I Am Joy

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 •  Allow the awareness of joy
 •  It changes everything
 •  Joy is a sense, a way to perceive reality
 •  Imagine being open, vulnerable and safe
 •  Feel the joy inherent in every living thing, in all of life
 •  To be alive is to be in joy!


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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Joy 


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Joy is always there. It is the natural state of any living thing and comes from deep within. The I Am and the Master self are always in a state of joy. However, in the conflicted and chaotic experience of being human, joy is often covered over, lost or forgotten. When you allow the awareness of joy to return, you return to a state of innocence, vulnerability and the safety. Whatever challenges you are facing, even pain, depression or lack, allowing the return of joy changes how energy serves you.

Unlike the human emotion of happiness, joy is not dependent on other people, circumstances or anything else outside of you. “To be alive is to be in joy” and even sorrow, anger and depression are experiences of life and therefore contain joy at their core. After speaking about joy, what it is and where to find it, Adamus leads a beautiful merabh for allowing the joy to return to your awareness. It changes everything, for joy is a sense, a way of perceiving reality. Allow yourself to bring the awareness of joy back into your life!

Length: 54:30

Format: Downloadable [audio mp3, text pdf, video mp4]

Cost: $33

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoff & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at Villa Ahmyo in Kona, Hawaii, January 2019

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Simplicity of Joy
I’m very grateful for all those Master Pauses from Adamus. They add new dimensions, new potentials to my human experience. And this time, it took me a while to start appreciating this particular one - I Am Joy – Adamus re-defines Joy, of course. And I remember that one of the main teachings from Tobias and his SES school was that the SEV is feeding on joy. Abuse takes away joy from life. And I spent a lot of time pondering that as I taught SES for all those years. With this Master’s Pause Adamus added more to Joy – openness, trust, and vulnerability is Joy.
“I Am Joy” was most challenging of all Master Pauses for me so far. I was so excited when I got it and … I didn’t like it at all after first time I listened to it. I was expecting something like – I Am Comforting, since I was in so much physical pain at that time. It took me a while to start observing and allowing my own resistance to Joy, to be alive. And also my resistance to allowing. I wonder: how many of my patterns still resists the simplicity of allowing energy to serve me.
And then out of the blue the resistance was gone, in Adamus’ words: “To be Alive is to be in Joy”. Such a gem.
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 8/5/2019)
I want to sing!
Yes oh yes!
Review by Paul / (Posted on 6/1/2019)
Joy Is Where It's At
The Master’s Pause Series is different from the other information that Adamus has delivered. It is more about a beingness, a feeling, than it is about information. This Master’s Pause is about sitting in the experience of Joy.

As I sat with I Am Joy, I realized joy is a feeling I know and I am being reminded to allow it. I felt it vibrate through my being. I am now noticing the impact as this is changing my relationships and interactions with other humans, and how energy is coming back to me. There is now a lot more clarity. Energy is responding in a no-nonsense fashion. There has been some chaos as things are rearranging every moment. Allowing is key.

This session is about sitting with the feeling of joy. If you are considering this product, ask yourself if you can sit with joy and not let your mind get in the way.

Joe Davinroy
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by JD / (Posted on 5/20/2019)
Going Beyond Words
These Master’s Pause offerings are very meditative. They have a unique quality, different from other classes. They are not about learning as much as they are about experiencing. One is invited to feel and feel deeply.

I appreciated that the Master’s Pause - I Am Joy was filmed at Villa Ahmyo in Hawaii as I have found the joyful resonance of the wild sacred feminine blooms on the Big Island and within the Villa. It was supportive to have those energies present in this recording.

Adamus does a lovely job of pointing us to joy. I think the music used for the merabh is very resonant and exquisite, as are the energies brought in to support the experience. They are potent and sweet.

While the words used to guide us into the experience are good pointers, I found myself floating upon the words rather than listening to them. In the final portion of the class, I wanted to rest in the music and energies alone, as the words pulled me out of the experience of joy and back into my mind. Still, the Master’s Pause creates an effective bridge to joy. I think it would be particularly helpful for those who are just beginning to surrender outcomes and allow joy as a foundational resonance.

This is a timely Master’s Pause as it is showing us an experiential way of being in our new life and radiating into our life situations. Joy becomes the rhythm and flow underneath everything else. It is the dancing flame that magnetizes energy into new potentials while celebrating the moment exactly as it is.

