I Am Beauty

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  • Beauty is its own wisdom
  • It changes how energy comes to you
  • Beauty is an experience, not a value judgment
  • Gift yourself with the sense of Beauty
  • Beauty is in everything
  • It’s your energy, how could it be anything but beautiful?


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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Beauty

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A sense is a way of perceiving reality and yourself. Of all the angelic senses, Beauty is one of the most exquisite perceptions. Beauty is pure, its wisdom immediately accessible, and can be found everywhere in everything. While the non-physical realms have great etheric beauty, angels come here to experience the gritty, compressed Beauty that can only be found in the density of Earth. Being in the sense of Beauty changes how energy comes to you, allowing it to bring experiences of beauty rather than being diminished by logic and judgment. It even affects your body, literally changing the way you look.

Adamus says there are more than 200,000 angelic senses, most of which have been forgotten in this condensed and focused human reality. However, perceiving the beauty that is literally everywhere and in everything changes your experience on Earth. It reshapes how energy comes into your life, it becomes a true experience, and then magic happens.

Beauty, a combination of compassion, gratitude and acceptance, is its own wisdom. Every perception of Beauty goes straight to your soul and you can find beauty in anything. Beauty is realizing the magnificence of creation and being fully in it without judging or limiting.

Length: 1:09:13 (bonus music track 48:07)

Format: Downloadable video (mp4), audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $25 (though July 27, 2021; $33 thereafter)

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded at Villa Ahmyo in Kona, Hawaii, March 2021

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Freakin DEEP
I was truly surprised by the depth of this masters pause. It intentionally and lovingly touched deep wounds within me regarding body image. Those who've experienced self-judgment and perceiving their bodies as not beautiful enough WILL benefit from this pause. Lastly, Adamus expanded my perception of beauty. Basically, beauty is acceptance and gratitude for all experiences. This reminds me of Tobias's invitation to bless all experiences, and thus set yourself free.
Thank you!
Review by Flo / (Posted on 9/1/2021)
Simply Beautiful
There is beauty in everything. In nature. In human life. In hard places and in beautiful
ones. In easy Ahmyo days and in those chaotic moments of change and challenge.
There’s even beauty in Makyo. Accepting every moment in gratitude and compassion –
this is beauty.
Accepting that the energy is all yours. Adamus tells us:
“Beauty is the awareness of the awareness.
Realization of all of your energy and all its designs.”

How to describe something that goes beyond words? All my life I was collecting
moments of beauty. Memories. Photographs. Those are my favorite memories.  A
beautiful sunset, a smiling child, walk with my dog, moments like that can balance a day
of stress. And when I’m stressed or overwhelmed, I don’t see beauty. When my flow is
harmonious and masterful, I see beauty in everything. 
Beauty is an angelic sense and Adamus introduced those senses to us a while back.
This time he tells us, that it is both the way to perceive and an experience. We can try to
describe a sunset. We can give information about it – data - exact time, position, etc. Or
we can experience the beauty of the experience that goes beyond words. Yes, it’s good
to know what time it will happen so we can be there for the experience. Sense of beauty
comes once we realize that energy is serving us in every moment, and we allow
ourselves to seek beauty in all of our energy designs. Even in relationships that are not
working or chaotic days when everything is shifting and body hurts.
I am beauty is … well it is beautiful. Adamus challenges us to see beauty in everything
we encounter. Beauty doesn’t need a lot of wisdomizing. Goes straight to the soul.
Beauty is my favorite. It’s the feeling. It’s a sense. And it is a way of perceiving reality.
And beauty can be found everywhere. It is the deepest acceptance of all things as they
are. Every day I choose to see and remember beauty.

