I Am Free

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 • The soul has always been free
 • Human has been “separate” from consciousness
 • Release the past, mass consciousness, time and the mind
 • Integrate – “into great” – consciousness and energy
 • Then you will be free in your own energy and passion
 • True freedom – it’s all natural!


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The Master’s Pause Series

I Am Free

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Everybody wants freedom. Or do they? True freedom means absolute responsibility for oneself and releasing all protective barriers in order to finally experience the soul’s innate liberty. According to Adamus, the human has been “outside” of consciousness, an intended separation for the sake of experience that has caused issues of suffering, abandonment and more. Now it’s time to transcend that separation and experience absolute freedom. Some of the biggest things standing in the way are the past, mass consciousness, time and the mind. When these are released, we can move toward something that’s never been done before – the integration of consciousness and energy, allowing oneself “into greatness” of mastery and wisdom.

When one chooses freedom, many things must be released, particularly the four main dynamics mentioned by Adamus. First is the past, a heavy burden that humans drag along with them through many lifetimes. Second is mass consciousness, which is simply an agreement between humans; now it’s about agreeing with yourself. Third is time, one of the greatest games a soul will ever play, for it holds everything together but “sucks the freedom right out of you.” And finally, there is the mind, full of thoughts that aren’t even yours. It takes a very bold and wise being to go beyond the “circular prison” of time. As you release these things and allow the Master to wisdomize everything, you become free in your own energy and passion.

“Consciousness and energy together – that’s where we’re going.” ~ Adamus

Length: 1:35:12 (plus bonus music track 49:09)

Format: Downloadable video (mp4), audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $33 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, October 2020

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Ancestral Freedom Live Free Timeless Just Passing Through (Time)

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Not to be missed
All Master Pause materials go beyond time. And they will find you exactly when you
need them. This was the case for me with Master Pause “I Am Free”. The message
didn’t resonate with me initially when it was released. I was not ready to hear it. And it
happened so many times before.
Freedom is challenging for me. I’m still finding places where I want to be in control of
how energy is serving me. And recently it seems to be dissolving. Miracles happen and
I trust more.
In Master Pause “I AM Free” Adamus talks a lot about what freedom is and how we lost
it, or rather how we forgot what it is – sine at our core we are free. And then he walks us
through the experience to release our stuck points.
It answered my questions: What does it mean to be free? How does it feel?  Will my
mind ever let go of control and just trust and allow? And it took some time to hear the
Adamus tells us that there’s no freedom without abundance and becoming timeless.
In other words - becoming timeless Merlin that is allowing energy to serve him or her.
Not telling energy what to do. Just picking potentials and enjoying the experience.
Knowing that energy and everything in your life is yours. Others can cast shadow but
newer steel your energy nor they can give you energy. Knowing that this is
Adamus always challenges us to be grand. Live the Ahmyo life. And the next step he’s
guiding us into what Tobias called New Energy - where consciousness and energy are
integrated. Into greatness of divine human. Home comes to you. And for that human
aspect needs to find freedom – the AND of living inside the box and outside of it.
Not to be missed.
Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 6/15/2021)
Preparing for our next step
. As every topic from the Master’s Pause, I Am Free comes at a time when it can help us best in our Journey and for this material I can say it is more: it is important in preparing our next steps as Shaumbra and Embodied Masters.
This material that is an important topic to Adamus comes to focus what we already know and to prepare ourselves for a next important step, the human being free in its own energy. After some talks to remind the importance of freedom, Adamus gets into a Merabh that contains four steps in our freedom, as always by now, things to be released in order to be free (mostly as a human on Earth). Each segment is fun and filled with humor, going to release of the past that we not need to carry with us any longer, releasing us from the mass consciousness, having time serve us and going beyond the mind, and I found very interesting new perspectives and images that Adamus describes in order to have a clear picture of what he is talking about. While time is the element that links everything, each of the components has its own importance in the human life on a daily basis and it is helpful to be aware of that influence or choice to agree to.
After some time with the audio file and re-watching a few times the video material, I can say that it is so important for now as clarity, my feeling is that is like a breath of free air in a time where everything is not so clear, and this material just gets out every doubt and uncertainty and just gets things back to the self, the full self of every one of us.
The music of the video and of the audio file merabh is memorable (it is a download and you can listen to it when you like), beyond just fine, and that is by the grace of CC Team preparing all of this, so big thanks to Adamus, Geoffrey and Linda, to the CC Staff.
I do highly recommend it.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 1/6/2021)
Free Within Your Own Energy
. We’ve been talking about freedom for some time now. Back in 2007 when the DreamWalker Ascension School began, Adamus had us consider “the law is not yours.” For me, it was an opportunity to become clear about all of the laws and rules associated with mass consciousness that I had agreed to. Adamus presented a year’s worth of shouds entitled “The Freedom Series” from late 2012 - mid year 2013. Since then, he has continued to ask whether or not we wanted our freedom, and with this Master’s Pause - I Am Free, he presents some of the things that we can free ourselves from, and what we can be free within.

