I Am Abundance

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  •  Abundance is a state of being
  •  Now is the time to get over your hang-ups about it
  •  Abundance is the ability to receive from your I Am
  •  Suffering has been a huge block; are you done yet?
  •  It’s all your energy, serving you in the Now
  •  “Abundance is a natural state, let’s get on with it”


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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Abundance

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In order to be a true embodied Master on Earth, one must understand that everything is your energy and it is all serving you. While most humans carry internal patterns that limit their experiences, those on the spiritual path to Realization often have additional blocks to abundance. These can range from vows of poverty in other lifetimes to ancestral family patterns; issues of self-worth and suffering to irritation and envy about others who “have it.” However, not a single one of these issues can be brought into mastery and Realization. Abundance is simply about receiving the natural giving-ness of the I Am, including wealth, health, love and every other good thing.

In I Am Abundance Adamus declares that it’s time for Shaumbra to get over their abundance issues once and for all. It is a natural state, but along the way suffering, or “doing without” came into consciousness, and has been especially popular since the time of Yeshua (Jesus). But now, rather than barely getting by on a trickle of energy from the I Am, it’s time to allow bountiful, overflowing blessings in every part of your life, including health, wealth, love and more. Abundance is a state of being, and you can go beyond time and actually allow it in your Now moment.

Adamus asks, “Can you imagine a planet where everyone allows their abundance?” It would mean an end to crime, depression, wars and suffering. And it begins with a sovereign being who says, “It’s all my energy and I’m letting it serve me.” If you’re ready for natural, flowing abundance in your life, this Master’s Pause can start the shift in consciousness, and be the beginning of an abundant life.

Note: I Am Abundance includes a special bonus audio file with a few words from Adamus plus the full music track.

Length: 1:10:18 (Bonus track 44:32)

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), video (mp4) and text (pdf)

Cost: $25 through October 28, 2020, $33 thereafter

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, Louisville, Colorado, July 2020

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wisdom and joy
. no words...I had a few tears ... AND a deep...deep feelings.. it so intimate...
Review by Yuliya / (Posted on 11/19/2020)
The Natural State of Abundance
. No need to try and figure out where Adamus is on the issue of abundance. Not only has he been talking about it for years, he now addresses it once and for all in this Master’s Pause - I Am Abundance. To someone not familiar with the topic, it might seem that this just about money. Money is indeed part of it, but abundance really has to do with your energy and how much you are willing to receive. This Master’s Pause beautifully explains all of that.

Years ago I had some issues with abundance because I held onto some old beliefs about worth and how it was tied into a paycheck. Because I chose to stay at home and raise my four children, I didn’t fully use my university degree or have a long career in the workforce, which is what I thought I wanted. It wasn’t until years later (with the support of my loving partner) that I finally understood all that I had contributed. Along with some financial resources, I brought into my partnership an abundance of love, wisdom and compassion, and I came to value all of that above money.

I’ve always paid attention to when Adamus talks about things going out of vocabulary. You can only discuss things so many times, then it’s time to go beyond concept into integration and experience. It then becomes such an integral part of you that it’s no longer even a concept. Abundance is a perfect example of allowing yourself to be in abundance as a state of being, a state of consciousness. It’s more than being abundant, you are abundance itself. How would that feel - to have abundance be so much a part of you that it’s no longer even in your vocabulary?!

And how can we not be abundant? All energy is ours, and in our energy is eternal abundance. We have limited it and now it’s time to receive the natural blessings of your own energy, and to let it serve you. This Master’s Pause gives each of us the opportunity to let go of old programming, suffering and limitations that keep us from fully receiving from the I AM. As Adamus explains, every shoud, workshop and event has led us to this point. The question we all must ask ourselves is if we are ready to truly receive.

The beautiful merabh at the end is an invitation to shift into that natural state of abundance. This Master’s Pause supports that choice to release limitation and fully receive from our I AM which is key for anyone choosing to go forward into their Realization. I highly recommend this experience.

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 8/11/2020)
The Final CC Abundance Class
. Done. C’est fini. No more. My “money” is on that this will be the final and hopefully last words from Adamus on “abundance” to Shaumbra! How many ways can he say it and get through to us in the past 11 years? “Our biggest challenge” for Shaumbra as he says, is our abundance issues and it is time to get over it!

When Adamus announced this topic in the recent ProGnost 2020 Update, I guess I was expecting more tips and techniques. But nope. Really as Adamus says, this Master’s Pause is really a summation of years of discussions and nothing really new… but stuff we know is time to embody.

