I Am Safe

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•  To a sensitive being, feeling safe is a huge challenge
•  There’s a place you go…
•  Remember the safe space of compassion
•  Safety issues with the outer, inner and unseen worlds
•  Imagine always feeling safe…
•  Watch the profound difference in your life


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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Safe

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For one who is becoming an embodied Master on Earth, the feeling of safety can be a huge challenge due to increased sensitivity. You become aware of so much more – other people, other energies, your own body changes, even the unseen realms. This can make it difficult to open up and fully experience life as a Master. In “I Am Safe,” Adamus explains that being safe is about being in a consciousness of compassion and allowing, bringing your personal “safe space” hideaway into this realm, and allowing your light body (Free Energy Body) to meld with your biology.

Adamus talks about the main areas of unsafety. These are:

  1. The outer world, which seems unsafe in this era of instant news and potentially destructive technology
  2. The inner world with the “I am nots,” the ever-present “doubt filter” and our unpredictable biology
  3. The unseen worlds where disembodied entities try to scare you and feed on the fear. All of these can present great challenges to an aware Master, until one realizes their true safe space.

Then, in a beautiful merabh, Adamus guides you into your safe space, something that can now be brought with you into everyday life. It is not about protection, but rather compassion and Allowing. Whether you’re in a storm, venturing into new places, out in the chaotic world or with temperamental humans, you will truly be safe.

Length: 1:07:37

Format: Downloadable [audio mp3, text pdf, video mp4]

Cost: $33

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoff & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, October 2018

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This is also a great summary of how energy truely works
. I actually wrote a review almost one and a half years ago, but today I felt like revisiting it again. What a gem this is! I think I truely enjoyed re listening and it was fantastic. Compassion and energy explained simplify and so beautifully!! Thank you!!!
Review by MARI / (Posted on 11/27/2020)
highly recommend
. I found it so fantastic in the sense, that it was exactly what I needed to hear. Within a first few minutes, I could feel my whole body cells rejoice. Although the title may not suggest that, anybody that want to end the internal duality struggle or/and internal 'noise' created by the mind would receive huge benefit by investing one hour to watch this. Sound night sleep guaranteed and no more scary dreams. Am very grateful that this series exsists, I can listen/watch as much as I like and so affordable...Thank you so much!!
Review by mari / (Posted on 6/17/2019)
As I accept all things, all things will accept me.
Adamus is calling those laser-focussed energy transmissions "Pause", I call them Bull's-Eyes. I underestimated I AM SAFE, almost skipped it. Safety, basic, right? Of course I am safe, never alone, all that. Then I listened to it anyway, and I got so worked up, I wrote pages upon pages - that's when I know I don't get it, coz part of me doesn't want to! So a few days and experiences later, I listen again.
Right up there with "safety", "compassion" can have a boring ring, especially for ex-catholics. And yet Compassion turns out to be the very essence of Safety, and "perhaps the most challenging lesson" for a human to accept, according to Adamus. There is no way round it either, because if I don't feel safe, there is no room for expansion. Without feeling safe, I won't even have the nerve to feel the Dragon's breath of clarity! I will keep running in the hamster wheel of duality, one day scared, the next day aggressive, but stuck either way. I am listening... .

Funny, I always heard "I am safe" as "safe from the world" when it turns out that it is first and foremost about me being "safe for the world". As I bring myself to accept everyone - starting with myself - as is, with nothing to fix or even teach; as I accept everything as it is, just experience, that cannot make or break me, even though it may look like it is really trying, the outer world will mirror back to me that same total acceptance! Elegant physics: no use punching the mirror, guess who's knuckles will be bloody! But the mirror started it, I say. Very funny!

It comes as a relief when the music starts, the signal to allow once more for the realization that All is Well. Adamus guides us through bringing our current special hide out, a place we have been going to when the going got tough, right here into the Now, into another masterly presence that transforms any place and situation into safe space, as we choose to be aware of it and resist the temptation to doubt it. Not a bubble of white light, not a fortress, simply acceptance and awareness from within.

Clearly, I am not there yet. The simplicity still gives me a headache, but on some level, I am already jumping for joy because I know it is true. And with that it is all up to me, and that wretched perceived dependency on the response from others is over: other people couldn't provide the safe space to me if they tried, and most of them don't; the outer world does not need to be healed before I can have it; even heaven and its angels cannot grant it, but I can choose to allow it and be aware of it and watch my world burst into peace and creativity.

