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  • Merlin is returning
  • It’s the integration of the human’s experience and the Master’s wisdom
  • “I Am Merlin” – this starts the energy moving
  • Magic is real, but it’s only for YOU
  • Open to your own energy, truth, passion and magic
  • Are you ready to be Merlin?

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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Merlin

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Merlin is a title taken on by many Masters of the past. Now comes the time for the new Merlins to take their place on Earth. It is the integration of your own Master self, your own wisdom, for Merlin is the human in awareness of its mastery. With this integration, the magic begins. Your truth and passion come forward. You, the Merlin, remain always open to your own energy, allowing a life of magical synchronicity.

In this very special Master’s Pause, Adamus talks about what it means to be the new Merlin. It is about allowing, trust, and absolute openness to energy. He gives a very important caution to never use magic on others or with agenda and control, then leads a beautiful experience of deep integration, accompanied by music that he says is embedded with supporting energy and consciousness.

The way of the Merlin is never closing down to energy, never holding back, always open to your own energy in your own life

Length: 1:26:14

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), video (mp4) and text (pdf)

Cost: $33 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, August 2019

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Magic of the Masters 10 Years with Adamus Master's Pause Series 

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Time for another level of integration
- I took some time to write this review. I needed a break and, I just wanted to see how all this understanding is unfolding in my life. I like to think that it all started in Santa Fe when we gathered to celebrate 10 years with Adamus. I was expecting a party, fun messages, celebration. But that is not what happened ... maybe because we had so much fun connecting with old friends and making new, bashing Ascended Master. The messages from Adamus were very serious and they started a brand-new chapter in CC teachings. It felt like a point of separation.

This Masters pause – I Am Merlin - is a real gem and goes very well with the last Shoud from Emergence series, that is a collection of recordings from Santa Fe. And it goes much, much deeper, opening space for yet another layer of integration. Adamus gently guides us to trust the Merlin that we are. Merlin is this embodied realization: Wisdom + Experience or Master and Human. Yet another potential in our evolution, expansion of our experiences here on Earth.

This Master’s Pause, I am Merlin is all about integration. Integrated, allowing to be you. Those who took Aspectology got used to integrating aspects. Now it’s time for integrating mastery into human experience since according to Adamus, Merlin is human, and master integrated here on earth.

Takes a while to integrate. Takes patience, allowing, feeling into one’s truth, staying open, feeling the flow of energy. Thank you for another beautiful experience.

Iwona Wirkus 
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team 
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 12/25/2019)
For those who are truly ready, this is helpful support
- The Master’s Pause series is very feeling-based and non-intellectual. It is all about the experience of being something. In this instance it is about being the Merlin, or the integrated wisdom that attracts your energy into form.

This particular Master’s Pause is unique in that Adamus speaks openly to two different audiences: those who are ready to integrate the wisdom of the Merlin after years of preparation, and those who are attracted to the magical promise embodied in this program’s title.

For those who are prepared to integrate the Merlin aspect, this Master’s Pause creates a safe space for the integration of your wisdom to occur. If you are participating in the 2019-20 Keahak program, you may find this content duplicates what is happening within that container. For those who are on the brink of such a choice, I see how this Master’s Pause could be very valuable and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

I offer a word of caution to those new to this material or attracted to the concept of magic, which is that power and magic do not mix. When our wisdom integrates, it brings us first into emptiness. To be the Merlin, we must let go of the ways we used to employ magic and call home the black and white magician within. This way power cannot be used unconsciously to push a personal agenda. The true Merlin casts no spells. When one has unplugged from power 100%, then and only then can energy serve organically from a neutral, uncharged state. This is freedom, beyond all need and desire.

For those who are new and considering this material, I would suggest you start with the Master’s Life series, which prepares the ground within for living a powerless life. Feel your way into the integrity that will be required of you as a Merlin because there is no going back once the doorway is opened.

Donna Van Keuren
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by DVK / (Posted on 12/1/2019)
Merlin's Pause is Magical
- Today in my reality, it is Hallow’een. In other time zones already Samhain or All Saint’s Day. Seemed an appropriate time to re-listen and review the latest Master’s Pause – I AM Merlin! A day that always seems a little unworldly and magical for me, filled with ghosts and goblins, witches and wizards. AND chocolate!