And - Thank you for the music track – it is beautiful.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 8/13/2021)
Interesting title, but I found the content to be fascinating.
The experience starts to unfold immediately, as you allow, and the presentation and the merabh that is included brings about new levels of experiencing beauty in your life and getting into seeing life as beautiful.
On a personal level, it has the potential of answering some questions, bringing back home to you some things, as it was in my experience about some past experiences that looked unaswered, just I had to had some patience. I am fascinating by all the levels that Adamus goes through, meaning all the levels, with some examples for the human level, and also on the angelic levels about beauty and using it as a sense and the fact that it is a very good potential for us to use it on day to day experience level, once we allow it.
I can say I was deeply touched by the simple statement that this is the reason to just wake up another day, the reason to be here, and seeing in my life how true that becomes, well, after some contemplation on how it would be life without any beauty, as you can imagine. For sure, it is time to have something that, at least, you like in your life to go on this path into your own Realization, so beauty sense is one that will bring some light and ease just by allowing it.
After the deep and vast explanations from Adamus, getting into feeling it and open to this angelic sense is one of the best experiences that comes to ease our way after some deep releases and getting into the some feeling of void. I just look at some design that professor Adamus is implementing in this order of Master’s Pause and it works beautifully and I just like it.
I liked the idea that allowing this sense means getting beyond the mind, and it is very well explained also, and the potentials that come after allowing it are related to some better relationship with your own energy and being in synchronicity with our own energy, as I imagine that we all just want to see it in our human reality, Also, I can say I was kind of impressed on the fact that beyond, in other realms, you can shine this beauty, as we come to do it on Earth, and seems a really fascinating topic also in the mind or the brain, but it’s just about allowing it and experience it.
For this topic, having it filmed in Kona I do find it very appropriate and I do thank to Geoffrey, Linda, and the CC Staff for such a beautiful visuals, music and the resonance with the subject, also Adamus and his helpers for such a deep experience that comes with this sacred information just for us.
Perhaps I cannot thank enough, but I do recommend this material for some real experiences that are immediate, in most allowing cases.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 5/27/2021)
The Beauty Way
I AM Beauty
The Beauty Way, according to the Navajo native american tribe,  is "to be aware and attuned to the essence of Beauty", not to particular forms or superficial aesthetics.

This is another Master's Pause in a series that addresses values that are easy to identify with, like Joy, Truth, Comfort, Free(dom), now the sense of Beauty, as we open beyond our physical 5 senses to the 200.000 some angelic senses that are available to us to expand into for a complete experience of life on earth.
"Beauty is one of the most exquisite and Beauty allows perhaps the deepest experience of any", per Adamus.
I dare say I have been in pursuit of beauty all my life, working in theater for a decade, living in unlikely places just coz they are beautiful, and working at beauty to somehow manifest in my day to day work, which took some expanding. Yet, it always seemed elusive, one of two things that could happen. Not so, it turns out, beauty is everywhere , in everything, if we have the sense to feel it!

Senses are a way to perceive "Reality", ultimately ourselves. Remembering I AM THAT I AM had to trigger not only access to the angelic senses, but the imperative release of our ability to perceive negativity, ugliness, any form of "duality" as anything but an optional focus. I can't be GOD ALSO and entertain the option to identify with duality. Experience it, yes, but not identify with it. So if something 'ugly" seems to find its way into my day, I am now held to expand the perception until it, too, is some kind of beautiful.
That is what sets a true traveller apart from an accidental tourist: a tourist will constantly compare and often complain about things being different and less convenient in a new place, whereas a traveller is curious, deliberately setting out to experience something different, challenging their immediate perceptions and reactions, feeling into energies below the surface, assured in the knowing they can return to the custom-comforts of their home anytime.
Home in our case being the knowing, the wisdom, "the nectar of our soul".

Adamus insists "there is nothing like it" anywhere in creation, that could compare to the specific beauty that can be experienced in physical body on earth. Extreme compression not a predicament, but necessary to make it "tangible, corporal, real, essential, deep and gritty!"
In other words, any angel can wallow in ethereal, celestial, beauty, but it takes a gritty angel to know and then allow themselves to feel and embody the beauty in Everything in heaven and on earth, just because it happens to have been created and experienced by a sovereign being.

I won't lie, it is a stretch for me, and I am somewhat exhausted at this point, while also realizing the exhaustion comes in large part from my resistance, my arguing with the beauty of a dense schedule and software by and for robots that I am needing to comply with, the beauty of erratic traffic, the beauty of human feeding frenzies or sheer lack of consideration.
I came to a sudden, unplanned stop the other day, into a dead end street literally yelling at my energies to at least "mix it up a little bit!!!", and then they do, and I am good to go again. Commanding my energies feels like raising teenagers sometimes...

Even a decent mix of magic and density can be a challenge, like coming back from a truly magical experience - in a "timely fashion". I thought I had, until I tried to function. Or simply remembering to take care of my self, should the day-to-day mix be unbalanced to the unpleasant: choose music over news, listening to a channel or merabh and truly showing up for a shift in consciousness, choosing a walk over the couch, the direct energy of the beach and the ocean, that I have gone through so much trouble to be close to instead of just looking at it through the window. Even just one well timed deep breath can bring the needed shift.