Donna Van Keuren
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by DVK / (Posted on 5/18/2019)
EnJOY this Master's Pause!
Joy. I’ve always loved the word. I never knew why exactly but even planned to name my unborn baby Joy if he had been a girl many years ago. Instead he got 3 other letters! I even collect the word when I find it and have it all over my house. On pillows. On glasses. On rustic signs hanging… A friend and I get together for our “Joy Club” and drink bubbly together. My Starbucks “name” is Joy because I like hearing it called! (And it’s easier for Baristas to spell lol).

So needless to say, when this latest Master’s Pause was released “I AM Joy” I was overjoyed! Until I listened. Seriously Adamus? It’s that simple? Truly? So, I listened again and again. AND again. My mind really struggled with the simplicity of this offering because you can’t think yourself into joy Adamus tells us.

As Adamus states, even the word “joy” is limited by the word! While there are numerous definitions, he tells us that if we feel into it, the joy is always there. WTF Adamus?

Like many, I have felt that joy was something to reach for and attain for a short time. Elusive like happiness. Not a constant state to be in like a “bliss ninny”. However, Adamus shares that joy is NOT an emotion because it’s always there and not controlled by the mind. There is no duality in joy like good and bad.

Adamus continues telling us that joy is inherent in the Master and really the “I Exist and I Am that I Am”. That’s Joy! Joy is the natural state of our Being, of life itself. Even when our days our shitty and we’re having a “dragon day” joy is still there! Really, I say? Mmmm…. Okay Adamus let me feel into this…

And Adamus continues sharing his simple words of wisdom, that repeat in this Master’s Pause like a meditative chant, a melodic poem. Over and over he says “Joy is always there.” Perhaps because joy IS simply the song of the soul if we listen and feel it? Where there is life there is joy! Nature is ALWAYS in joy Adamus shares which is easy to feel with spring blossoms right now, less when you’re raking leaves! (Mind you this material was filmed at Villa Amyho where joy is very present in the tropical beauty and not the snow of Coal Creek Canyon!)

I found this material almost hypnotic and probably this is intentional to bypass the resistance of our minds. Or at least mine! Since true joy is rarely in our thoughts. Joy is the breath when the mind stops.
Joy has been with the Master and our I Am and now with the allowing, returns to our human. When you allow yourself to be aware of joy, it changes the energy. Wow! I truly feel the tingles Adamus talks about…

Joy is letting yourself feel alive again! Remember how we’ve been told to choose life? For to be alive is to be in joy! My aha here was that’s the resistance my human has had to truly feeling joy… ya have to want to be here rather than grumble about your life.

I now KNOW that my reminders of “joy” in my reality landscape were placed to help me to remember it’s in everything around me! Always. Guess that was my Master and gnost doing the shopping!

Allow “I AM Joy” into your life and enJOY how the energy and reality changes around you… It IS really that simple.

Tammie Joy O’Rielly
CC Product Review Team Member


Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 5/15/2019)
Mindless Joy
I Am Joy

Not " I have joy" and therefore it could be taken away, no: I Am Joy!
A feeling sense of I Am, alive in this body, in and beyond pleasure and pain, and aware of it, too. What a concept!

The last time I may have felt that unquestioned, unlimited enthusiasm about being alive, a five year old with golden locks comes to mind. Right around then, this knowing seemed to have been taken away, or just faded. And every time after that, when the human got up to battle the windmills of mass consciousness to hammer out some joy in the experience, it got taken away, sooner or later.
Imagine my reluctant curiosity to hear, at this stage, that I Am Joy. Not maybe, not after completing extensive renovations of the weathered human, no, right now!

And yet, I could not un-hear it either. Funny thing with truth, you never learn it, you just know, and allow yourself to remember.
So after throwing the mind a few bones to nibble on, how its reality is not wrong, but safely contained in the greater sense of Joy, Adamus invites you to dive in, immerse, allow. Even if just for a moment, the effects are quantum.

It is really good to experience this when you don't feel particularly happy.
Not only do I remember the underlying truth of I Am Joy in those deep breaths I take whenever invited to do so, I also simultaneously show myself all the ways in which I have buried / or allowed others to bury this knowing under tons of mental-emotional gravel. With that labored perception of the human condition, "getting over it", one trauma, attack, betrayal, loss at a time, turned into a para-olympic discipline for me.

It is never pleasant to admit "you did this to yourself", but when I do, the good news is of course I can get myself out of it, too. Not from the human perspective that created the problem, but from the place of my soul, where nothing bad ever even happened, because it is beyond duality: No more mountains to climb, just one step over into a different perspective.