As kids, most of us believed in magic… that anything could and would happen! Dressing up, we became those characters and believed in our magical powers. I remember playing Mary Poppins and leaping off the banister with an umbrella. Damn, I thought I could fly!

I’m not sure where and when we lost the magic, but I think secretly, we knew it always it lay latent within us. Why even as adults we loved the Harry Potter’s series of books and movies, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones. It seems lately there are a lot of TV series dealing with magic such as the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Magicians appealing to even older “kids” like myself!

As Geoff and Linda said in their introduction to I AM Merlin, no co-incidence the increase interest in magic, Merlin and dragons. In fact Adamus predicts this Master’s Pause will be one of the most popular for new Shaumbra finding Crimson Circle. No shit Sherlock er Adamus!

Personally I loved the message in this Master’s Pause! This return to magic and Merlin that we inherently knew and felt. I was on the Crimson Circle tour to Egypt five years ago when I believe Adamus first channelled Merlin. We all fell into a spell and taking a picture of the night sky on the Nile, it was filled with hundreds of dancing orbs! Something very deep and profound was triggered I think for all Shaumbra… and then I forgot about it.

And now Merlin has returned. Not just one as in the past but many, as Adamus announced at the recent gathering in Santa Fe in July, 2019. We are the new Merlins. A title that once upon a time only one awakened one held to keep the magic alive on the planet. The integration of our human and Master is the Merlin.

However, this integration is not mental and this new Master’s Pause is all about allowing it! As Adamus states, it is not about the words (really nothing new) but about the energies of Merlin which are embedded in the music of the Merahb. It’s about the deep, deep integration of the Merlin that we are and trust me you will feel it!

Then magic can happen which Adamus tells us is very real! “That which cannot be explained by science or logic but that which is.” It is the ability to finally allow energy to serve you. It’s all yours and has always been there. Yes! Thank you Adamus for the confirmation my 4 year old always knew!

And Abacadabra it does return! Adamus says magic results in synchronicity in our lives and I can vouch for that. From small things to big, I love the magic showing up without logic or planning. After listening one night again to this Master’s Pause, magically the perfect penthouse apartment in Kona appeared to rent for an upcoming event. Exactly what I wanted. Even at a special discount that magically disappeared a few weeks later – poof! My efforting hadn’t worked, but allowing did after I stopped thinking about it.

We are warned though that this magic is for YOU and not the world or others. Cast no spells! There is no power in Merlin. “Allow magic in your life. Allow the change to be all within you, where all is well in all of your life, all of your Creations”.

This Master’s Pause is all about opening up to YOUR energy and simply allowing and then magic can occur in that moment! We trust that “the greatest outcome for us by our own magic is going to be there”. And it is.

“Openness is the mantra of the Merlin” would be a great bumper sticker along with “My other car is a broom.”

I AM Merlin. And so are you! I invite you to feel the magic this hallowed season and treat yourself to this “Merlin’s Pause”. Just $25 usd before poof, the price goes up!