Adamus outlines freedom from our past, mass consciousness, time and the mind, and I feel that we can indeed choose freedom in all of those. But being free in one’s own energy feels more like an experience, a state of being.

Right after going through the material again, I took a walk. Before I set out, I took a deep and conscious breath and made a conscious choice to be in my own energy as I took that walk. I had that clarity that everything I was perceiving was from within my own energy. There was nothing outside of me - it was all mine. And I felt it. The next day, I gave myself a more intense experience as I chose to be in my own energy in a grocery store. It was much more difficult than the rather secluded walk I had taken the day before. Again I took a conscious breath and made that conscious choice as I made my way through a fairly crowded store in the middle of a pandemic. Truth be told, I had to remember that choice a time or two as I navigated my way through the market. I was much more aware of time and mass consciousness than I had been on that walk, but it turned out to be one of the most graceful shopping trips I’ve had in quite some time.

I feel that “freedom” will be one of the next words or concepts to go out of vocabulary. It will simply be that we are free in our own energy, and it becomes that natural state of being once again. Then the bringing together of energy and consciousness, which has never been done before, can occur.

I Am Free is coming to us at the end of this remarkable year of 2020. Adamus has clearly presented it as a beautiful way to remember what we already know. Thank you to him, Geoff and Linda and the CC staff for bringing forward yet another much needed pause.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 12/21/2020)
I Am Free blew all my fog away!!
. All of the Master’s Pauses are, for me, delicious moments to simply sit lazily in a fresh Spring meadow, allowing sweet breezes to blow away my fog, allowing grander clarity!

What’s fog? It’s like a big blanket of beliefs that create a really dirty, smudged window that prevents a clear view of “what is”.

I Am Free blew all my fog away!!

Adamus specifically speaks about, what I call fog as being residues of the past, mass consciousness, time, and the mind. When we let go of these, we’re Free to see and make clear the REALity of what actually already IS!

Again, nothing really new, yet in his brilliant reflection of what we’re experiencing, Adamus brings clarity to many facets of the process of allowing Self to come to know and truly experience I Am Free.

For me, it is truly the “end of the story”, Journey of the Angels, in part, the story of how we came to believe in a separation from Spirit/Soul/I Am and how we got addicted to time, the past, mass consciousness, and the mind.

Now, as everything has converged over this Summer of Realization, we can now allow our Light to Shine, first on ourselves to see and allow the potentials of walking out of these “addictions” into Freedom within our own Energy.

Now we can finally allow Consciousness & Energy to meld together for the first time EVER!

As Adamus says, “What a setup”, like the best Shakespearean play ever!

Shine On! What fantastic potentials we can choose to experience now, as we finally are Free within our own energy, ready to experience Consciousness melding with Energy, as New Energy.

I realize all of this has been presented many times since Tobias and Adamus have been reflecting our expanding awareness. It was all in Quantum Allowing in April, 2014, in Kauai. And what’s nearly 8 years?? Time is a perspective, and awakening is a process, so All Is Well!

Via the Magic of Merlin and distilling, I Am (Now) Free to co-create in fantastic imagination and dance with I Am!

My favorite quote: “You’re free to experience the crystalline beauty of your own energy without a past or without a future, all right now.” Adamus explains earlier, that knowing there is no past and no future is when I know that time is serving me.

