I AM Remembering

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  1. Remember why you’re here, your passion, your own precious name
  2. Remember your potentials and the beauty of life
  3. An experience to share with the Master
  4. Allowing this wisdom changes everything
  5. Focus, TimeSpace, gravity, experience – so many reasons to forget
  6. It hurts to remember too soon, but now you’re ready

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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Remembering

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As angel beings in the intense focus of human experience, we have forgotten who we are, where we came from, why we’re here – and so much more. There are many important reasons for this forgetting, but now, accompanied by the wisdom of the Master, it is time to remember. Adamus encourages the listener to invite the Master to sit right next to you in this experience, and then allow the remembrance. Remember the beauty of past lives, not only their trauma. Remember your reasons for coming here in this lifetime, not just what you’ve been told. Remember the true passion you brought in and the gnost that has always been yours. And, perhaps most beautiful of all, remember your name, a precious resonance that will connect you with your angelic senses.

Adamus explains why you forgot in the first place. It was never a mistake, simply an experience, an act of consciousness. He talks about the dangers of remembering too soon, and how important it is to wait until you can allow the presence of the Master to be with you. This wisdom then changes what could have been a harsh and difficult experience, so you can see the beauty of your choices, feel the appreciation from your past lives, and begin remembering your true name.

In a transformational merabh of remembering, many forgotten things will begin returning to your awareness. You will even realize why you waited to allow the remembrance until now, when you have the maturity to receive it. Saying it will continue coming to you in waves, Adamus invites you to simply be with yourself for a while as the music continues. “Now it’s up to you to remember.”

Length: 1:25:53

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, May 2019

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Feeling the knowingness of why & who I am here, feeling into myself, what a gift !
This morning i woke up & decided to listen to I am Remembering. Into the second half of the channel i found myself in a flood of tears, feeling into who I am & where im moving into now these days. Feeling the awareness that was there all of my life, a wise soulful human being came deeply rushing through my body, the knowingness, the compassionate flow now for myself. Its always been there in the backround, but as i Allow it & feel it, I come to know that my passion it just that. Yes i have many human talents, they may also shine brighter as i go along this beautiful life, but they are secondary to the I Am, dancing with my soul, which has been really moving in this year / expanding from within. My longing to be within my own creation has being there all my life, calling at me, & this year im choosing it more & more. Such a beautiful message & the perfect moment, a truely delightful channel, much <3 CC Geoff & ASG :)... PS I'l Remember this one lol
Review by Deckybooo's Sovereign / (Posted on 6/10/2019)
I am remembering~~
My first thought in writing a review of I Am Remembering was to give great gratitude to ASG for bringing this beautiful and deep message at the perfect time. In this hour and a half experience, he radiates Light for clarity and an expanded perspective of remembering who we are, why we’re here, what’s ours, our name and our true passion.

Then I remembered it is us, our consciousness, that Dear Adamus is reflecting and channeling. So hugs and whaa-whoos to all of us for being in this “time & space”, the wisdom of the Master now within, now ready and able to fully remember who we are and why we’re here.

Everyone writes such excellent reviews of the products, and CC writes a great summary in the Store, so I like to share my experiences with you.

For the first 20 minutes of listening, I felt like everything Adamus was saying was a nice review of things he’s said many times before, explaining why we’ve forgotten who we are and why we’re here. Focus, time & space, gravity, stories.

And then, when he started talking about remembering our name, everything shifted to a dynamic resonance with everything he was saying. With his words came clarity and a broader, more expanded awareness, and the remembering began.

It’s been continuing and the only words I can find would be to say that all through the days, I Am more aware of existing in many dimensions (little scary driving sometimes!!). It’s nothing in my mind; it’s not a place, it’s a feeling, but not a feeling I can describe with words. It’s the knowing, the gnost he talks about. It’s an awareness of all the many many dimensions and senses that we only have single words for in our human experience. Beauty....freedom…..clarity. For me, its depth and resonance is in the richness of beauty.

Remembering, for me, now, is experiencing, more dynamically, the angelic senses. It’s about an expanding awareness of so much more beyond this 3-D experience. So much more than the human senses and experiences.

And in each of these many dimensions is a different resonance of my name. It’s ever changing. It’s the name I’ve had “forever”, AND it is a new song. It is familiar and it is a new resonance!