Tammie O'Rielly
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 10/31/2019)
Time of Machines/ Time of Magic.
- It seems to bring up memories of good times had, or at least witnessed. Everyone wants a piece of Merlin, especially that magic wand...To me, Merlin is more personal than "Master" or "Wisdom", but it is all the same.
No wand, no new words as Adamus points out right away. But there is magic to the timing when he brings this experience to us: the Merlin energy, traditionally held by just one being on earth, is now available to as many as can allow themselves the deep integration of the Merlin that we already are with the human.
Bringing it all together on four levels:
1 The connection of the human facet to the I AM, that is our Truth - the big one! It would be easy to say as a prayer, but it tends to be an arduous road to realize as your deepest place within.
2 The total Openness without fear or agenda, that is only possible or advisable once you know all you see is you, it is all your energy, and it is serving you. You have to renounce the sport of duality to do this because in duality it would be madness. This alone makes me patient, as I see my reactions, the delays until I remember total openness in daily life
3 The awareness of the Flow of energy set in motion by your connected and totally open consciousness, and resisting the temptation to limit it with direction and specifics, in service to others or in narcissistic bliss. It is not Power (anymore), it is deeply personal to us now.
And with all that, Magic becomes your life experience. To the creator, it is just creation. To the mind it appears like magic, because it would have no way to think those realities into existence. Magic can be sudden releases of stubborn old issues, just like that. Or the big AHA moment, the revelation of what it is like to live as fully integrated, realized beings on earth.
I AM Merlin seems short and sweet, but every time I listen, it is magically different: first I scan for new stuff, not so much, dose off, love that music... Listen again, this time also to myself, because it is, you guessed it, participatory. You say the big words, and you will hear your level of passion or doubt, so prepare to say it over and over, because your energies will hear you and realign, even if it may take weeks or months or years to fully seep in, the integration has started.
I am left with a feeling of exhilaration, that has nothing to do with how close or far from my full Merlin expression I may be.
Just knowing my energies are perfectly aligned for my highest outcome at all times now, "good" and "bad" forever in quotation marks from a time gone by.
Because I say so, by nobody else's standards but my own,
one way, or the other, kicking and interfering and/or gracefully surrendering, I AM MERLIN!
"I knew it", says the five-year-old me that had not been heard in a while.
Elise Schwenzl, CC Product Review Team
Review by don't have one / (Posted on 10/24/2019)
You are the Merlin
- I tend to agree with Adamus that this Master’s Pause - I Am Merlin - will be a popular one in the series. It contains the invitation for very deep integration of Merlin energies, and the clear understanding of the relationship between the Master/Merlin and magic. It is for those of us who are Shaumbra, and for those who will follow.

There have been many books and movies where Merlin plays a part. Often there is also the element of magic, and this has helped to shape the human notion of Merlin as the magician. It reminds me of the days when we discussed alchemy and there was a glimmer of hope for the human that it could magically turn lead into gold or stones into jewels. However, what I Am Merlin does is bring a clarity to what Merlin and magic really are. And not surprisingly, it’s all about energy.

At the 10 year celebration with Adamus in Santa Fe this June, we were told by the collective of Merlins that we were no longer the Master, but were in fact now Merlin. This was quite a moment in the event, and I can still connect with the feeling that was in the room. That was a point of separation (as Tobias called it) to allow our consciousness to shift. I Am Merlin allows a deeper integration of the Merlin, and the understanding that magic is about letting your energy serve you.

Adamus says that there is not any new information in this Master’s Pause. While we may have heard the information before, how it is presented along with the beautiful Merabh at the end allows the connections to deepen.

For those choosing to stay on the planet as a realized being, understanding the relationship with energy is key. I Am Merlin adds a deeper understanding and integration of the Merlin energies, magic and the truth of you.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 10/22/2019)
What a beautiful material for allowing
- What a beautiful material for allowing and getting into deep integration of Merlin into our lives. I was very joyful hearing Adamus that this is the design of this material: the deep integration of Merlin, therefore it is recommended to come back to this often. With some starting remarks reminding of allowing and that integration is not a mental thing, all is well put together.
I liked that there are two perspectives, one for the current Shaumbra, and one for the soon to be ones (as in the years to come), and I found it helpful to feel into that, observing how it adds some remainders and how it brings some old feelings from my past experiences into wisdom. For the perspective of the current Shaumbra, all the words are already known, it’s nothing new, other than the allowing more deep integration of that information. But what I appreciate most is that all the information, remainders and recommendations are in one place, just for me to be open and to allow.
As experience, after a while when at every few days I just open the video and take the Master’s pause, I can say it is a gentle adjustment, with getting more clarity and even more perspectives in life, more awareness about trust and kind of natural more trust in myself, more ease in being open and open to energy. Amongst many jokes that Adamus is inserting, the one fun I liked is “Merlin’s mantra is openness. They are opened at all time.” Also is more than a joke, on practical levels. In some days it’s almost like a magnet and I just realize that.... well, that’s why I’m here now: to allow and the material just brings the easy way to do that.
And I found t for me that the merabh is beautiful, the music and visuals are very supportive, as always, and it is the most special experience to be open and allow.
Many thanks to the amazing team preparing all of this: Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda and the CC team, and the Merlins. Just after some experiences with the material it becomes clear what a gift that can be.
So I do highly recommend this material that has a special topic, and some practical effects afterwards.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 10/20/2019)
The music, by the way, is fantastic in my opinion. I felt it going through my whole body of consciousness, soothing sounds loosening energy, and giving safe space and good grounding at the same time. It is really supportive to allowing me to go within … T
- Adamus is tuned in to catch us where we are right now.
The Pause – series is always UpToDate …
Shaumbra have or are now integrating/combining human experience-master wisdom energy, also called integrating Merlin. Therefore he made this Master`s Pause, I Am Merlin. It will become the most popular one, also years ahead, according to Adamus, because of the title and theme.
Adamus tells that he literally was Merlin.
The way of the Merlin is: Never closing down to energy, never holding back, always open to your own energy in your own life. Four important things are mentioned: Truth, being the Merlin in your own truth. Being open to energy. Allowing the flow of energy. Go beyond the logic of the mind and allow magic to occur.
VERY important is that all is about your own energy; you go within and open to your energy, not to others; you don`t put spells or curses upon others in your magic energy manifestation …