How many times have I exclaimed "It's not funny!". Oh, but it is.
Adamus announces a new brand of humor, not borne of perceived conflict, but of the And.
The outrageous indignities and the magnificent sanctity of life.
Like a screaming newborn in the arms of their swooning mother and father.
Its okay, baby. You'll see as soon as you look!
Or a random crowd in Spain walking into a flash mob performing The Ode to Joy in the town square, stopping in their busy tracks to accept the invitation
Watch for the little girl at 3:38


Siglinde Schwenzl
Member of CC Product Review Team
Review by don't have one / (Posted on 5/3/2019)
Review for I Am Joy
In my experience with the material I am appreciating another material that’s in support of our journey (or non-journey for others). This gift had a profound effect for me, brought some interesting realizations (and answers to some older questions).
First listening / watching the material brought something I would call a huge heart opening, something that I didn’t experienced in a long time. However, after some days, re-listening, remembering and going through what feels a `simple` material, considering the context with the Dragon and other things going on, I did found myself into an experience of resistance from the mind, so deeply into the mind that at times it felt like nothing would disconnect that gravity. So, the experience was that just by listening to the material all was easy back into a natural flow, without so much being into the mind, and not feeling like trapped there. There was also a type of realizing the difference between what the human thinks about joy and what the feeling of joy is. Now, as Adamus encourage us to do, it is a constant reminder to be in AND and allowing myself to feel the joy and to open up the sense of joy.
Along the way, I started to see the answers for what is joy, and why it is in the main points of the order of Standards (the Adamus channel in July 16, 2006), yet just now it is very tangible reference. Also, as participant in SES, it brings more clarity to some subjects.
Also I loved this another transmission from the Villa Ahmyo, simple, but relevant. Many thanks to Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, and the CC Staff for another beautiful Master’s Pause.
I do highly recommend the material, if you would like some easy way into your life.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 5/2/2019)
This is just joyous! It is so peaceful and uplifting. Beautifully presented. Don't miss the last section!
Review by Claire / (Posted on 4/23/2019)
I can sense the ever present Joy.
There is no other experience more joyful than the sensuality of the Joy that comes from within. I Am Joy is the most beautiful gift that one can receive from the I AM. Don't miss it Shaumbra.
Review by Mitra / (Posted on 4/4/2019)
Review: Master`s Pause – “I Am Joy” KISS: “Keep it simple, Sam!” & “Don`t stand in your own way!” These sentences keep coming up after I watched Master`s Pause – I Am Joy.
Review: Master`s Pause – “I Am Joy”
KISS: “Keep it simple, Sam!” & “Don`t stand in your own way!”
These sentences keep coming up after I watched Master`s Pause – I Am Joy.
It is indeed very simple. Joy is a natural state. “I am alive!” It is the joy within, being with the vibrant feeling in every cell in the bodies of the I AM that I AM – I Exist; the knowingness, that I have always existed and always will … The natural state of the I AM and the Master self.
What has shown up for me is a resistance I feel against letting me feel this joy within. Joy has shown up several times during my life, overshining all heaviness and mud that I was in. But back then a grey feeling came back again – life went in ups and downs …
Now I am aware that what holds this gravity (resistance from letting in joy) is mass consciousness; but back then I did not know. I have also been thinking of dear people I`ve seen and met that I regarded as being bright and wise. I realized some of them committed suicide – and I also wondered why??? As joy is obviously a natural sense in every living being it should not be “necessary” for anyone to leave in this way. But again, at another level suicide can turn out to be what the human has chosen to experience in this lifetime. It just feels like a waste for me when I see that they had so much more to give to humanity.
What makes the difference in people’s choices in their lives is always the awareness and consciousness present.

In “I Am Joy” Adamus guides us to the very core of our being in a gentle way to allow joy to be felt. The words said are in fact few; but they are repeated, so you can allow the energy in. In the last part of the session a special effect is used on the sound of the voice – very effectful, you will enjoy it.
Like in the other Master`s Pause products, I really enjoy the break this one brings me; this pause to slow down and experience … To let me feel myself and allow myself to really be with all of me – only me!
Feeling my Joy …

I recommend Master`s Pause – “I Am Joy” to you. Allow yourself to watch/ feel it.

Finn Andersen
Member of CC Review Team
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 4/4/2019)
Perfect timing for me to pause and feel my Joy!!
I Am Joy is a breathtakingly simple and deeply profound expression and experience of Adamus’s masterly wisdom.

And as we listen and read, we feel ourselves saying, “Oh, I know that”; “I resonate with that”; “That’s so familiar to me.”

And so, again, dear Adamus puts OUR wisdom and knowingness into words and into another wonderful merabh of experiencing the joy that is our natural state of being.