I think I'm gonna listen just one more time:)

Siglinde Schwenzl
Member of CC Product Review Team
Review by don't have one / (Posted on 5/5/2019)
congratulations to Adamus, to Geoffrey for allowing these messages to come to us and to Linda for her dedication and love for all of us
the doubt button was the landmark in this beautiful series, I'm safe
Review by jbosco / (Posted on 4/3/2019)
Safety is Important
The Master’s Pause Series - I Am Safe intrigued me because everyone wants to feel safe. Feeling safe is one of the basic needs in life.

If we try to go into mastery without inner safety, we create an illusion where our energy does not match our words and we try to control everything to create a false sense of safety.

This class, particularly the merabh at the end, really dropped me into a different realm. It is hard for me to put what happened inside me into words.

After listening, I had some life experiences that brought up issues I have been working with for a long time. This time, I had a chance to go another layer deeper and really get to the core of an old pattern. The merabh helped me reach a much clearer space of allowing.

I have a real sense now of how you get back energetically what you put out. If there is external conflict then it is showing me where there is an internal conflict. The only way out of the battle is to allow what is and to allow myself.

Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Joe Davinroy

Review by JD / (Posted on 3/3/2019)
Safety = Allowing & Compassion = Balance
Excellent. Who would ever know that Safety has to do with Allowing and Compassion? Thank you. This is excellent. Feeling unsafe can certainly throw you off balance. Thank you for showing us the way back into balance.

Very nice that we are able to keep this to reflect on. Great series.
Review by Wendy L / (Posted on 3/1/2019)
All is well
Things are just getting better. And energy truly serves. It takes clarity and, well a Safe Space. It is one thing to know and understand something and another to feel it deeply. This is so true for Safe Space. You probably heard Geoff and Linda saying that they create a safe space for all the events. As CC teacher that was also my goal for all my classes. Safe space is one of key teachings from Tobias.

A while back, when I was going through a big change in my life that changed everything in my human life and kicked me out of my comfort zone. I had an experience of this safety for few months when I needed to walk out of a dead end, long lasting, and limiting life situation. I found myself in this state of grace and compassion like never before. I knew beyond any doubt that all is well. I didn’t want to change anything nor anybody. It was beyond mental. And I simply walked out of this situation without fight or grudge and with a smile on my face. Even though I was facing all of the survival fears.

But then it disappeared. It was gone. This space of compassion, grace, this safe space came and left on its own. And yes, of course - I did try to recreate it. But it was gone. It was a gift. A glimpse of what’s possible.

And now it’s time to bring this feeling back to my life for good. This Master’s Pause brought even deeper understanding and feeling of Safe space to my life. A space I can relax into during those turbulent times. My favorite so far, like a missing piece. All is good in all of my creation.

Iwona Wirkus
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 2/27/2019)
Core Material
The Master’s Pause series is very experiential. I have listened to this offering numerous times over the last six weeks and each time my experience was richer. The first time I listened I could feel my resistance rising, though I couldn’t name what I was resisting. The second time I listened I slept through the whole thing (chuckle), and in the following week felt some potent inner shifts, almost like deep sea earthquakes rearranging old conditioning. I slept a lot. I felt anxious and fatigued.

Eventually the waves from these earthquakes surfaced in a tsunami of painfully insightful experiences. When the waves receded, I could see the debris of my old beliefs and protections lying naked on the shore. These patterns had been deeply hidden, and kept me holding out my divinity because it didn’t feel safe to bring it in. It was here I met the invitation of this class: could I create my own safe space through compassion?

The importance of compassion is something I understood conceptually, but it was a new experience to allow it to deeply re-arrange my identity when I felt so incredibly vulnerable, to allow my sadness and all the fears, to allow what felt so unsafe outside myself without trying to fix it. It was in that safe space that the safety that I am began to make itself known in a much deeper way.

This Cloud Class presents core principles that are pivotal as we open to ourselves. It is easy to conceptualize grace, but it has been a multi-layered, multi-dimensional revelation to experience it.

Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Donna Van Keuren
Review by DVK / (Posted on 2/25/2019)
A Real Gem!
I have to admit I wasn’t as jazzed about diving into this latest Master’s Pause topic as the previous two “I AM Cleansing” and ”I AM Sleeping”, which seemed more relevant to my middle- aged, menopausal human. Whoa, I was wrong! To date I AM Safe is my favourite in this new series.

