I Am Comfort

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 •  There is value in discomfort, but you can transcend it
 •  Discomfort comes from resisting chaos
 •  Magic happens in unpredictability
 •  Chaos just means you don’t understand it yet
 •  Wisdom is the knowingness of the future
 •  It’s your energy – how could it not work out?


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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Comfort

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Aches and pains are an intrinsic part of human life and may temporarily become even worse as one comes into Realization and living as an embodied Master. However, understanding the purpose and origins of the discomfort can allow one to transcend it. Being humans who want things to be predictable and defined, we usually avoid and run from the chaos of life. Yet, it is this very resistance that then manifests as pain in the body. When we can dive deep into the swirling chaos without fighting it, then wisdom, freedom and magic appear in our lives, as well as deep feelings of comfort, ease and grace.

“Chaos” is simply energy that’s unpatterned, undefined and unpredictable. Most people don’t like how this feels and avoid it at all costs. But this very unpredictability is where the synchronicity and magic happen, and it is filled with joy, spontaneity and creativity. By allowing this into your life without resistance, you can discover wisdom, which is the knowing that everything works out perfectly. Then you will experience ease and grace in the physical body because, when you know it all works out, you stop fretting over the stuff that causes discomfort

“When you go into the chaos, the discomfort will end, because there’s no more resistance. What’s there left to resist if you’ve fully come into yourself?” ~ Adamus

Length: 1:20:20

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), video (mp4) and text (pdf)

Cost: $33 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, January 2021

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One of the best experiences
. I Am Comfort - The Master’s Pause Series

For this Master’s Pause, for me, I would say that this is one of the best experiences for now, and it available as a download.
Obviously, I did my first cycles watching the material, appreciating the safe and comfortable environment presented in the video, and, going through my life, I just observed that I am more and more aware of resistance and that there is a solution: I Am Comfort. As you can imagine, as a human it is not always easy, but, in the cycles of getting aware I need a pause, maybe Master’s pause, and getting back to this material: it was always the feeling of wow, how I did forgot so very fast all those simple and profound things Adamus is talking about? So, I started to find more time for a pause and letting myself feel again the material.
One of the main points in this material is to really appreciate and understand what is the discomfort, why is there and that maybe there is another way (meaning replacing the discomfort with something that works without discomfort – kind of).
Looking back on my experience with the material, that is so present in my awareness like never before in the now, I can say that after understanding why I put discomfort in my path, now it is easy for me to understand that …. well I got out from allowing and now comes the discomfort to signal some resistance and maybe it is my time to remember and allow. So it can be very helpful this Master’s Pause.
Also, I would assign some changes that I made lately, to the clear view that this material brought, but yes, ultimately, I made those changes, by my own choice. Somehow, it was all In an ease and grace that I rarely experienced in this lifetime. But, be aware of what you choose, chances are that you will get it no matter how impossible it looks from the human perspective.
For now I see the material as a possible next step into our Realization. The information presented is so extensive that I see the need of the transcript (to look in text also) and I do appreciate the fact that it is provided as a download.
I am now looking forward for an unpredictable day / undefined – and getting used to that because I do want some magic in my own life and I know now that is coming from the undefined.
And I do express my special thanks to the friends that made this material available for us to experience (go crazy about it and see how important it can be for Shaumbra): Geoffrey, Linda, CC Staff and Adamus.
I do highly recommend it – in case you feel it is for you now (for no good reason, perhaps).
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 4/26/2021)
Very Supportive
. I am Comfort is very supportive. Last two Master’s Pauses - I Am Freedom and I Am Abundance - were challenging for me personally. And this one seems to bring it all together like tying a bow on a gift. And yes, I look at all CC materials as a gift that is unfolding even when I don’t get it at first, or resist it, or I’m not ready yet to accept it in my reality... I can hear so much of my own wisdom in them. 

Discomfort is a part of the process and its benefit is that it keeps us moving. In general, humans love their comfort zones. Changes bring discomfort and Adamus opens us to move at a pace of joy and not discomfort, to find comfort in unknown, un-defined. This brings memories on Tobias’ sans-definition.

Then he goes on and talks about chaos. I am chaos. Chaos is the unknown, undefined, and unpredictable. Chaos is serving us. And the resistance causes discomfort.