Being in the awareness of Joy is being safe in innocence, vulnerability, and purity. Joy is always present, in every cell of our bodies, even when we feel “off”. It’s the radiance of the I Am, of the master. Joy is a sense, a perception of my reality landscape.

Joy cannot be controlled by my mind. Sensing and feeling Joy is sensing and feeling my I Am and my Master self.

Joy comes from Spirit, from Soul, from awareness of energies responding to my I Am.

Like the sun on a cloudy day, Joy is always there. It’s present even in a “bad mood” experience. In all of life, in the stars and the sea, in rocks and flowers, and in you and me, there is ever present Joy!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 4/3/2019)
I Am Joy - I Exist
A new Master Piece from Adamus. The day I downloaded the video, I had some thoughts about joy in my life. More specific, what was not a joy and what I wanted to change. Then I watched the video, and of course, this was much deeper than what I feel happy about and what not.
As Adamus says, when we feel happy or sad, it’s just an emotion coming from the human. Joy is beyond that, it’s coming from the I Exist, it’s the song of the soul. And we can feel that, no matter how our mood is. It’s the AND – and the feeling of being alive.
It reminded me, when I was a teenager and in spring had spent a weekend with some girls from my class in a summer cottage. I was walking back home on a path in the wood along the road. The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm and the trees stood with the light green leaves. I just felt this joy deep inside like bobbles. Actually, also a feeling that I could do anything. A feeling of freedom.
I recognize it from Standard Technology too. Feeling the joy of the cells in the body. Like a song.
Most of the time, I feel happy with my life. But when I really feel into it, it has often to do with the outer world. In this Master’s Pause, we are offered to go so deep within, to get an even deeper contact with the I Exist. Adamus does that through a beautiful Merabh, all the time going deeper.
It is really difficult to put into words, what is going on. To me, it felt like going so deep within, like a new way of being in contact with the I Exist.
The immediate effect after watching the Merabh was that I fell asleep, while sitting in the sofa. And when I went to bed, I slept for about 9 hours and wasn’t even really awake when I got up. It still feels like so much is going on. Even writing this, takes me kind of somewhere else.
As always, the graphics is so beautiful. In the end a dancer is dancing so beautifully, expressing both joy and freedom. Wow!
I highly recommend this Master’s Pause, I Am Joy. And be prepared for change when you watch it!
Anne Maribo Andersen
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 4/2/2019)
Very joyful and...
Now I truely again felt the joy within my Being. I just am grateful that Adamus so perfectly leads into the awareness of Joy itself and that he also does remind us that this Joy is always present and that no one can ever take it from us. Excellent!
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 4/1/2019)
To Be Alive is to Be in Joy
Adamus has said for quite some time that there’s nothing to teach us. He is here to remind us of what we already have a knowingness of. One of the most beautiful reminders is in I Am Joy, the latest in the Master’s Pause series. A reminder to not only feel back into the I Exist, but to perceive reality through the sense of Joy.

When I was little, one of my favorite songs was called Happiness. I sang it all the time. The first few lines are, “I am happy today for the sunshine. For the skies of grey or blue. For within my heart is a song of life…” When I was little I was in that natural and innocent state of joy. I had not yet shut down that beautiful sense. I was especially tuned in when I was outside because there is so much joy in nature.

After I finished listening to I Am Joy, I spent time out on my back patio and noticed the “aliveness” in everything around me. There were several varieties of birds (including one very enthusiastic woodpecker) and squirrels leaping from tree to tree. A thunderstorm rolled in and sang in joy, and even a rainbow appeared in its expression. All in the sheer joy of their existence! It’s the natural state of anything living. But as I consciously perceived it through the sense of Joy, everything around me had more depth, and it was a much more expanded experience.

Imagine perceiving your life through this sense of Joy! Opening up to that joy that is always there. This is not a tool, and is not something you think your way into. Adamus invites us through a lovely merabh to open and allow yourself to feel joy again. He mentioned feeling joy in the body, and that is something that can be very challenging for the human. But opening up to the Joy can change the energy flow and dynamics in our reality.

I like to jot down a few notes while I listen to what is coming through. I’m always interested to look back at what I’ve written to see what has resonated with me. Out of everything that I heard and experienced, I wrote one sentence in all caps: TO BE ALIVE IS TO BE IN JOY. This is the essence of this experience for me.

As with the other installments of the Master’s Pause series, I highly recommend I Am Joy. Human life and mass consciousness can feel heavy and discouraging at times. Opening up to the Joy that is always there creates an awareness that can quickly shift perspective, and that can be a beautiful gift that you give yourself.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 4/1/2019)