I know it takes 5.2 years and while simple in theory, tougher to integrate that everything, everything is our own energy and it is here to serve us. AND it’s all there already! That’s the bottom line. No excuses. No victims. Everything is there when we allow it… That’s true Realization and living as an embodied Master if you want to be part of the 1,000 allowing it this summer. If you still suffer and live in lack, it’s not going to happen. As Adamus says, “There are not a lot of things that can be said anymore for those of you who continue to resist and to resent and really to hold back on your own energy.”

This has certainly been my experience looking back, and despite the fears and doubts, realizing how abundant my life currently is! I find it amusing that Adamus has us project out to our abundant 2028 when recently I’ve been reflecting “back” 8 years ago to 2012! That’s when I first started to truly allow energy to serve me stepping into the so called “unknown”… I remember using the last of my credit to attend the advanced SES workshop in Kauai KNOWING I needed to be there. I came home to easily and effortlessly selling my home and then allowing these last 8 years to be filled with travel and all sorts of “gifts” including free lakeshore house sits, a new home, classes in exotic locales/spas and a lot of joyful experiences! (AND shoes of course!) Stuff keeps showing up in the moment and even the government is serving me now with an extra supplement I didn’t expect. And while I didn’t invest in Bitcoin back then dammit at $10 a coin, abundance is NOT about our current bank account! I get this now.

“Abundance is the ability to receive” and my biggest takeaway from this Master’s Pause is the real meaning of “forgiveness” … My I AM is always “For giving.” Always giving me all the energy and joy, I can allow myself to receive. And even more important, forgiving me for any guilt, shame and self-judgements I may carry. Whew that’s the bigee! Can I receive the forgiveness for what I thought I did wrong even with other fingers pointing? This is a grand prelude/refresher for the upcoming Threshold online class!

Those going forward with Crimson Circle in this summer of Realization will be those of us who have allowed this For-giveness of the I Am into our lives. You can’t go forward in lack or guilt. This will be the true new “gold” standard that others will follow…

Allow giving the gift of this Master’s Pause to yourself. (And sign up for Threshold while you’re at it!) No excuses unless you want to play the game of lack a little longer. You ARE abundant and to quote Adamus “Let’s get on with it”!
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 8/9/2020)
. Wow this is NO JOKE!! Purely effortless, relaxing, deep and profound.. Go all in theres truly nothing to lose and everything to gain, I still haven’t come to terms with everything that’s come from this but trust it’s priceless!!!!
Review by Mary / (Posted on 8/7/2020)
In this Master`s Pause Adamus shows a way to bypass the obstacles you set up for you on your way to an abundant life and your Realization. I went through this Master`s Pause twice and may listen to it again, because the message is so clear, firm and lovi