The way through is the way with no resistance. Resist nothing.  Easy to say when my strongest aspect is a warrior, before I can allow, I will fight it to the death. Mostly figuratively. Since my childhood I always knew that to change things I need to accept them. All my life it was so hard to explain to others until I met CC and Tobias. 

Acceptance, allowing, not engaging with duality will truly change consciousness and the reality around. I am chaos and I’m not fighting it anymore. My energy is my safe space. My chaos is my safe space. From boring too magical. So, be comfortable with the unknown.

Iwona Wirkus 
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team 
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 3/6/2021)
Creature Comforts vs Creator Comfort
. Creature Comforts vs Creator Comfort
The timing of I AM Comfort was considered overdue, even the writing of my review appeared kind of late to me. Turns out it was all perfect.
There is human comfort that thrives on order, predictability and specifics (or does it?), and the only way a master is ever comfortable is immersed in the chaos of their energies, which means total freedom to create. Where shall the twain meet?
They don't really, until the human transcends their illusory need for control, takes the scepter of knowingness in both hands and simply jumps into sensory experience. It may feel like a tandem jump of mind and consciousness, until it becomes integrated. "Realization is not normal", but it doesn't have to be painful either. Some maintenance is required, Adamus keeps reminding us to go off by ourselves a few days every month, to reboot, rejuvenate, bask in our energies without disturbance.
So what do we jump into?
Only ever ourselves, unknown as it may feel! Everything we see is our energy, and our core energies are in chaos. Notice how that word made you feel just now, it is a great reading on where your focus is, how tired/contracted you may feel, desperately wanting to control for a measure of human comfort, or how feisty and adventurous you may feel, master-ready to be swept up and surprised. Either way, it is an adventure, and diving headlong into the chaos, the freedom, the magic of our own energy, is how the human finally gets comfortable beyond circumstance, and the master is free to launch and watch their creations unfold.
By now, most of us have dipped our feet into Chaos, the Void, the I AM Presence, tasted the exquisiteness of our core energies. Then we came back. And with the reentry into mass consciousness there was sadness maybe, understandable resistance (ask any newborn) and with that, tension, friction, pain in body and mind, so we may try to paddle back upstream, toward human comfort. Or, on the spiritual path, we may have reveled in the discomfort, which is just a different kind of upstream after a while.
For decades, I had perceived perfect human comfort as potentially deceiving, as missing the point after all. Which was my deepest fear, so I definitely overused discomfort to stay awake and be ready. Discomfort can stimulate, it can also irritate and backfire.
It is time now to be largely at ease in our mastery, not by frantically pumping the brakes or the gas pedal, but by rejuvenating our energies in chaos as needed and by accepting the abnormal into our reality. "When you go into chaos, the discomfort ends", that is not a small promise!
How do we suddenly have the guts? We remember who we are, why we are here and that we are out of the rapids, each and every one of us. Adamus has made a huge point lately of honoring all Shaumbra, from the steady crowd to the new ones, to welcoming back the ones that have wandered off over the years, for one reason or another. Acknowledging our courage, humor, sacrifice and determined grit, celebrating the impact our quiet work in consciousness has already had and the enormous potentials ahead as we stick with it now.
I am so over discomfort at this point, tasting the irrevocable joy that not just Shaumbra in general, but I personally, the tense, irritable, nervous ninny, the brilliant, under-confident and over-responsible human worker bee, I GET IT, that IT has ALL worked out for me as well, despite of myself really (and I have also been generous, funny and kind-of-good-looking all along, some insist, mostly Kuthumi ...:)!
Everything is changing in realization , so why would we expect our life to be "normal", even as we get what is going on. For a more sensual experience, we can rest in our core knowingness that our lives have been fulfilled as is, and still going, beyond our wildest dreams. With that scepter in hand, the jump into chaos becomes not just possible, but downright irresistible.
So the timing of I AM Comfort is perfect, as we are more ready than ever to go a new way. Like celebrating another friggin' Valentine's Day this year by immersing myself in the wild and free chaos of my own energies, curious how they will respond to my passion.
Love always,
Siglinde Schwenzl, member of CC review team.

Review by Sig / (Posted on 2/14/2021)
The title “I Am Comfort” indicates that you are going to have a lovely, relaxed experience with this Master`s Pause. You are not! The trick to feel comfortable in your life is to be able to meet the unpredictable and chaotic situations in life AND em
. The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Comfort
What Adamus brings up in The Master`s Pause series is never new stuff, but it is timely and right on the spot for most Shaumbra. The same goes for this edition “I Am Comfort.”