My biggest Ah-ha was finally grasping how the Master, distilling all the experiences of all my lifetimes to wisdom, is the Magic that allows the compassion of the I Am to invitethe melding together of I Am & Me; Consciousness & Energy!

Adamus actually said he had not yet figured out how to communicate this, and yet he does!!

Thank you Dear Adamus for re-framing all of this so patiently and clearly for over a decade; thank you Geoff and Linda for your courage, love, and commitment; thank you CC staff for your ever expanding expertise and beauty in all that you do! And infinite gratitude to all of us in the House of Shaumbra for showing up now to BE Free….. and for Shining!!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 12/15/2020)
To be in your energy and yet to be free
. To Be in Your Energy and yet to be Free

A Master's Pause, shutting out the world for a while, even wine and food are served...
And then Adamus gets going on his core passion of Freedom, as once again a specific window in time seems open to not only break through persistent limitations, but advance the conclusion of the "brilliant setup" of all creation, where souls sent forth angels and later human extensions into energy, to experience and communicate wisdom and compassion back to the Soul while keeping her safe from the entanglements in physical reality. Up to a point, when the human is "ready", has had "it" for better or worse, and the master aspect steps in and blesses all experience, so the human can accept that it is all their energy, and it is all here, all the time. They transcend time and are finally able to feel free in their own energy. And when the Soul senses that, s/he initiates Soul/Consciousness and Energy melding together. Never been done before, and now it becomes possible to return to this natural state.
Adamus reassures us we already know this, he just mirrors it back to us for full awareness.

Then, with music to make the medicine go down, he touches on the 4 greatest distractive forces in our current experience: Time and Mass consciousness, personalized as our Past and our Mind).
1 Time. To release it equals realization, that is how big it is. When truly released, the past collapses into the now. The future does the same, as we acknowledge every second of every day that the energy is all ours, and it is all here now. Time needs to be commanded, not courted with suggestion. Use your big voice, he says, not because time needs to hear it, you need to hear yourself. I had a perfect occasion the other day, driving down the road, late for something, unable to corral my thoughts into coherent function, unwelcome emotion washing over me, I suddenly had it and without needing to stop the car, I unearthed my big voice and commanded time to serve me and all my energy NOW. Just like back in Sedona, when I yelled at a bottle of water to serve me, with cheerleading from Adamus and the compassion of a group of Shaumbra, it took more than one attempt, but then I did hear myself. No longer concerned with how it sounded to myself or anyone else, it thundered from my core, and the effect on my constitution was instant! It feels great to blow past the filters!
2 Mass consciousness. A handy guidebook of agreements for beginners to life on earth. For us, it needs to be optional. Aware of it, but not trapped in its descriptions and conclusions. Obvious, when he references the first entry on page 1: Energy is outside of yourself. To have it, you must earn it or work/fight for it! The old trauma from right after leaving home, we need to move past it now.

Adamus elaborates on how these two mega-forces affect the individual human in terms of 3) their past and 4) their mind, the mind "perhaps the most crippling of all in terms of your freedom". However, much it may kick and scream to keep running your life, once you grant yourself freedom from its siege, it goes down quietly, simply adapts, he assures us.
The channel ends with a beautiful vision of creation that I tried to fit in a nutshell at the beginning of this review. The music keeps playing to allow us to soar and into-great what just happened!

For Adamus, "no greater words can be spoken" than a human realizing and owning I AM FREE. He acknowledges that with this great knowing comes great responsibility, more than most humans are willing to take on. Much as they cry for it, when it actually comes they shut down. We are not most people, but I gained a whole new respect and awe for the totality of my own freedom, not just from (guilt and shame), but freedom to own all my energy, in and beyond time, and ultimately to feel Free to Receive the I AM. Many of us reached the end of the past/path "face in the mud", exhausted. Going forth from point zero requires a different approach, a new way of being in the world, while not of it: Letting it Come to Us. Understanding what that means and staying steady while it happens.
It is "killing me" to think that I could have done that all along, AND I feel the release from burden that comes with dying, AND I am still here, breathing deeper than ever, and choosing to stay here for a good long time. Suddenly I want to give Christmas gifts, to everybody! So I do, the Merlin way! JOY to the World.

