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•  A time to stop, integrate and rebalance
•  Everything is toxic!
•  Free energy body can handle it 
•  This detox actually works (unlike most others)
•  No need for diets and potions
•  It’s so easy…


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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Cleansing

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The human experience is inherently toxic. From the air we breathe to the water and food we ingest to the cell phones, microwaves and other devices we use and the news we hear, toxins are everywhere. Most of all, our thoughts are toxic. Adamus says we’ll never get rid of all the toxins, and that a certain level of toxins actually serve a useful purpose. But now, as we are allowing in the Free Energy (light) body, we have more sensitivity than ever to these toxins. And, he says, we have forgotten about allowing the natural process of release and rebalance for which our bodies are designed.

The body has many ways of cleansing itself of toxins and will naturally do so with allowing. However, when the human interferes with the process by using supplements, special diets and drinks, that natural process is slowed or even stopped. In I Am Cleansing, you are simply invited to get out of the way and allow this beautifully natural process to take place. The body knows exactly what to do and how to release stuck energy in a graceful way.

During this experience, which Adamus suggests doing on a regular basis, you might actually feel the process as it takes place within your body. Your biological intelligence will take a deep assessment of the level of toxins and other stuck energies that are within every cell of the body, and then determine when and how to release them. It is a deep and rejuvenating experience, carried on a bed of gentle, soothing music.

The Master’s Pause – An opportunity to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and allow all your parts and pieces to catch up, integrate, rebalance and adjust. It is a time of reflection and support in this turbulent time of embodying the human, Master and divine.

Length: (1:43:30)

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), video (mp4) and text (pdf)

Cost: $33

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, August 2018

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A Master Piece
Every few weeks or so, I allow a cleansing to unfold. With every repetition, the experience becomes deeper and more liberating. I didn't know how to allow my biological energies to serve me. Now I do. Thank you Adamus and CC for this Master piece.
Review by Lish / (Posted on 1/29/2019)
Thank You!
I Love this experience! Thank you, Adamus!
Review by Mark / (Posted on 1/2/2019)
This experience of natural clearing up of the body is immense !
Big surprise! I didn`t expect this being so important. Never experienced my physical body like this, naturally clearing up, whatching my biologie returning to her original capability of self balancing. I am still in awe, such a beautiful silent process. Great experience...
Review by Julie / (Posted on 12/27/2018)
A beautiful and powerless cleanse, marred by an imprint of power.
Frankly, it took a while for me to get past Geoff’s opening words in this recording: “There is a certain energy imprint with this. It’s only going to be effective if someone pays for it themselves.”

To be clear, I do not condone theft and I have an appropriate energy exchange with the CC. But this statement felt really yucky to me, full of shame and power, and it brought up memories of black magic, which is the use of non-physical energies to enforce a particular behavior or experience upon another. It was several weeks before I could get past that and allow myself to experience the actual channel.

Once I got past my reaction and remembered that a master does whatever a master chooses and ALL energies serve him or her, I found the actual program to be a beautiful experience of allowing and powerless cleansing. It reminds me of the One Minute Workout, and of how effective it can be to bring our consciousness to something and simply allow, without power or force of any kind.

I’ve been clearing and cleansing a lot of things, physically and emotionally, during the past weeks, and this channeled experience really helped me to relax and simply allow it to happen. Even the power infused “imprint” helped me to see some of my own remaining power issues and allow them to cleanse.

So, I’m giving this beautiful product five stars for the main content, but deducting two for the imprinted power. If you’re a master the opening message doesn’t matter, even though it’s a direct contradiction to the rest of the channel and to the core message of the Crimson Circle, so I highly recommend I Am Cleansing. Just be sure not to buy it as a gift for anyone else...

Disclosure: I am a member of the Crimson Circle product review team and received this product in exchange for my honest review.
Review by John McCurdy / (Posted on 11/26/2018)
Life saving!
Loved it, the energy of it is amazing and does what Adamus says it does: cleanse your body and mind, all that in a 1+ hour session. I've gone through it twice now and it helped both times to totally rebalance and cleanse my body and mind.