I guess that many of us “suffer” from boredom in between in our daily life. Especially in this time of the pandemic of the Corona virus, having to see very few people, reduce our number of friends to meet and to be very much at home. To protect oneself many of us will probably also stay in the comfort zone, avoid unpredictable situations as much as possible, which will again lead to boredom, doing the same things over and over again … Being in the process of integrating your lightbody with its changing the DNA, thus also affecting your body with aches and pain does not make you feel less bored.
The title “I Am Comfort” indicates that you are going to have a lovely, relaxed experience with this Master`s Pause. You are not! The trick to feel comfortable in your life is to be able to meet the unpredictable and chaotic situations in life AND embrace and enjoy these. Chaos is just what is undefined, unpatterned and unpredictable … So Adamus invites you to go into these situations in your life, stop resisting them and to open yourself for the wisdom, that comes through. This allowing will then reduce and stop aches and pain in the body that is caused by your resistance to going into chaos.
Though this MP gives no new stuff I enjoyed it very much. Like the former sessions it ends with a merabh, where Adamus guides us into meeting chaos, accepting situations we might not have integrated etc. The graphics and the music is very well chosen and really support the process … Here is the situation you have been looking for, feeling in comfort.
“I Am Comfort” has made it easier for me to accept and allow boredom in my life. I have always been good at meeting chaos, perhaps because I was born in the sign of Pisces.

I fully recommend “I AM Comfort,” though you may not find it comfortable.
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 2/12/2021)
I love this Master's Pause. It's so much more than I anticipated!
. I Am Comfort, aka I Am Chaos, aka I Am Unpredictable.

I love this Master’s Pause. It’s so much more than what I had anticipated.

Adamas, reflecting the consciousness and desires of each and all of us, is inviting us to jump into our chaos. He says the words chaos and energy are essentially interchangeable. He explains about resistance, friction, discomfort, and comfort.

True freedom, true comfort are only found in our chaos, chasm, void; in the unpredictable, the undefined.

This Master’s Pause has a slightly different perspective and yet also a perfect balance with and expansion of I Am Free where he also talks about finally being free in our own energy.

In chaos is your magic and your wisdom. In chaos, there is no resistance, no friction, no discomfort, no pain. In the merabh, Adamus makes it feel like diving into your chaos is like taking a steamy salt bath with lots of oils and bubbles. He describes it as releasing friction, washing away the effects of mass consciousness and rejuvenating, purging, and cleansing!

Every day for perhaps a month or 6 weeks, around 3:00 in the afternoon, my internal clock reminds me it’s time to get still. I get on the bed in my sleeping room and downstairs inside garden, put my head down, and experience what I have been calling floating. I feel my breath and go beyond any limits or definitions. I stay for 30 minutes or an hour.

Ahhh……...now I know I’m diving into my chaos, into my energy. It is undefined. It is my freedom. It is sweet and flowing.

Adamus says, “The essence of the Master’s day is unpredictability”, and in allowing the unpatterned is where the magic is.

Another recent experience that is what Adamus is inviting us to experience came in some BIG gusts of wind a couple days ago. I’m walking up the steepest hill of my daily walk, listening to I Am Comfort with air pods. A gust of wind nearly knocks me off my balance, and so I fight to walk into the wind. Then there are sharp pains in my right knee which is not usual.

About that time, Adamus is talking about not resisting, and truly, like magic, I am suddenly NOT resisting at all, and literally floating through the gust of wind. I felt as small and frictionless as a tall thin blade of grass moving sideways through the spaces between the particles of the wind.

The simplest insight I experienced with I Am Comfort is that the song of my soul is in my chaos.

And the funniest insight was in reference to dear Adamus spending nearly half of the February shoud to simply say, “Don’t say I don’t know”. And while I realize his point was to inspire us to remember all answers are “within”, I now see more clearly that “within” IS the chaos, that which is not yet known. And now I am prepared with a great response rather than “I don’t know”.

If he should ask me a question I haven’t yet felt the answer to, I simply say, “I am still in my chaos with that!”