And my favorite quote from I Am Remember: “So as you hear your name, as it opens up, as it becomes a song, what you're really hearing is how energy is responding, changing, coming to you in such a different way.”

Adamus continues on with more clarity about how we limited our minds in Atlantis, and how we then continued to allow more and more limitations that we accepted as ours. And, as we discover our true passion of being here now to move beyond those limitations, we can finally begin fully experiencing what is ours…….the passion simply to be and exist and experience beyond the limitations of mind, radiating in the resonance of our name, allowing all of our energies to serve us!!

In the merabh, he invites us to allow by saying/knowing….
“I’m remembering my name now and in that name is also my passion.”

Gratitude beyond words to all of the magnificent House of Shaumbra!

Review by Patti / (Posted on 6/6/2019)
Crunch time - What gives?
Duality does not get more intense than life and death situations. So that is where Adamus takes us, in case we like doing it the hard way, or feel particularly stuck or simply choose intensity to move things along more swiftly... .
Realusion will sit you down, not just for listening, but every time you think you have a problem. I keep creating the perfect situations to integrate this material... thankfully none of them quite as raw as the one Adamus presents:
Imagine you are about to loose your life stuck in quicksand. Afraid to die, you scream for help and last minute, help seems to arrive, but it is just a "useless" non physical presence, commenting on your situation without being able to intervene. Every force you yourself apply to get out of your predicament just sinks you deeper.
Because there is no place else to go, no more distractions in the face of death, you finally listen, but you still try to negotiate, if you can believe that. Then, at the last possible moment, "suddenly" your perception blows wide open and you realize your truth. And one way or another, still alive or newly dead, the situation has resolved.
It does not have to be that rough, but some of us diehards may have to go there to get over our engrained limitations. Some of us pick a scenario like in the movie "Groundhog Day", wearing ourselves down with sheer repetition, and some of us may choose the easy way, because in the flash of a moment we realize it is just as possible, and there is zero benefit to suffering.
The use of the word "suddenly" for the big shift out of duality used to annoy me. It seemed to make fun of the perceived time and effort it took to get to that point. And it does, because that is not what created the opening. What "suddenly" really expresses is a moment beyond time, out of nowhere: a window of perception opens, that has an effect on the dimension of time space, but is not defined by it. You can't make it open, but you can show up every day to avail yourself to the experience.
Still, I listened to the passages before and after the word "suddenly" for clues, other experiences that might be associated with it... . Adamus spells it out, and not for the first time either: a human has to choose to/allow themselves to feel SAFE in order to open up their perception, and if it kills you, so to speak. True safe space has to come from within, it cannot be granted by someone else.
So while Carl thought he was screaming for outside help, on a deeper level he had chosen not to settle for that this time, and thus his call was answered perfectly, by his own wisdom, his expanded perspective of the moment, his safe space that opened his awareness to the "way beyond" in a series of epiphanies. The intensity in a few seconds of time is expanded upon so we can integrate the precious energies and insights, including extensive understandings of time, space and gravity that shape our playground for physical experience.
Had another physical being arrived to help, all Carl would have gotten was intense gratitude to that being, and a reinforcement of his belief that he would never be safe with just himself.
Despite himself, and because of his choice to insist on his expanded perspective, Carl ended up sitting on a rainbow.
What gives for each one of us, and When and Why?
That is the stuff our unique stories are being made of, I may have to shamelessly embellish mine:)

Siglinde Schwenzl
Member of CC Product Review Team
Review by don't have one / (Posted on 6/1/2019)
This is the state of Grace.
When the student is ready the Elixir appears. I Am Remembering is like suddenly a stream of golden sweet honey flows into every part of me and it changes everything. The way I perceive myself, the way I remeber the past and the way I choose the future is different now. This Master's pause is truly a wonderful magical experience for everybody who is ready. It is here because we are ready. Thank you for all of the things that you bring tu us.
Review by Mitra / (Posted on 5/31/2019)
I am so grateful for the perfect timing to remember
What a ride of beautiful remembrance. And it is still going on. Saint-Germain, more than Adamus, leads into a discussion about how and why we didn’t remember up until now and that now that we’ve the maturity and the balance of the Wisdom of our Master-Self it is indeed the time to remember; our true name, the reason why we personally chose to be here and the passion. Our deepest and truest passion. Wow.
Review by Peter Südkamp / (Posted on 5/28/2019)