I Am Calm

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  • The dragon is here, the planet is awakening
  • You have all the tools for your own stability
  • You have heart – compassion, passion, love
  • You have wisdom and knowingness
  • You are safe; it’s okay to be calm
  • Relax deeply into “I Am Calm”

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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Calm

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Planet Earth is waking up, which brings a tremendous amount of chaos and upheaval. Because of your sensitivity and awareness, you can feel it all. Remember that the noise of this awakening is not yours. You have all the tools you need – passion, compassion, heart and wisdom – to maintain your own balance, happiness and stability in this time of change and restructuring. As you sink into the merabh of I Am Calm, a very special being comes in to reassure you beyond every doubt that “It all works out beautifully.” It is your future self, inviting you to simply trust and allow your Realization.

Adamus reminds us that “It’s okay to be calm” in the midst of chaos and invites you into an experience of allowing a deep calm to settle over your body and mind. Your future self comes in to let you know that everything works out, with one exception: There is a question you will soon be asked. And yet, no matter your answer, everything still works out perfectly.

Stay calm, stay clear and allow. Allow everything that you are right now.” ~ Adamus

Length: 1:14:05

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), video (mp4) and text (pdf)

Cost: $33 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at Villa Ahmyo, Kona, Hawaii, March 2020

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much needed break
. This one is all about releasing anxiety. And frankly, it took me a while to start appreciating it. Few anxiety attacks, sleepless nights, etc. Perfect timing and oh, so needed right now. Breath of relaxation and calm in those turbulent, chaotic times. Adamus explained that chaos is just an unorganized energy. It will find its new organization. And since we’re becoming more sensitive to energies – it can hit us hard.

I noticed long time ago that my mind jumps from one memory to another associating those with my current experience. It was an interesting discovery at that time, and it felt like a trap. Being stuck in my own mind – no way out… Questions, answers. Closed loops... It is getting better. I don’t have those anymore.

In general, I feel different, calmer, more accepting after 4/4/2020. My mind is not so active most of the time. Yet I also have days of anxiety. And, the feeling that I don’t know how to relax. Always need to do something. To keep busy. That I need to watch or control my energy. I remember Tobias a long time ago talking about business and how it is just a distraction.

Adamus brings us into the Now moment – the trusting and allowing Now moment. Inviting our future Self. This pause is very sweet and relaxing. Recorded in Villa Ahmyo with the sounds of bird singing.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 6/30/2020)
All IS Calm, You are Bright
. Last week I took my elderly father to his monthly doctor’s appointment. Near the end of the appointment his doctor asked me “How was I doing?” and then remarked that it looked like I was doing really well! I nodded in agreement with a laugh. He then said “Well you know most people aren’t!” shaking his head in dismay…

Well in reality I AM! Despite the present COVID-19 pandemic, I AM okay, I AM calm and all is well. I have had absolutely no fear or anxiety over the present circumstances maybe because, as Adamus keeps sharing, we have been preparing for this exact time for many lifetimes! Maybe because I have already been through the dark night of the soul, I have had no job, I have had no money, I have had no food and I have held the hand of those dying close to me… and that was just in this lifetime! I’m sure the middle ages and Atlantis were far worse and we still came back.

Really other than some slight inconveniences and loss of some freedoms, I have been quite peaceful and almost a tad euphoric over what is happening! Therefore, with this release of the latest Master’s Pause, I AM Calm, I can’t say that I felt any huge “aha’s” from this material. Just deep knowingness that all IS well and it all works out…

Adamus reminds us that yes, we have been rehearsing for this time of the awakening dragon on the planet. (And YES, he did tell us back in ProGnost 2014!) However, he does say we may be feeling a lot of what is going on in humanity right now and to remember it is not ours. He also reminds us though NOT to shut down to our feelings, to feel them and let them go…

I really loved the affirmation that we have been preparing for this and already have the tools. It is a sweet confirmation of all these lifetimes of “work” to be ready now for what is happening. We have the heart, we have the wisdom, we have our passion. As Adamus says these just naturally bring a calmness into everything we do!

I also liked the reminder that we’re beyond making mistakes and messing things up. We are in alignment with ourselves and that alone is calming. We can’t do it wrong!

And of course, we are reminded that all energy is ours and here to serve us. How can it not be? If you put it outside yourself and buy into the drama going on of course you may feel anxious. Where I live it is reported that over 57% of the population are feeling anxious and depressed…

Yes, times are crazy and may get crazier…Yes there is chaos. But chaos is just energy that will reorder to serve us. Yes, there are changes. The changes that we want to see. Yes, there will be hardships for many… but again it is serving them.

However, remember we wanted this change, to have compassion and allow the planet to go through what it needs to at this time. This is why we are here. And yes, Adamus tells us we will be safe.