I used to think I am plain too tired to be all expanded and creative at the end of the day. Then I realized the only tiresome element is - yet again - resistance to connect to my knowing. A bit of shame involved, how I got to the weary place again, THAT has to go. It is not supposed to be pretty all the time, and there is no one left to prove myself to. All that matters is how I feel, and that is a choice 24/7, and I am still getting used to that freedom.

"You have to know the highs before you can taste the lows", is a line in a song that jumped out at me.
And while Adamus keeps telling us "just allow", do nothing, just know ... he acknowledges in the first few minutes that the beauty of life can be "diluted, washed away, or beaten away" and he does offer the resources to reconnect with the highs, at a passionate pace!
I AM Beauty may surprise you with the impact it can have on your life, with music downloads to allow the energies to seep in deeply, past the mind, to engulf and nurture our knowingness until it becomes a way of life, again.
Expressed simply, how else, in the famous "prayer" of the Navajo Tribe:

"In Beauty I walk"
With beauty before me I walk
With beauty behind me I walk
With beauty above me I walk
With beauty around me I walk
It has become beauty again
It has become beauty again
It has become beauty again
It has become beauty again

Siglinde Schwenzl,
member of CC review team

Review by Sig / (Posted on 5/24/2021)
Best Beauty Secret Ever!
Like the recent Master’s Pause, I AM Comfort, this latest release I AM Beauty is not what you think! I found myself strangely resistant to listening to it, feeling it to be more of “Adamus Lite” like the recent “I Am Happy Shoud”. Let’s skip together through the meadow! Where’s the muck and mire Adamus?

Well as usual, there are layers and depths to this Master’s Pause beyond the initial words! Beauty is definitely not what you “think” and our human logic and mind limit the true experience of beauty! We’ve been told before it’s one of the most exquisite angelic senses out of 200,000 and really only experienced in depth here on earth.

It’s easy to feel and sense the beauty of nature for most of us, especially right now where it’s spring here. Fragrant lilacs blooming, verdant green hills, warmer sunlit days with local wine and cheese on the terrace…. Beauty everywhere!

But according to Adamus beauty IS everywhere and IS in everything! “There’s beauty because it’s your energy. It’s you. How could it be anything but beauty”? Damn you Adamus. You got me! Traffic, noise, garbage??? Beauty IS gritty too!

So, taking a deep breath, he invites us to feel into the essence and become “aware of the awareness” which is beauty. Mmm… I have to admit after listening, taking in the recycling yesterday was a more sensual experience than usual. All those beautiful wine bottles and smells and sticky surfaces. Not icky but beautiful in a sensual way! Beautiful energy exchanges too for many who create income from it and save the landfill.

Taking the dogs for a walk in the park after, we came across a group of adults with “diversibilities”. In wheel chairs, limping, verbal, non verbal who were thoroughly enjoying life and loved the dogs I brought over to them to pet.There was true beauty in every one as I allowed compassion, gratitude and acceptance. No judgement.

And that’s the challenge for most of us. Releasing the notion of only “physical beauty” that we can blame again on Atlantis and the conformity of the body. Adamus says that’s why it’s tough to open to true beauty since physical beauty on a human level is very judgemental and critical and very much in duality. I remember once watching a CC channel with a friend who commented about a certain Shaumbra being very “ugly”. Shocked, I commented that I certainly didn’t since I knew this person and all about perception and they were a beautiful being. Being an aging beauty queen is hard when you start losing that and judge everyone by appearances only… We are more than our hair and number on the scale or latest fashion trend yet we still judge and feel judged based on it. (I highly recommend reading Naomi’s Wolf’s book “The Beauty Myth” to understand the silly female illusions.)

As Adamus shares, when we open up to real beauty, we project beauty and will illuminate radiant beauty! It will actually shine forth and WILL change our physical body. “I Am Beauty. I’m awareness. I’m in awe of my own energy designs. I’m aware awareness of this very sensual, corporal thing called beauty in my life.”

Woo hoo makes this $25 Master’s Pause the cheapest beauty secret you can have in your bathroom! Apply in liberal doses.

Thanks to the always radiant Adamus, Geoff, Linda and CC team for another beautiful creation!

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 5/20/2021)
The Beauty of Your Own Energy
. Have you ever watched or listened to something and unexpectedly something jumps out and catches your attention? Those are some of my favorite moments, and I had one with The Master’s Pause - I Am Beauty. The words weren’t new, but when Adamus Saint-Germain said that it was time to come back in touch with the beauty of life to be able to stay on the planet as an embodied Master, this time I went on a journey. I immediately felt back into my childhood and all the wonder I felt with the beauty around me.