Adamus takes good time to make safe space to integrate the Merlin in this edition. The last half hour is a merabh, ending with only photo tableaus and music to support the integration process in the most beautiful way. I really enjoyed the journey.
I have gone through the material twice; spaced out in between, returned, human part analyzing timing of the video and the music backup … in and out …
The music, by the way, is fantastic in my opinion. I felt it going through my whole body of consciousness, soothing sounds loosening energy, and giving safe space and good grounding at the same time. It is really supportive to allowing me to go within …
Days after I was aware of old patterns turning up, letting me feel dragon cleanup; still feeling small in between, now minutes at a time … Shifting between feeling tired and full of energy. I am lucky to have a garden where I can ground and express myself being creative, integrating my Merlin simultaneously. Next day I realized that what I thought was old patterns of mine turning up was just me being too open for other people`s shit. Taking this time for yourself with Adamus` pause sessions opens for your sensitivity, so it is important to remember to discern between what`s yours and what`s not yours.

The session is almost one hour and a half. You can watch the video or listen to the audio; and you have a PDF to read, too. This Pause, I Am Merlin, is very recommended by me.
Finn Andersen
CC Review Team Member
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 10/16/2019)
Merlin & Magic return to our beloved Earth!
- I Am Merlin is designed for us to experience the deep deep integration of our Merlin. Merlin/Magic is present when we fully know the integration and Oneness of Human and Master. The
“Ah-ha” moment is when I realize that all Energy is mine to serve me.

Adamus says when your wisdom of the master begins to be One with your human experience, that’s the Merlin. The human in awareness of his mastery.

I love the idea of Masters taking a pause, and here we are taking a magical pause, creating the experience of integrating our Merlin into everyday life. For me, it is integrating all that Adamus and Merlin channeled in Santa Fe this summer.

Adamus reminds us that the magic is allowing Energy to serve. It can’t be explained by science or logic, yet IS!

Adamus talks about 4 things before going into the long and magical merabh with special energies embedded in the music.

"Truth" is my passion that comes from the deepest place within me. This passion to be Merlin is my truth.

"Open" to all energies. The human tends to shut down when things get intense. Merlin never does. Merlin is always open to energies.

"Flow" is when energy is open. Flow is when I am allowing energies to serve me. This is the magic.

"Magic" is beyond the logic of the mind. Adamus says “The magic becomes your light.”

He invites us to remember that our true Passion, from the deepest part of us, is to be Merlin. Wow, what an awareness!

Several months ago, Adamus talked about the 45-60 day experience. For me, experiencing I Am Merlin, allowed me to finally understand the experience I had during that time.

I was driving one day on what is called the “by-pass” around downtown in Grand Junction, CO. I was driving in the middle lane of 3 lanes, traveling about 45 mph (72 kl). In one moment, the car to the left of me was all of a sudden coming into my lane. His lane had become a turn only lane and disappeared, and he apparently wanted to continue straight, bringing him into my lane!

His bright red car completely filled my driver's window and side mirror.
It felt like he was already inside my space. Without thinking I started blowing the horn and pulling to the right, until I saw the bus that was in the lane to the right of me.