He then leads us through a poignant and beautiful Merahb with our future self reminding us again of what we already know. That it all works out. We are also given the opportunity to choose whether we want to stay and re-enlist… Mmmm?

“The greatest thing you can do is just be here in your calmness. The greatest thing you can do here is to stay on the planet, to be realized.” “Radiate your wisdom, your brilliance, your divinity.”

Let’s take a deep breath, “I am calm.” I’m so calm I can kind of laugh about all this, knowing that it’s so appropriate, knowing that it’s also what you wanted and what the planet wanted.”

I AM laughing Adamus. I AM calm. And dammit I AM staying! I AM re-enlisting in the Master’s Life! I am intrigued with what you are going to share with us next so definitely sticking around for the “Merlin Chapter” you hint at…

Thank you Adamus, thank you Geoff and Linda, thank you CC staff for this timely reminder of our wisdom. It’s like a comforting hug from our future self and closer than 6 feet!

Tammie O’Rielly
Member of the CC Product Review Team

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 4/26/2020)
The Time is Now and This is How.
. The message is precisely timed as always, and it is simple. It needs to be simple to get through the cacophony of mass consciousness at this time on the planet, through to us and our deeper knowing. We need to own our sources of calm to avoid shutting down at a time when everything is on the table for our own realization, and to be of any use to humanity and the planet in the current chaos of reorganization. https://store.crimsoncircle.com/i-am-calm.html
The calming medicine is to, you guessed it, Allow. Be aware of, stay present with, and thus own the trinity of our expanded beingness, the I am passion, the master wisdom and the human heart. That is all we need, every time, in a lull or in screaming intensity.
"Allowing" is not even a thing for the I Am Presence.
It is second nature for the master, so it must be the human holding things up, mistaking it for "one more thing to do", when s/he could just open the floodgates of delusional control. Yes, it would be overwhelming, overwhelming every single limitation s/he held onto, once and for all. And "suddenly"...

Where was I, the tools, to be calm, we have them:
First and foremost, the passion of our Soul: I Am that I Am, I Exist - that got us through the first panic attack in the Void, it will get us through anything. And it is vital to remember we are Creators, we chose to be here on purpose. Remembering that will keep us safe as the energies go into the necessary chaos just to reorder themselves at a higher level, "usually". "You signed up for this!" If we feel anything but passionate hearing this, we need to remember that Adamus just resigned from tending to "the wounded and the weary", and master up!

Second, the wisdom of our mastery, that has reached a level where we are on the homestretch and we can't mess it up anymore.That is calming. The wisdom distilled from all our experiences provides balance, the energies of 4-4-4, the last four I believe stands for embodying the the energy of 44.

And last, but not least the profound and unique compassion of the human being, that we have evolved into, after we had tried everything else. The true compassion that no longer needs to fight for or against anyone, including ourselves, that finds joy in life on earth beyond reasons to be happy. And once you truly own the fact that all energies are yours and here to serve you, you might actually get comfortable being your sensitive self on a bucking planet.

"The greatest thing you can do is to Allow your Realization". In a rare choice of words, Adamus "may be even begging" all of us to "just allow, right now, so we ourselves can be calm in the midst of the storms, radiate our presence in the world AND enter into our own future.
I am humbled by him caring so much, exasperated by my attempts to figure out how to shove my self over the finish line. So I am just going for that walk on the beach again, I never come back as I went, and one day soon, I will have surprised myself with All of Me!

For the Merabh, Adamus invites a guest. I wasn't really curious, still reverberating from the last ever family reunion we had in the April Shoud, but it was not really a visitor. It was our self from the future, the one that is always with us anyway the moment we step out of time. It just doesn't get old, especially now in times of social distance everywhere, someone sweeping me up and knowing for me/with me that everything is going to work out, and beautifully so!

And because realization is pretty imminent for a good size group of Shaumbra, Adamus is bringing in the group future, the choice to stay, again! It is the one thing that is not on autopilot, apparently. The seduction to "just leave" upon realization seems to increase, with the rising levels of tension and anxiety on the planet. Hell of a time to ask for a re-enlistment, one might say, but he does, masterfully.
First he concedes, in the most anti-climactic voice he is capable of, for those who choose to leave, that it is "fine - we'll have a big party for you" -. However, consider this:
If you choose to stay, it won't be more of the same, you also choose how you want to stay! Then he hints at the Good Life, the Master's Life, because we would not understand yet the half of what will be possible, as we join an Elite Corps of Merlins, in high service to mankind. We would know we are always safe, we can stay calm, be in joy, no matter what. And things will just align, they are just going to be there, gracefully. And we realize that is the new way for us: Trusting and Allowing that deepest part of our Selves, expressing ourselves as creators on a level not seen before. And we realize that staying here beyond our own realization will have been appropriate, it will have been what we really wanted, and it will have happened to also fulfill mankind's wildest dream!