Also great that you can actually download the video, audio and a text transcript for future use.

However, don't read the text while you're listening, as that will only confuse you; it's all in the energy behind the words. I am in the process of translating the English into Dutch and found that Cauldre/Adamus weren't very well-spoken when they recorded this one: lots of poor grammar, unfinished sentences, resulting in at times a very confusing text. If you try to wrap your mind around the written words you'll lose the energy of it; at least I did. Instead, stick with the audio/video!

Perhaps for the next Master's Pause CC can have someone edit the text, like Lee Carroll/Kryon do, who go over the transcribed text of a channel and rechannel the bits that were lost in translation, before they publish it.

Still, thanks CC for putting this out. Very helpful!! :-)
Review by Joep Claessens / (Posted on 11/16/2018)
Potent Content
In I Am Cleansing, Adamus touches on all the ways our human 3-D form is bombarded with toxins. He reminds us that our human body has ways of dealing with this, and we just need to get out of the way and allow.

Once again, Adamus hits the nail on the head. As I move through this journey, he keeps dropping these gems that stir deeply buried and unconscious things. I have been allowing this process to unfold and am just leaving it alone to do its thing.

Be ready. This class goes deep. It finds those spots that you are hiding from yourself and brings them up.

Joe Davinroy - Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by JD / (Posted on 11/11/2018)
A wise pause
Just as he began the Master’s Life series, Adamus starts with the biology in I Am Cleansing, the first of the new Master’s Pause series. It feels very appropriate as we are choosing realization while still in the human body. There is an inner momentum - a type of gravity - taking us to this realization. With that, there can be a tendency to try and rush it along, to force or to push. How perfect to take this pause to allow the body to be in the natural state of release and rebalance after going through our experiences.

In I Am Cleansing, Adamus invites us once again to acknowledge where we are and how far we’ve come. What we’re doing goes back to the discussions in the Temples of Tien, and now we are realizing the dream of walking the earth as embodied Masters. These reminders can be helpful as we continue in the human experience with our bodies that can feel so uncomfortable at times.

As humans, we do a lot of cleansing. By definition it means to make something clean again. We cleanse our bodies, homes, cars, etc. We understand that there are toxins in our environment and attempts are made to cleanse the air and oceans. I Am Cleansing takes the understanding of toxins and the body to another level where we are given the understanding that the body’s own intelligence is capable and willing to shed the appropriate amount of toxins if we will only allow it.

How many times and in how many different ways have we heard this? Allow and don’t interfere. That is certainly the case in I Am Cleansing. Can we be ok with the pause to let energies truly serve us? Can we simply allow the body’s intelligence to follow the energy designs within it while also becoming more and more aware of the free energy body integrating with our biology? Can we bring in a whole new level of integration?

After the information comes through, we are given time at the end to truly pause and allow. While not exactly a merabh, the music at the end is another invitation to feel into the material and experience cleansing for ourselves. We are also invited to take this pause from time to time and allow this natural process of release and rejuvenation.

I highly recommend I Am Cleansing as a valuable pause on the way to embodied realization.
Review by Kathleen Haws / (Posted on 10/29/2018)
Energy in Effortless Service
I am noting Crimson Circle classes are getting simpler and vastly more profound in their impact. This Master’s Pause, I Am Cleansing, is designed as an experience, and although Adamus does use words to calm the mind and prepare the space for the experience to occur, my true understanding of the material evolved out of having the experience and allowing the changes that followed.

As you feel into your readiness for this Cloud Class, I would offer that a clear commitment to release is necessary. If you are in the beginning phases of your awakening, this material may be too catalytic for comfort. The trust required to fully participate uproots all limiting patterns. If you have already let go of who you used to be and are allowing your embodied realization, this experience will support your body to release old conditioning and connect with the free energy body.