In my chaos is comfort, magic, freedom, wisdom, all the answers, the joy and fun of living each day in unpredictability & spontaneity, and all my imagination, creativity, and fantasy of being the Creator that I Am.
Review by Patti / (Posted on 2/11/2021)
Jump into chaos
. One of the things I like about Adamus is that he is always very direct. No patting our head, but right to the core: The pain we might feel in the mind and in the body is because of resistance of our own energy.
In the beginning he asks us to feel into our discomfort. And to see how it has served us. Because of that we didn’t get stuck in our comfort zone, something was always nagging us, pushing us forward. But it is not necessary anymore.
The solution is quite simple, allow yourself to go into chaos. Your own chaos. And then the alarm goes on in the mind! Humans do not like chaos. There is no structure, no predictability. Only a lot of “what if’s” – the fear of the unknown.
The word “chaos” means unpredictable, the void. The opposite of what humans want in their lives. And still, isn’t that boring? In chaos you find the dreams, the magic, everything that is beyond the mind. A woman wrote recently on fb if anybody else felt like waiting for something “to happen”. A lot could recognize the feeling – me too – not quite knowing what we were waiting for. To me it is feeling a bit bored, although I like my life. Something is “out there”, or more precise “in here”, not yet tangible but it surely has to do with some kind of creation. So, I guess it’s time to dive into chaos…
When Adamus talked about the void, it reminded me of Tobias’ “Journey of the Angels”, where he describes how we after the experience of being in The Wall of Fire, end up in The Void, Nothingness. This feeling of emptiness, nothingness is probably the reason for the common resistance of going into the void, the unknown. But what else do we have left now?
In my life I have often left the well-known, to try something new. It has always given me interesting experiences. Fun – and not so fun. But I couldn’t have stayed in the well-known, well defined. It truly was an inner need.
In my paintings recently, I more and more paint energy without form that in a way is chaos, not yet described or experienced. Or I start with a certain motive and it evolves into something that is more energy. Sometimes a motive shows up from the energy. To me one of many potentials.
A Master’s Pause wouldn’t be a Master’s Pause if it didn’t end with a Merabh. Adamus invites us to go into the chaos, the void. As he says, it is all your energy. Nothing to be afraid of, it is there to serve you. The first time I watched it, I fell asleep after a short while. I feel just the word “Merabh” often has that effect on me. The next time I had a beautiful experience and also important, I felt totally safe by being in my own chaos.
As usual in the end in the Master’s Pauses, Adamus leaves and you can stay in the energy, listening to the music and watching the graphic. Both are so supportive for the experience, a beautiful work by the CC staff. The whole setting on the scene is also radiating being so comfortable.
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 2/9/2021)
Dive into the Chaos
. If you are looking for warm blankets and puppies and all things comfy and cozy, you may be surprised at I Am Comfort - the latest in the Master’s Pause series. It didn’t take long into the material to discover that Adamus Saint-Germain was offering something very different.

From the opposite viewpoint, he has you consider what comfort is by describing discomfort. He introduces and describes what chaos is, and discusses friction and resistance. But ultimately, Adamus comes back to what has been a theme in many of his latest offerings: It’s all your energy. He goes on to tell what is the result of not being in resonance with your own energy.

He invites us to dive into what he calls chaos, and by doing so, you are no longer in resistance, and the discomfort will end. I then concluded that in the absence of discomfort, you must then be in comfort. It was a really interesting and informative way of getting to what comfort can feel like.

Adamus ended once again with a merabh, which was (a bit ironically) comforting. So much so that I curled up on my bed with a quilt and fell soundly to sleep. There is lovely music that continues to play after he finishes speaking, and I woke up somewhere in the middle of that. I felt energized yet calm, so I must have heard what he said on some level.

I Am Comfort felt a bit like reading a very short book with chapters that didn’t feel at first like they matched the title. But by the end chapter, it all tied together and you understand it was a very interesting way to get to the subject. And you get a lovely music track to boot!

This Master’s Pause is one I will come back to several times as it contains great insight and support during this time of transformation for so many of us. Thank you to the Crimson Circle team for another great offering in this series.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 2/6/2021)
Another important step and Realization
. After unpredictable glitches and having to restart it what did not work I downloaded the Session. Then I have really enjoyed it. Although I took a nap during the Merabh. So I did re-listen and shortly after Adamus left I again did go to sleep. Might be because of the expansion that I allowed myself to experience. It’s been a beautiful experience although I feel that my human mind hasn’t quite understood what I did allow. I am much more comfortable and calm at least in my mind.
Review by Merlin Saint Peter / (Posted on 2/4/2021)