As a child, I had a lot of freedom to wander and explore. I fell in love with the world around me, particularly the foothills close to my home. I became deeply connected with the grasses and wildflowers that grew on those hills, the grasshoppers that came in the spring, and the sky above. The beautiful song of the meadowlark captivated me, and remains one of the most beautiful nature sounds I’ve ever heard. I wasn’t simply observing my environment, I was immersing myself in the experiences of it.

It’s not difficult for most of us to find beauty in nature, but to then be able to find beauty in all things is challenging. Until you open up to it. I laughed right out loud when Adamus said we could find the beauty in the smelly trash cans in the alley. Nothing will convince me that he didn’t put that in just for me! I lived in the part of my city that had alleys, and I spent a lot of wandering about in them. Even those smelly old trash cans were a part of the environment that I loved. I will admit that as an adult I find them pretty disgusting, but after experiencing this Master’s Pause, I understand that there is indeed a beauty even to them.

I gave myself an opportunity to open up to the sense of Beauty in a couple of situations that have normally been challenging. Like many others, I’m quite sensitive to noise, so when I was enjoying a quiet afternoon on our back patio and the neighbor who lives behind us hopped on his riding mower, I started to get annoyed until I caught myself. I made a choice to perceive through the sense of Beauty, and it changed everything. His house sits on the remaining land of his family farm, and we built our house on land that had been part of that. I felt into the beauty of that farm and what had grown there. I felt into his desire to live on the land and to tend to his property. It was a remarkable shift. I had a similar experience when I was in a long line of traffic as I found the beauty of people on the move, and imagined into all the different places they were going.

But as lovely as these experiences were and will continue to be, the bottom line is that when we open back up to our natural sense of Beauty, we allow ourselves to sense our own energy and the beauty of it. And as Adamus says, it’s our energy singing to us. How could we not find the beauty in that?

Now as many are in their Mastery, and many others are opening up to theirs, imagine sitting on your park bench radiating the Beauty of your I Am. What might that feel like for you and for those around you?