I could feel my physical body respond immediately. It began to relax and open, and commune with me in a very new way. I had some big “ah-ha’s” and my mind became much clearer about what was and was not mine. Releases followed (energetic, emotional, mental and physical), but they happened gracefully. I feel all parts of me are now flowing in synch (perhaps for the first time) facilitating my freedom. The meld of consciousness, wisdom, and experience within is palpable, and I am meeting new aspects of myself that are guiding me forward into my mastery. Energy is definitely serving me in very new ways (it is SO exciting!) and, looking back, I see the choice point where I clearly allowed my new life to emerge.

There is such grace in what is offered in this Cloud Class, but one must choose it consciously, open to it without resistance, and be ready to let go and allow great change.

Donna Van Keuren
Crimson Circle Product Review Team

Review by Donna Van Keuren, CC Product Review Team / (Posted on 10/27/2018)
A Temples of Tien Tune Up!
Prior to receiving the first of this new CC series “Master’s Pause – I AM Cleansing”, I had visited my Naturopathic Doctor for a check in. She is very intuitive and usually confirms what is going on with me energetically. The machine she uses to test me, she has to dial down to that of a “newborn baby” because I am so sensitive…. This time the only thing she picked up, which she found unusual, was “toxicity”!

So as usual energy was serving me, having Adamus confirm in this new offering, that as our Free Energy Body is coming in and integrating, our biological body is becoming more sensitive to the toxins all around us. Have you noticed increased sensitivity? So now he says it’s time to take a pause every so often, to help release these toxins and rebalance our bodies. And of course this doesn’t involve the old methods of detoxing ala special diets, cleansing drinks or sweat lodges. Remember that awful cider vinegar, cayenne pepper one? Blech! Been there done that.

Why I so love Dr. Adamus who always prescribes the simple, easy “pill”. After explaining the “why” of our toxin filled world, we are guided through a very gentle experience to consciously allow our body’s energies to serve us. With his energies combined with Tobias and Kuthumi, background music and a mesmerizing video of floating bubbles, we can just sit back and relax our way to detoxing and rebalancing. Adamus says there is a magical energy imprint when we allow it and I did feel it. Truly effervescent and tingly!

This experience really reminded me of “defragging” our computers every so often. You know how when your machine gets sluggish and slows down, you hit the “defrag” button ? You sit back and wait for it to clean up its files without figuring it how… Your machine knows what to do. So do our bodies if we allow them.

I think for many of us right now our bodies are our “last hurrah”. We want to bend them, mold them and shape them into our perfect version of the embodied Master. We use diets , exercise, lotions and potions to be a better, thinner, greener caterpillar! But in the end most of us are still a chubby, wrinkled caterpillar with a cupboard full of products. It’s a big distraction to try to fix the body with outside force vs allowing.

The big shift for me experiencing I AM Cleansing and the latest Keahak 8 channels, is now finally realizing that my body is really just “energy in biology” , wanting to serve me. It’s not WHO I am, but really just a creation of mine to help me experience my world! This has been huge for me and I’m finding a new relationship developing… subtle yet profound and hard to put into words. I now feel communion and compassion for this slightly beat up creation!

It’s been 21 days since I first did this “Cleanse” and am noticing a freer, more joyful experience here in this body. I’ve dropped any vitamin, homeopathic remedies and just allowing and observing… Adamus does recommend light exercise like the yoga classes I’ve just returned to, walking, water and breathing. For $25 until January 2nd, this download is yours to repeat as needed and a much cheaper and easier alternative to that green juice cleanse you were planning! (Just stop it!!)

We’ve been given The 60 second workout. Now we have “The Temples of Tien Tune-up”! Thanks Adamus, Geoff, Linda and CC staff for another grand creation to support our em-BODYment.