Siglinde Schwenzl, member of CC review team
Review by Sig / (Posted on 12/13/2020)
Life is quite simple for the human: I am here to experience, can make no mistakes from the soul`s point of view, because what I experience at a point is turned into wisdom by the Master in me; Merlin awakes, and I am finally ready to combine consciousness
. The Master`s Pause
Life is quite simple for the human: I am here to experience, can make no mistakes from the soul`s point of view, because what I experience at a point is turned into wisdom by the Master in me; Merlin awakes, and I am finally ready to combine consciousness and energy in my total integration into masterhood and realization … So, what is standing in my way for feeling true freedom in my life??

This channeling, I Am Free, makes it possible for you to get clear about what you have put between you and your feeling of freedom in your life. What you have put between you and your realization. I felt lightness through watching this session, lightness and relief. Adamus makes it simple and clear what is important to release in life to set yourself free. As described in the overview in the Crimson Circle Store it is: Release things from the past, from mass consciousness, from being bound by time and to release and go beyond the mind. That simple … or it sounds simple
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 12/8/2020)
YES, I choose Freedom!
. If I should put a common word to all the Master’s Pauses, it would be the word “allowing”. What Adamus offers us is a break from all that is going on outside and inside and allow ourselves a new perspective. In this Master’s Pause it is about freedom. He asks us to feel into our level of freedom, 0 being no freedom at all and 100 totally free. He gives examples of areas in our lives, like financial, relationships, jobs where we might not be so free as we would like to.
In a Shoud some years ago, Adamus asked the question, “Do people really want freedom?”, and his own answer was, “Not really”. Because that means taking responsibility for everything in your life. And that is kind of scarry. But now we are here at a point where that is so important if we want to live a truly graceful life.
Everything is our own energy, each of us. And don’t we want to be free in our energy?
Adamus takes us through some areas where we may not be free, giving us the opportunity to release them. The first one, our past. Dragging it with you, lifetime after lifetime. When I felt into it, there were still things holding me back, in spite of a lot of releasing I have done over the years. Stuck energy in the body sometimes causing pain. But I felt I could let go of that now. I still can feel something in my body, but I guess it has more to do with the integration with the free energy body. And some adjustments take a little “time”.
The next ones being Mass Consciousness and Time, both keeping us “in place” And part of the whole set up here on Earth. Finally, the Mind. To me that is a tough one. My mind is always going with planning things I should do or thinking about things I or others have done and surely judging a lot. The day after I had watched the video, I woke up feeling sad, hopeless etc. Especially one of my “mind issues” was popping up, control. How can you be free and at the same time hold on the control? No that does not work. So, a lot of deep breathing, and for me the best medicine for everything, a long walk, in nature by myself. That changes so much. Half-way I felt joyful again, and today sitting here writing, I can actually laugh at my control issue. It’s not gone, but my feeling about it has changed.
Something that really gave me goosebumps was the next step Adamus talks about: Combining consciousness and energy! As he says, it has never been done before, but that is where we are going!
Adding to the whole experience is the music and the graphics. So beautiful with swans in different light flying over the sky in the end when Adamus has stopped talking and only the music is playing. An extra treat.
I highly recommend this Master’s Pause, I Am Free.
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 12/8/2020)
To be free at one’s choice
. A beautiful distillation of the things that keeps one from one’s true freedom. Adamus brings you to the edge, you have to jump yourself. It is a comfortable jump. Don’t forget to watch how lovingly and compassionate Adamus is communing this Master’s Pause. With ease and grace.
Review by aZ~Za / (Posted on 12/5/2020)
I already knew, WE already know!!
. Over the last few months there was a burning almost angry sensation that I couldn't put words to, this summed up everything I was feeling and had slightly confused my human and put me at peace! A beautiful confirmation that there's NOTHING WRONG WITH ME, I've just outgrown mass consciousness, I see past the hypnosis and I along with my beautiful Shaumbra family am ready for the next step WOOHOO!!
Review by Mary / (Posted on 12/2/2020)
Another historical event for a remarkable Year
. I enjoyed this one really. Another epic point on our path. When you listen to Adamus you can feel that he is full of passion for this and everything followed after this. And it’s never being done before so I am grateful to be a part of this. Leading the way so to speak.
Review by Merlin Peter / (Posted on 12/1/2020)