And the music starts to play. Shaumbra crowding in, showing up, a sea of smiles, a sigh of relief for the planet.
Is that a little tear, Holy Brother?

Siglinde Schwenzl
Member of CC review team

Review by don't have one / (Posted on 4/20/2020)
What the world needs now~~
. Master’s Pause I Am Calm

Of course, Adamus brings us the gift of I Am Calm at the very most perfect time. It comes softly and sweetly after what seems months of converging on our beloved planet. Angelic families leaving; aliens leaving; Gaia leaving; everyone is staying home; 22 million people currently seeking unemployment assistance; transitions all around; a planetary awakening.

Adamus agrees that it looks like everything is falling apart and yet reminds us that everything that is happening is very appropriate.

We can stay calm. We chose to be here at this time. It is our Soul’s Passion to BE here. All we have to DO is stay calm and radiate!!

Adamus reminds us of our big hearts, our compassion; our wisdom that is now here, bringing us to the balance of 444!

Heart + Wisdom + Passion = Calm. Then add to that knowing “all E is mine!”

We’ve got this!!

He throws out a challenge right before the merabh by saying, “I am so calm about all of this, I can laugh about it.” This, for me, is necessary…... to stay in the consciousness of humor!

Adamus then takes us on a Merabh of Calm, inviting us to receive a visitor, our “future” self who comes to remind and assure us that it all works out beautifully.

Then he goes on to talk about the “one tiny exception” to everything working out.

Are you going to stay? How do you want to stay? There’s a huge seduction to leave after Realization, as most ascended Masters have done.

The next part reminded me of the very first session of Keahak I. Adamus said there are 2 buttons in front of us. One YES, and one NO. No maybe or in between. “Choose one”, he said, “and hit that button with conviction.”

It’s the commitment to stay that is our choice now!

He said it’s like a “re-enlistment”. We chose to be here, and now it’s time to allow our Realization, then re-enlisting, with “an elite core group” as a truly Realized BEing, with Energy serving each one.

Then, he says, we come to a whole new level of things to talk about: The Merlin Chapter.

I’ve listened to I Am Calm four times without much resonance until this last time. When he invites us to feel into calm in the merabh, it became so clear that this is all I desire to “do” since the 4.4 channel. In this space, I am Clear, Light, hearing the Song of my Soul/my Name/my Resonance. This is my calm, my sanity, my balance, my joy, my perspective for humor.

Staying in Calm is how I joyfully & lovingly walk on Earth during and within Realization!

Seeing and feeling the myriad greens of Hawaii flora swaying gently behind Geoff, as he channels, is exquisitely calming.