It is in fact very simple to be abundant, but I and many others with me have struggled with this through decades.
Adamus explains that many of us have had lifetimes, this included, where religious beliefs (among other things) have made abundance and being spiritual not compatible; suffering was OK, because then you did not take anything from others (you think
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 8/7/2020)
Now is the time!!
. Master’s Pause I AM Abundance is possibly the shortest of the series and yet layered and deep and crystal clear.
The invitations throughout the channel are various iterations of releasing suffering and lack, receiving the giving of I Am.
Toward the end, Adamus says: “….it’s so easy—maybe we shouldn’t tell anyone else. I’m not worried about that, because they’re never going to believe it.” Don’t you love Adamus challenges?
I AM Abundance, like the world we’re living in right now, is about convergence. All the shouds, channels, workshops. It’s all come to allowing abundance, allowing your energy to serve you..
And the simplicity is astounding.
I Am is forgiving and for giving.
Abundance is our natural state of being. Abundance is an attitude, not just how much money I have.
My personal experience was in clearly recalling and reliving an experience from around 2008, listening to something from Kuthumi and seeing a clear vision of what I now recognize as “the woman of abundance” exiting the limited painting of my life via the Fruit of the Rose. I knew her to be in grand abundance…...lots of kids to play with; beauty all around in art & music & colors & creativity; beautiful flowing clothes and radiant jewelry, vitality, and passion & joy, all in Ease & Grace.
I AM Abundance is the experience of Adamus’s passionate invitation to cross the “line in the sand”, allowing this phenomenal time to be your “marker” of walking out of lack and suffering. I realized the way out of my painting was to simply walk out, allowing my natural state of being……..grand abundance!!
The merabh is profound. As always, Adamus has embedded the music with special energies and magical imaginings of what we’ll be experiencing in the next few years, having allowed abundance, all energies in service. Isn’t this what we’re here to Realize?
I AM Abundance is the line in the sand, the marker, the convergence of all we’ve experienced, the core, the opening to going forward with Adamus.
Adamus has been saying that around 1,000 will allow this by the end of this summer of realization.
Step into your experience of I AM Abundance.
Allow the ultimate gift to Self, as well as to the awakening planet and to dearest Adamus.
Imagining 2,000+!!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 8/5/2020)
Receive ForGiving
. I really thought I heard it all about abundance now, but it is not about new information, it is about allowing another brilliantly customized serving of awareness and energy to trigger the next/final release in us. For me this time, "End the suffering! Just receive" was on fire, not the first time, but different. Receive ForGiveness from the core of the core of our being, the I AM:
"The End" of the realusion of suffering, natural awareness of abundance surfaces in the space that suffering cleared out.
I have worked to end suffering, mine and others', fought for it, died for it over and over. When nothing worked, I probably prayed for it. Suffering still here, kind of like cartoon character Wile E. Coyote trying to wipe out Roadrunner. Meep, meep:)
Just Receive now! End the Suffering!
No sweeter words, one would think, specifically directed at the veteran group that has been through the traumatic experience in the Temples of Tien, The Tien-ites, that have purposely deprived themselves of joy and energy ever since to somehow repair a guilt and a shame that ran deeper than death. Adamus has enormous compassion with that group, while also insisting it is time to STOP Starving in the Midst of Plenty NOW!

There is something about this summer in time, where intense opportunity meets intense opportunity: Realize I AM that I AM more readily than ever, and serve the planet as a master at a most crucial juncture for humanity. There is no need for the realized being to add "and I am abundant", any more than there is a need for the human to point out that they breathe. It comes with the physics! JUST RECEIVE the natural expression of the passion of your soul; once acknowledged it literally energizes everything a soul in human form desires without effort, without limits.
Everything a human tries without that acknowledgment will run in narrow circles, also known as hamster wheel. There is no testing the waters either: allowing in our immeasurable energy without being safely anchored in the awareness of our core, I AM I Exist, is simply dangerous and at the very least a painful experience because energy copies what it finds. I must have tried that, it would explain things...
That is why we listen and re-listen to Adamus' patient and increasingly unrelenting guidance, that brings us back to the core of our being, the one and only safe launch point for that off the charts event of realizing All energy is ours, and it is Here to serve us. Nothing to make, accomplish, or obtain, Just Receive!
On a silver platter, in a softer, more nurturing tone this time than I remember from Prognost 2020 update, but just as clear that this is a line in the sand: you cross it now to join Adamus' true passion for working with abundant Shaumbra and the creator potential they can express on earth, or you step aside and watch from the sidelines. He has been patient, it is time for us to step up (https://store.crimsoncircle.com/i-am-abundance.html).

I cry more than usual, which is progress from trying to figure it out. Mostly tears of relief, true despair is no longer possible.
My "facts" are falling apart, but in free fall I have noticed that I can choose where to land. Linear time never enough? Go circular! Perceived hardship? Open, expand, keep breathing, my parade is in motion rain or shine.
Where was all that excitement when I was 20 years old, chomping at the bit for Je ne sais quoi? Just go back, be 20 again, or better yet, tap into your much more interesting future realized self, say from 2028, and with that confidence, ease into more fascinating stories of how you got there.
We know enough to enjoy ourselves!

What if all that rising and falling was not failure to reach eternal cruising altitude, but simply the ability of the Merlin to go out in rough weather without ever leaving home?
There is a gift of energy set to music at the end of this Master's Pause,
44min (!) 34 seconds, the "missing" 10 seconds are where we take flight!

Siglinde Schwenzl, member of CC review team 

Review by Sig / (Posted on 8/4/2020)
I finally get it!
. All I can say after watching "I am abundance" is; I finally really get it! Thank you
Review by Lotte / (Posted on 7/31/2020)
A real joy
. Just beautiful. From the first Shoud I dreamed the day we could gather without words. I listened to the Clinic and crystal cavewalk many many times and did not get beyond flatline. Whatever happens this is a real joy. Mine is only 44 minutes though.
Review by Sha ki Rah / (Posted on 7/28/2020)