The angelic sense of Beauty is a deep awareness, and this Master’s Pause gives you the opportunity to connect to it. It is a remarkable experience, and I Am Beauty is one of my favorites in The Master’s Pause series.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 5/14/2021)
Beauty is in the dance of my energy with my Self
. I Am Beauty is so much more than I anticipated. It touches on grand simplicity AND it encompasses everything about awareness itself and all of the angelic senses.
For me personally, it came at perfectly the right time to bring simplicity and clarity to some major life changes that I had allowed to appear quite complicated. Being too much is the mind, or as Adamus says, trying to apply logic, limits the perception of beauty.
I’m just going to note some of the things Adamus said that jumped out to and really resonated with me. Of course, each of us will resonate with different things, depending on where we are in our own creations and perceptions.
Our angelic senses are basically a way of perceiving both our reality and our Self.
Beauty, a sense, is a way of both perceiving and experiencing. Adamus notes that Beauty needs little wisdomizing. It’s already pretty much the sweet golden nectar that comes as wisdom!
Beauty is ethereal, in that it’s in all realms, especially in the Crystalline Realms where it encompasses both simplicity and the grandest of creativity.
Basically, Beauty is the communing of my energy to me. It’s there all the time. And this he mentions again at the end of the channel.
What really lit up for me is the simplicity that as I become more aware of the beauty around me, allowing it into my awareness, I, in turn, radiate more and more beauty to everyone around me!
For me, that is the biggest “ah-ha” because it takes out of the equation all of the human “trying” to figure out “how” to radiate. Simply be aware of the beauty around me!!
The most startling thing dear Adamus said was inviting us to imagine a world without beauty. That literally made me gasp trying to imagine that potential!
He gave examples of finding beauty in everything from traffic to sour apples!
In several places, he gave a simple definition of beauty as encompassing compassion, gratitude and acceptance. Ahhh……..pretty close to Self Love!!
I was touched most deeply by Adamus saying that when I can say, “I’m in awe of my own energy designs”, that that is when Beauty simply radiates out of me.
This whole awareness of energy being the Song of My Soul that Adamus has spoken about in many channels feels to me to be the essence of Mastery, Beingness, and Beauty.
The grandest gift to myself from I Am Beauty is feeling and knowing that Beauty radiates from me when I am in awareness of the Beauty of the configurations, the designs of my energy in its magical dance with my Self!
Heartfelt thanks to all of you who create and nurture Beauty here on earth, to the whole CC staff for the Beauty of their creations, and to Geoff, Linda, and Belle for creating the Beauty of Villa Ahmyo as a template of Grand Beauty!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 5/6/2021)
Allow your sense of beauty into your life
. This Master’s Pause is so soft, gentle and beautiful. I highly recommend it!
I have always appreciated beauty. Being in nature, looking at artwork, architecture, people, listening to music and, and, and. As Adamus says, it is everywhere around us. He even says that angelic beings, who have never been on Earth, choose to incarnate because of the “solid” beauty you find here. Beauty is of course also in the other realms but in a much more etheric way.
In this Master’s Pause, Adamus asks us to feel the beauty. Imagine being in nature, using all of our senses to experience beauty. Beauty doesn’t require a lot of wisdomizing, because it is so clear. He also says that beauty is a sense, an angelic sense. That means, it is a way of perceiving reality.
In a way, I know that. I have painted all my life, and very often been inspired by looking at flowers, trees, landscapes etc. Feeling I could dive into it. Flowers, for example, have such a beauty also when they are dying.
Another place where I deeply understood beauty was when I learned to give massage. Like so many others, I had certain ideas about how a beautiful body should look, and earlier on often seeing so many “faults” with my own body. But when you look at a body you are going to give a massage, you see the beauty in it. And touching it opens the feeling of it even more. I love Adamus’ definition of beauty as compassion, ease, and acceptance.
He goes on and says that even the tough situations, traumatic events in our lives can be perceived as beauty. That was a bit of a challenge, so I decided to test that out. I went to a situation when I was a teenager and had something of a confrontation with a member of my family. He wanted to beat me, and I could have fought back or simply left. But I didn’t, I just let him beat me. I was very angry after that.
In my inner work I later discovered that I felt it would have “broken” him somehow, if I didn’t accept it. But after listening to this Master’s Pause, the thought almost instantly came up, I owed him that! From an earlier lifetime, not anything specific, only that knowingness. We have had a lot of power games going on in this lifetime. I really noticed that after I took SES many years ago, but now it came to quite a new understanding. Not like there was a debt that I had to pay back, but that I created it myself. It all brought me to where I am now, owning my own energy. I even feel grateful for the experiences. There is beauty in them.
Adamus says it this way, seeing the beauty in everything in your life is recognizing it is all your own energy. So, thank you Adamus for sharing that Master’s Pause with all of us. And to Geoff, Linda, and the whole staff for their wonderful work.
Adding to the whole experience of this Master’s Pause, is the beautiful graphic. It is so sensual, so much inviting you to sense. And the music too. Allowing you to relax and let go.
This is truly a beautiful Master’s Pause.
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 5/4/2021)
There is Beauty in everything.
. What a Beauty…
Masters Pause Series, I am Beauty
I love this Master’s pause, because Adamus takes me out of the logic surrounding me in my daily life. It was a good reminder of how I still judge things, still focusing on logic instead of allowing myself to feel into how life is.
It is so easy to get into logic and practicality in day-to-day life instead of just being aware of what surrounds me. It is so easy to forget who I really am and why I am here.
My reality is what I choose to perceive, and I knew that…
Tho, Adamus first reminded me of all the beauty that exists here on Earth, everything from an excellent meal to nature and the coexistence with others. And to me also the Beauty of Life.
Quote “Beauty isn’t just a way of perceiving; it is so much more.
Beauty becomes a way of experiencing things.”
He made me understand that it is really a way of living, a way of experiencing when I allow myself to get into that state of awareness. Because that is what it is, a state of experience beyond the mind.
Tho, it is also an Angelic sense, as he says it;
“Beauty, the easiest Sense to integrate,” and it has tremendous effects on life.
I will not go into all the details of what he is saying, but...
With Beauty, everything else becomes irrelevant. It is ridiculous to judge anything anymore.
This is who I really am. There is so much beauty surrounding me, and it is all mine. My energy is mine, and my creation is all of the creation that I experience when I allow myself to perceive it that way.
Even the darkness in the sky at night is beautiful; without it, I would not be able to see the stars, to dream about flying out there into the Universe, into the stars...
The fight you just had with your spouse gave you the beauty of reconciliation.
There is Beauty in everything.
And last but not least, without me giving myself the opportunity to be here on Earth, In my own creation, I would not be able to receive the Beauty of it.
The Beauty I have gifted to myself.
Allow yourself-self to listen to this and become overwhelmed by all of your Beauty.
Review by Jaziel / (Posted on 4/28/2021)