"I Am a Creator" Certificate


  • Acknowledge yourself as a true creator
  • No more karma, blame or excuses 
  • It’s you, granting sovereignty to yourself
  • No one can create your life but you
  • No more victim or power games
  • Are you ready?

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“I Am a Creator” Certificate
User Accepts All Responsibility

Just a few weeks before Tobias’s final farewell message, he asked for a certificate to be made for those ready to acknowledge themselves as true creators. It would be signed by him, and later Adamus, in honor and commemoration of your journey into sovereignty. By downloading and signing this certificate, you are acknowledging that you’re ready; that there are no more excuses, blame or karma preventing you from creating your own life and reality. It is with Allow yourself to feel the recognition from the Crimson Council when you make this declaration, for it is not to be taken lightly. 

From Tobias’ message on May 2, 2009:

I would like there to be an “I Am a Creator” certificate for each of you to sign when you really, really know – not when you think, but when you know – you are a creator. When you know there are no more excuses. There’s no more blame. There’s no more past life. There’s no more karma. There’s no blaming it on aspects or your mother or anybody else. When you’re ready – much like when Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, but this is you in your signature – [to know] that you are a creator. No other can create your life for you. Only you. 

It’s yours, you have to sign it before it takes effect. You have to sign that certificate, “I Am creator of all things in my life. No excuses. No more victim.” 

By the way, Saint-Germain says you will have to sign that before he will go forward with you. It’s part of his fine print. He wants you to sign that, and he’s going to remind you of it. 

This certificate will signify the conscious choice to take full responsibility for everything in your life. The free PDF download file will have Adamus' name imprinted on it and a place for you to add your name and sign it as well. It can be printed on either Letter or A4 size paper. 

Format: Downloadable pdf 

Cost: $00 

Initiated on May 2, 2009

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