of the Ages, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, June 2013 

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