I honestly hadn’t thought about where or when I felt “safe” for awhile. Hmm my human pondered... In my old age days, I use to do the white light incantations, muttering prayers under my breath getting on planes and walking in dark places. “The light of god protects me, the love of god surrounds me…” remember those? Keeping the dark away and my human safe. I even had a St. Chris medal hanging in my car and smudged and salted the corners of my home to keep the spooks away. (C’mon I know I’m not the only one!)

I’ve realized that most of that makyo has fallen away since discovering the Crimson Circle and usually the most I do is take a deep breath in formerly dicey situations and utter “I Am that I Am!” In fact, I realized how much I’ve evolved during my first experience with an isolation “float tank” session recently. Thirty years ago, I was too terrified to even think of being enclosed in a dark casket-like space. Now I totally enjoyed the experience and loved the feeling of allowing my “I Exist” as I floated in the dark for an hour.

This “safe space” has always been a core aspect of Crimson Circle teachings. As a certified teacher, we were trained that this was the most important part of our job. Creating the safe space where all energies were allowed to be present. Something both Tobias and Adamus and of course Geoff and Linda do so well online and in live events.

However now in this latest Master’s Pause, Adamus takes it even further. Because of the intensity of the energies right now, one of our biggest challenges as sensitive Shaumbra is that we shut down. We don’t open up and allow… We’re the first group on the planet to stay here as embodied Masters and that isn’t easy as most of us know! But how can we allow ALL energies to serve us, if we’re closed off to some?

The answer Adamus share with us is the essence of the safe space, compassion! Accepting all things as they are and allow EVERYTHING to be. Or as he has shared before “no more battles” and there is nothing to fix. We can feel it and sense it, but it isn’t ours and we don’t have to own it!

I love Adamus Physics! “When you’re trying to fix the world, the world is trying to fix you.” It will create a mirror that will project back on you! Yup put down that sword again. Allow others their journey. The Master allows the weather to be the weather, the brother to be the brother.

It’s very simple. The safe space equals compassion. And what I had to be reminded about this includes YOU! Adamus talks about the “doubt button” and every thought that passes through us. “When in doubt eat the bacon!” is my kind of affirmation. So many of us have felt unsafe in our bodies and it’s time to get over that too. Doubt keeps your body unsafe. Your body can handle it ALL if you allow.

“When I am accepting of all things, all things then will be accepting of me,” repeat after me!

I love this Master’s Pause and feel it goes hand in hand with the forgiveness in Threshold and ProGnost’19. It’s not white light, but rather a sparkling gem that will radiate through your life if you allow…

Tammie O’Rielly
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 1/30/2019)
Thank you, Adamus!
This is extremely helpful! Profound and powerful! Thank you so much, Adamus! You've helped me so much
Review by Markus / (Posted on 1/23/2019)
The Safe Space
Safety and security is something that my human self wanted in this lifetime. In the years before I awakened, I made many decisions in my effort to feel safe. However, safety as the human understands and experiences is limited. In this next installment of The Masters Pause, I Am Safe explains safety as it pertains to those choosing embodied realization in this lifetime. Being safe is out of limitation and allows an opening to everything, and is important as many are becoming more sensitive and more aware.

I received unexpected clarity about why I and so many other humans want to retreat to the safety of their beds to feel safe. As a child, I put myself in a very dangerous situation where I could have lost my life. In my panic, all I could think about was that I wanted be home in my bed. It was the place where I felt the safest. Adamus explains that many of us feel that way, and that we have many times literally and figuratively crawled into bed in an attempt to feel safe. We learn that we have created another space, an inner cave, in another dimension where we go to feel safe. In a beautiful merabh, he invites us to connect with that space and bring it into this reality.

I Am Safe is another clear invitation to return to compassion as was I Am Sleeping, the previous channel in the Masters Pause series. Because compassion IS the safe space. Compassion is something to be felt and experienced, and when it becomes something felt in every moment, it’s a game changer.