Tammie O’Rielly
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 10/25/2018)
Having listened to this Adamus session I thought “This is so simple, nothing will happen …” Days after I felt reactions in my body, my mind and so on like if I had been going through a class in a weekend, like I told before. The simpler, the deeper the e
The Master’s Pause Series “I Am Cleansing”
I must say that life is getting more and more enjoyable. In the “good old days” we had to participate in weekend classes to go through a deep message and learn how to live life fully by getting rid of old stuff and allow new energies to come in and serve …
Now I only have to ALLOW, take a deep BREATH and ALLOW again … That simple
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 10/21/2018)
Allowing your biological body to release the overload of toxin - feels like a new relationship with your body!
Taking a pause every now and then, isn’t that exactly what most of us need? So much is going on in the world, in our lives, not to mention the whole integration of the Master, The I Am and the Human that it at times seems overwhelming.
In I Am Cleansing Adamus talks about toxins. It is in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and in all the things in our surroundings. It is in our thoughts, limiting us.
As Adamus says, we are used to toxins, and have learned how to balance them. Now we are integrating our Free Energy Body and that means that our biological body gets more sensitive and needs time to rebalance itself. Adamus especially points out that we are not de-toxin the body but rebalancing it.
Many of you have probably tried different de-toxin programs, like I have. Adamus explains why they don’t really work: 1. What you use to de-toxin yourself, does also contain toxins. 2. When you do that, you also tell your body that you don’t trust it can do it itself, so it will stop doing that. – Actually, although it’s many years ago since I did it, it feels like a relief that it’s not really needed. What is needed, is to ALLOW the rebalancing to take place, ALLOW the energies to serve you!
During what feels like a Merabh, but according to Adamus, is the time for letting go of the overload of toxins, rebalancing, he talks about how the body calculates the toxin level in the whole body. All we have to do is just allow it to happen. We will never be toxin free as long as we are in a biological body, but we allow the body to release what is too much. And it will do it in the best way. That is allowing energies to serve us.
While I was listening to this the first time, I was going deep within – and fell asleep. It’s difficult to put into words, what happened, but something changed. This is really something I will listen to over and over, when I need to cleanse.
I would also like to mention the graphic. It’s an amazing intro and so is the pictures on the screen when the cleansing process is going on.
I highly recommend Master’s Pause Series: I Am Cleansing.
Anne Maribo Andersen
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 10/16/2018)
a gift of starting letting energy serve you
The new series - The Master’s Pause Series – starts with I Am Cleansing, a time to just stop and let everything catch-up, rebalance. Also, this series has a design to acknowledge where we are and allow the natural process to unfold. It comes as a download, a very reasonable price and a request to honor for that.
My experience with the material was about a little more information to understand more about life on Earth and the experience to start actually allowing energy to serve me. For me it was like a new level of Standard Technology, only this time with more ease and grace, just by allowing. And I already did perceived the shifts and the releases with grace, just allowing my body to do what it knows best to do. Maybe the session seems long to the mind, it’s not actually, because of the beautiful experience similar to a merabh and when done at the time you can feel that the body would need some attention or clearing to enjoy more life.
The quality of video is extraordinary and a really good safe space for the experience, even as a download, and it is a very personal experience. Many thanks to Geoffrey, Linda, Adamus and the CC Staff for the great safe space that we are invited into and the great gift of awareness that comes with this material.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 10/15/2018)
Precious balm
Simply perfect.
Just now, for these intense times we are living..
SO good, so balmy..
Thank you!
Review by MauraChiara / (Posted on 10/7/2018)
Thank you...
Adamus, once again suporting every moment...
Review by Patricia Paixão / (Posted on 10/4/2018)
Don't miss this one!
Once again, we have taken a giant step forward. Words do cannot adequately express this phenomenal and moving experience.
Review by Jack / (Posted on 10/4/2018)
Very intense with strong physical effects on the body. Thank You!
Review by Joerg / (Posted on 10/3/2018)
Pure beauty!
A delight to feel this new relationship with my biology... this new respect... this new trust in its intelligence... And the longing for its friendship with the free energy body being fulfilled... gradually acknowledging each other.
Review by Malou / (Posted on 10/3/2018)
I allowed and out came this new Series to serve me well!
Just in time, when I began to feel really stuck and had severe breathing issues-beginning during the night and even during the day-came this beautiful new Series of the Master´s Pause. I needed it and I know it came because I allowed energies to serve me.
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 10/3/2018)