Then it happened. I opened. I allowed energy to serve me. Somehow, I moved through what, afterwards, felt like a tunnel/portal of No time & No space. Everything just felt open and without boundaries. There were NO thoughts.

When my car was beyond the car and the bus, my mind all of a sudden snapped back to life, screaming, “There is NO way that just physically happened! You didn’t hit either of those vehicles!. That totally defies the laws of physics!” All I knew then was that I had gone beyond time, space & gravity.

So now I know, after experiencing I Am Merlin…..my experience was Magic! Staying open to the energies, not shutting down in fear or mind stuff. Allowing everything to be in flow.

And of course, then there is the desire to experience it again. Adamus says the experiences of magic will come, but not by trying to reproduce them.

Being in my truth, staying open, allowing flow, allowing magic will always be new creations & experiences.

It’s like the times I somehow entice myself to do yoga stretches. The clearest example is lying on my back with my right knee bent and facing upward and the left ankle against that knee. When I push my hand against that left knee to stretch the left hip, there is an immediate resistance and pain. And then when I stop resisting and open, it allows the hip to move with ease and no pain.

And with each opening, there is flow. There is magic!

Deep gratitude, as always, to our House of Shaumbra, allowing the return of Merlin & Magic to our beloved Earth!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 10/13/2019)
Integration of your inner Merlin
- A new wonderful Master’s Pause from Adamus! As he says already in the beginning, there is not much new information in this – it is about integrating the Merlin in each one of us. Then he asks us, also in the beginning, to say out loud, I Am Merlin. When I said that, tears came to my eyes; this is exactly what I have been longing for, for such a long time. He asks us several times to say it, and in the end, I felt this, YES, and had a big smile on my face.
I have always loved fantasy stories and fairy tales. You go beyond the logic, especially in fairy tales, and in many of the fantasy stories the magic is an important living part in life. When I many years ago, read “The Mists of Avalon” it woke something in me. A longing for the magic world and a kind of knowingness that I didn’t quite understood, what was about.
Adamus mentions that magicians stepped back from their jobs, being in service of the rulers a long time ago. They had been using magic as a power tool against the enemies of the rulers, so they (the rulers) could stay in control.
He also says that magic disappeared from the world 4-500 years ago. I guess it has to do with science becoming the way of understanding the world. In a way, it made life more flat. In order to still keep the magic alive in this dimension, the title “Merlin” was given to a person, one at a time, so there would always be a Merlin.
One of the things Adamus keeps emphasizing, that relates to the time when magicians “retired”, is to only use magic for yourself. It is not to be used on your children, spouses or anybody else. Although it might be tempting to help them, that is not showing any real compassion for them and their choices in life, if you do. And it will backfire on you.
Magic is simply allowing energy to serve you. Your energy, as he has said a lot of times lately. In order to do that, you have to be in your own truth, open your energy, allow the flow of it and finally be the Merlin. It sounds rather easy, but you have to trust yourself and allow. – Sometimes a challenge…
Most of the Master’s Pause is a Merabh. As Adamus says, the music is selected to help us integrate the Merlin in us – it’s actually imbedded in the music. The Merlin being the integration of the Master and the human. It all goes very deep. To put into words what I experienced is almost impossible. Also, because it is an ongoing process. You may get these “Aha” moments, but most of it is quiet changes that you only discover after a while.
The graphic is as always so beautiful. In the end of the Merabh, when Adamus has stopped talking, there is “a circle tour” where you are in a wood with a butterfly (the one from CC) flying there, then you are passing between trees, ending at a lake with a red light in the middle and two snakes making a circle in the middle. It triggered again my old longing…
I highly recommend Master’s Pause, I Am Merlin.
Anne Maribo Andersen
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 10/10/2019)
Yes, this is who I am!
- I Am Merlin and then simply allow. Open up to all the energies that are coming in. Wow I thought what a concept because indeed I learned to hide quite well in the past but now I am done with hiding and closing down myself. And when the registration for The Passion of Merlin became available I did register immediately because it is my Passion and having fun with all of the other Merlin as well. Just celebrating and being open that is who I truly am. I am here.
Review by I Am Merlin Peter Südkamp / (Posted on 10/2/2019)