I recommend I Am Safe for a different perspective on what it means to be safe. It is much more than I had realized, and I feel it will become more and more natural to feel safe in what we perceive as chaos around us.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 1/18/2019)
Amazing experience ofr daily living it
In my experience with the material I found out it to be of a more applied value for every day experience, to be more observant and also observing the effects of feeling more safe with me and in the world.
After the first listening (trying to be open and not thinking that I know it all), I noticed also that the main component was introduced in the previous material, and it is just time to experience more with that. I really appreciate professor Adamus how it looks at the issue of feeling safe on many levels – outside world, unseen world and the inner world – and adding that component of the personal safe space being brought here, into the house of the human, the Master and the I Am.
Some of the experiences started to align after some time after workshops like SES, Aspectology, Dreamwalker Death, but now it is something that goes more into addressing the feeling of being safe, and that this is a consciousness. From my experience, it brings observations that were intense about myself and how I used to do some things, mostly unconsciously / unaware, but, I suppose that by communing with the Master, also I don’t have to work on changing anything about myself – they just disappear... without effort. It is interesting to observe and get being aware about yourself at first – and to see your own reactions (eventually having some with yourself). And, being aware of how the mind thoughts work, how the doubt can filter the human decisions, for me that was quite an experience observing how naturally some things just shifted and that there is a real perception of safe and ease.
So now we have a material that brings all that was said over the years into application of feeling safe, and that it is up to each and every one of us to shift that perspective for ourselves, nobody from outside cannot give us that feeling, as Adamus mentions. Also, I was touched by the fact that this is a major shift of consciousness that, eventually, everyone will go through – true compassion, so in that regard, it’s good to know where is to be found for the easy way: I Am Safe.
Thank you very much to all who made it to be such a gift for me - Geoffrey, Linda, Adamus and the CC Staff, because it is quite a support, and the Master’s Pause House now is more and more the place to visit for a pause. And it is something that I highly recommend also.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 1/14/2019)
Being Safe is Priceless!!

Master’s Pause I Am Safe is beautifully simple and huge, all at the same time. Well worth a few dollars and the “time” to listen, read, experience! Being Safe is priceless!

Adamus starts with reminding us that we all have a safe space, an inner cave, a private place, another dimension that we retreat to more and more as we become more aware and more sensitive.

In this channel and merabh, Adamus simply invites and escorts us on the experience of bringing that safe space into this reality, this dimension, so we can experience it any time. We no longer have to go outside of our body or be removed from our natural rhythm. My personal safe space simply becomes a facet of my I Am. It’s a part of my composition that I can experience in any moment. It’s a place of consciousness.

I love Adamus for so many reasons, but I believe number one is his patience and wisdom with which he has been telling us the same things over and over…. forever! And the most basic experience that he continually finds new ways and new stories to express is…..Allowing. For me, this is synonymous with compassion….compassion for everything about myself and everything around me.

In this channel he expresses the awareness that safe space is the same thing as compassion. When we can fully allow that “All is well in all of Creation”, then we are safe. That includes all of myself and everything around me being allowed. There is nothing that needs changing or fixing.

In this space of allowing and compassion, I Am Safe to live, experience, and create fully.

Hmmm….isn’t compassion what Adamus talked about in Master’s Pause I Am Sleeping? He explained that in our sleep we go to our place of compassion (love, acceptance, truth, allowing), and now he’s inviting us to bring that safe space of compassion into our waking lives, available in each moment. Ahh….how exciting! Living continually in my safe space of compassion and love of myself!

In this safe space, this space of compassion, I create and experience a grand and sensual life. In this safe space within, I Am ready for Prognost 2019!

Patti Severance
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by Patti / (Posted on 1/12/2019)
It feels good to be taken by the hand and guided into really feeling safe. As we become more sensitive and aware, we may tend to protect ourselves by going into a kind of hide or cave within ourselves. Adamus shows us how to take this place of safety wit
Though I regard myself “an old rat” in dealing with consciousness and awareness, not needing help or guidance in any way, I really appreciate this channeling / merabh of Adamus.
It feels good to be taken by the hand and guided into really feeling safe.
As we become more sensitive and aware, we may tend to protect ourselves by going into a kind of hide or cave within ourselves. Adamus shows us how to take this place of safety with us into this realm.
When you are in your safe space then nobody or nothing can feed off of you: “I am a Master. I am safe. I accept myself as I am. I`m in compassion with all other people; allowing them their journey! I`m allowing, therefore everything is allowing and accepting me!”
Being out of compassion means: Things need to be fixed and improved! Going into the feeling of “I am not …!”
Adamus points out that thoughts are not the same as consciousness. Being in the safe space reduces the amount of thoughts, helps to quiet the mind. Feeling the safe space is an awareness, a consciousness, an acceptance and allowing. The Master is sitting on a park bench; always in a safe space. The Master is not trying to change the inner or the outer world.
Your safe space is like a room in your house, in this realm. Go here anytime!
Drop a burden from your shoulders and feel safe!
As you may have felt already, I love this pause. Highly recommended from me <3
I AM a member of the CC Product Review Team

Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 1/8/2019)
The key-word to being safe is being in total compassion of everything.
What I love about the Master’s Pause series, is the way Adamus takes a topic that is important for Shaumbra right now, talks about it and offers an integration with a merabh.
In I AM SAFE, he lines out, what is needed to feel safe. Most important is compassion. Compassion means acceptance of everything and everybody as they are. Nothing needs to be fixed. They are going through their experiences. We have all heard that before, and still, when faced with injustice, abuse, the madness of the world etc. it’s a challenge to stay “behind the short wall” and be the observer. For me, especially when it comes to those who are near and dear to me. I often want to give an advice, and sometimes I do, but I try to keep my mouth shot. Unless they ask of course. Because as Adamus says, when they get tired of that experience, they will leave it behind!
When I started spiritual searching in 1979, I learned about safe space too. But in a very different way. It was using white light or golden as a kind of shield, so nothing “bad” could come in. What Adamus says, is quite the opposite. You ALLOW everything in! When you are in compassion, there is nothing opposing you. It will pass through you, because you reject nothing. So how could it reject you?
A statement from Adamus really surprised me. He says that the world is much safer now than ever before in the post-Atlantean time. There are no big wars with bombs and guns. Still some tribe fights, as he calls them, but no countries fighting against each other. The fact that the world could be destroyed in an hour or so with nuclear weapon, makes kind of fragile safety. Which of course may be felt as “unsafe”. Another example is serious diseases. In Europe in the Medieval times there were plagues that killed most of the population. We still have serious diseases, but very quickly, there will be worked on a cure that stops them. He also says, we have less crime now. Not quite the impression you get when listening to the news. But now you hear about it at once, where it would take months before.
Adamus also talks about being safe in your inner world. He mentions “the doubt button” in your mind. Every idea goes through here, and – in order to keep you safe – it will mostly make you do nothing. Because “what if…” I know that one: Often I will do something at once when I get an idea – and then afterwards comes the doubt. Like going one step forward and then stop.
The unseen world. I guess most of us had this fear of ghosts as kids, and many people still have. Again, being in compassion with them will make all fear disappear.
Finally, he takes us through a beautiful merabh to have our safe space with us all of the time.
So far, I have listened to it twice (last time yesterday) and I still feel both a little wobbly and also a feeling of quiet joy inside.
I highly recommend this episode of Master’s Pause: I AM SAFE.
Anne Maribo Andersen
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 1/8/2019)
I absolutely loved I Am Safe. The timing was perfect for me. This is my 3rd Master's Pause product and I love them all but this one is now my favourite. I would have much preferred however, to just have the beautiful music at the end, (as with I Am Cleansing.) rather than being told to breathe.
Review by Claire / (Posted on 1/4/2019)
Great - 10/10 for ripping out your guts
My goodness here I thought I would be going into a super easy & relaxing Master's Pause message .. and was I ever wrong! Might as well have been called "Hammer Time" 'cause if there were any nails sticking out of your BoC boy did he EVER hammer them in! Adamus literally and bluntly pulls on the threads of a variety of crappy human experiences we have been in and dares us to BE SAFE in spite of. Not a relaxing message - felt like a session at a chiropractor. I felt better at the end! What made it enjoyable was knowing that it was a validation of the grit we already have to be in our embodied mastery.
Review by JO / (Posted on 1/4/2019)
Of all the brilliant cc products, I love this one the best so far
Most of my life I have reminded myself that I am safe. This product finally grounded that and it feels so good and solid. I love I am safe. My life feels full of options now
Review by Samantha / (Posted on 1/3/2019)
Grateful for this reminder!
I Am here. And I Am Safe. What a reminder Adamus served me with. Before I have been anxiously awaiting next Monday, the day I have to go to work again and as always this new Master´s Pause came around to serve me well. Now I do feel safe and it seems that a lot of change will come with this new realization of mine. And I am looking forward to that Change because now I know.
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 1/2/2019)