Thanks & love to G&L&B (adding Belle now!), CC staff, and All of Us!!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 4/18/2020)
In “I AM Calm” Adamus guides us through ways to stay calm in the midst of chaos. For “old” Shaumbra there is nothing new in this message, but nevertheless I find it possible to join and let go of things that are not mine, go with the guidance, let the mus
. I do not remember the number of this in the series of The Master`s Pause; but as always, I find the actual output from Adamus timely and appropriate.
In this time of the machines (computers, smart watches, mobile phones etc.) AND the situation right now in the whole world, caused by the Corona virus (unbalance in consciousness between masculine/feminine energy & in economy) many people will need a help to find calmness within themselves.
In “I AM Calm” Adamus guides us through ways to stay calm in the midst of chaos. For “old” Shaumbra there is nothing new in this message, but nevertheless I find it possible to join and let go of things that are not mine, go with the guidance, let the music help me to let go of my brain … I feel that Adamus really wants me/us to go beyond, go into our realization also with this Master`s Pause.
The music goes deep in supporting a “let go” of the mind … If you are not allowing yourself to go with this releasing/go with the flow, I guess you will get annoyed and perhaps irritated … just to mention.
I suggest you listen to this Master`s Pause “I AM Calm” through a good sound system, so deep tones can also be heard/received.
I recommend this Master`s Pause “I AM Calm” fully.
Finn Andersen
CC Review Team Member
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 4/16/2020)
We can be calm
. Can we really feel calm at this unprecedented time on the planet? In this Master’s Pause, I Am Calm, Adamus Saint-Germain gives a clear presentation of why we can. The concepts are not new, but he brings them into a different type of focus to tell why they are calming. A repackaging of sorts, all with an invitation to feel into our heart, passion, wisdom and “all the energy is yours” as they relate to the feeling of calm.
This Master’s Pause felt to me as if it were presented in two parts. In the first, that clear presentation of why we can feel calm at this time on the planet; and in the second, a beautiful merabh where we meet up with our future self and a type of heads up about a last “point of separation” that those choosing their embodied realization will encounter.
We have felt our future selves in other experiences, but as we do so in this opportunity to shift our consciousness once again, Adamus brings us very much into where we are right now, and what that future self would have us know at this time.
That last point of separation is there for you to discover. It’s something that each of us who chooses embodied realization in this lifetime will face and answer. I felt that moment in the most profound way, and would recommend this experience to those on their way to their realization. How we answer will determine what Adamus calls the next phase of Shaumbra in post-realization: the Merlin chapter.
I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been on FaceTime with so much of my family during this stay-at-home time, or if it’s because I’m letting Adamus in even closer now that I experienced what I did during I Am Calm. Whatever the reason, as I looked at my computer screen, I truly felt that I was having a one-on-one FaceTime with him. Outside of Keahak and Threshold have I ever felt anything quite as personal. That was an unexpected gift during this Master’s Pause.
As with the other Master’s Pauses in this series, I would once again recommend it to anyone who is on their path to embodied realization. It’s a timely message, and an opportunity for even more clarity.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 4/14/2020)
. I am very calm after listening to this Masters Pause. Before I have had some residues regarding blocking the flow but afterwards having listened to it I could really feel a change in that flow dynamic. More graceful than ever. Thank you Adamus for reflecting back to me what I already knew but could not put into practice.
Review by Merlin Peter S. / (Posted on 4/8/2020)
The gift of staying calm and allow
. In my experience with the material I can say that for me it came in a very good moment – just in time when it’s needed most.
I found that the information and allowing me to feel (as indicated) was like a step in a deeper state of allowing. A pause that brings calm and clarity, and now I can look from a different perspective.
I appreciate that it is available, just to get me back to calm or I Am Calm, and I just enjoyed how it is explained by Adamus and the merabh. Well, I guess it it’s to be imagined that first the mind analyzed that, and after some more seeing the material I got to really feel what means I Am Calm. I found that the experience of the material brings an interesting response from the mind and the body, in a good way. I find it a real gift to just be calm and allow.
Many thanks to our friends that bring such beautiful gifts for us in terms of CC materials - Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, and the CC Staff.
And I highly recommend this material.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 4/7/2020)
Talk with your future Self - the Master
. This series could hardly be more appropriate than at this time. I don’t really feel unsafe or something like that, but during the time listening to it, I could feel deep within, there was an un-certain feeling. Not about anything specific, but nevertheless, it was there. I live in the outskirt of a small town, in a house with a big garden and nature right outside the garden too, so I don’t have a lot to do with other people than my husband. By choice. But when I go shopping at the moment, I can feel the fear from many people about the situation with the corona virus. Usually I let it go when I become aware of it, but something has obviously stayed without my notice.
In this series, Adamus talks about what is going on, on Earth right now. The Dragon, the Awakening of the Earth, the leaving of the aliens and the Archangels, the disbanding of the Angelic families and the latest with the corona virus. Things that might make you anything but calm. And as he says, he mentions it with a big smile. It is appropriate right now what is happening. It is time for change. It will feel chaotic in a period, and then it will find a new balance with a higher consciousness. And again, he refers to our own awakening. That was also chaotic sometimes – maybe most of the time…
Important for us to remember is, that it is not yours. It is not in your energy. You can feel what is going on, but you don’t have to own it. Everything you perceive is your own energy. You can feel the energy from other soul beings, but it is not yours. So, stay “at home”.
He takes us through a wonderful Merabh. We meet our future Self. The realized Self. It assures us, that everything is going to be fine. We don’t have to worry. The future Self is in our energy right now. We can choose to feel it, communicate with it. And when you do, you might feel a relief, a joy, wanting to laugh at all your concerns and worries.
Adamus has very often lately, encouraged us to allow our realization. And he does so again.
I feel, the most important in I AM CALM, is not so much the words, but the energy behind it. Also imbedded in the music during the Merabh. After he has stopped talking, the music continues for about 20 minutes, to allow you to go even deeper into yourself. During that time, some beautiful kind of movies of nature are shown on the screen. That adds to the whole experience.
I still feel a little wobbly after having watched it, so it is very important to make sure you are grounded afterwards. A “funny” thing, I was somewhat irritated before watching it, but that totally disappeared. And I feel calm now!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 4/6/2020)
I am calm now- I know that I know- I allow
. Great to hear from Adamus that I have made it into my embodied Realization and that he knows that I am choosing to stay embodied in Joy, Abundance, Wisdom and Grace as the Master in the new Energy because I do know that it is true. A gift to Self and a great reminder wich really serves to make me calm during a time of great change in the world.
Review by Merlin Peter S. / (Posted on 4/4/2020)