I Am Sleeping

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•  Sleep like you haven’t a very long time
•  Original purpose of sleep was a return to Self
•  A Master doesn’t need much sleep
•  The soul beckons, “Come with me…”
•  Return to the compassion of the I Am
•  The Master’s sleep… just rest…



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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am Sleeping

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Sleep – deep, rejuvenating, refreshing sleep – can feel elusive to those on the path of embodied Mastery. As our biology and mind make big adjustments and we change our entire relationship to energy, it’s no wonder that we have times of insomnia and can’t sleep through the night anymore. Sleep was designed by the Order of the Arc so we wouldn’t get completely lost in Focus, but it’s been a long time since we’ve experienced true sleep as it was intended. In this Master’s Pause, you’re going to rediscover and experience sleeping like you haven’t had in a very long time. The energies of “I Am Sleeping” are designed to gently soothe and bring you to a place of deep, relaxing and un-mental sleep. Adamus calls it ‘the returning,’ going back into union with the “I Exist, I Am that I Am,” basking for a while in the gentleness and compassion of your soul.

After his explanation of the origins and purpose of sleep, Adamus then leads the listener deep into “sleeping in awareness.” He invites you to hear the call of the I Am, “Come with me now, on this sleepwalk, our walk of returning. Come with me to the place of sovereignty. Come with me and remember…”

It's time for a pause – a Master’s Pause – in between the rigors of everyday life and restless nights. “I Am Sleeping” is one of our favorites in the series of Adamus-guided experiences to help Shaumbra adjust and re-tune as we come into Embodied Mastery.

Length: (1:46:24)

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), video (mp4) and text (pdf)

Cost: $33 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, September 2018

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Step into a
- Note that there is an adjustment period. At first, you might not be able to easily fall asleep after listening, or on the flip side, even fall asleep halfway into the session. But stick with it, and the quality of sleep will noticeably change. It incidentally is also one of the best ways to get your mind out of the way and relax, so all you meditators may as well use this.
Review by Glory / (Posted on 12/12/2019)
So much better than a sleeping pill
“I am sleeping” is the art of taking a conscious break to rejuvenate body and mind in a truly restful place. It helps with gentle transition between sleeping and awakening and it feels so good to fall asleep and wake up.

It was interesting to learn the difference between sleep and dreaming. And also between conscious and unconscious sleep. We’ve heard from Adamus before that we dream all the time and the dreams have noting to do with sleeping.

I had a chance to test it during my recent travel to Europe when the sleep patterns are totally disturbed and I’m so glad this is a download and I can listen to it anytime I want. Not to mention the beautiful music.

Iwona Wirkus
Crimson Circle Review Team 
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 12/23/2018)
To become all that I Am!
I read something that does fit here beautiful wich has been mentioned by the Masters: "Sleep allows that complete consciousness to come into function."
Review by Master Peter / (Posted on 12/16/2018)
The true sleep of the Master
I put off listening to this because frankly, I’m sleeping well, and I didn’t want to disturb the sleep that I’m enjoying. But after experiencing I Am Sleeping, I now understand the difference between what I knew as sleep, and what sleep was intended to be. The Master’s sleep is something quite different, and Adamus explains it clearly. It’s another beautiful thread in the tapestry that we are weaving that brings us back to our most natural state - our sovereign free self, our I AM.

Now that I have this understanding, I am watching myself so that I don’t work at it. This is another experience in allowing.

I particularly appreciate when Adamus talks about compassion as part of I Am Sleeping. I have had a knowingness for some time that compassion was something that I wanted to deeply connect with and experience in this lifetime. The DreamWalker Birth school first gave me that opportunity, and I realized that was one of the main draws that I had to the material. I Am Sleeping echoes the compassion that is so present in the birthing materials in that we first have it for ourselves and then can share with others. Experiencing this safe space of compassion was an unexpected gift in this Master’s Pause.

To understand that the Master’s sleep is the path from every day human life back to the I AM is incredibly supportive. I truly appreciate having this be a part of the Master’s Pause series.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 12/15/2018)
Absolutely fabulous and I intend to use nightly until it is second nature.
This is one of the best experiences I have had in a very long time. Oh my gosh, I feel so rejuvenated after just the first viewing. I will download to my phone so I can use it each evening.
Review by Kathleen / (Posted on 12/11/2018)
A helper to allowing at deeper levels
Well, my experience with the material is in terms of `amazing` or a helper to allowing at deeper levels, after some initial experiences that I now would say that was about releasing some very unexpected things or unexpected ways – better said. So, now it’s amazing, a week ago I would say something different.
Even if I heard the warning of Adamus that it is not what you expect, and I tried to `not expect` in some way or the other, I’m still `and` the human that gets to be quite an amazing experience, in the end (or and). So for me it was more than a week, or many reviews of the material most in video, after a while I considered helpful the audio format, but it was a period of many releases and new perceptions, getting to be aware of things kind of hidden for me (from me), but just to see and release, plus a deeper longing that I didn’t felt for quite some time. Now, it is a joy to have that option to just open the material (or just listen) and allow and feel into that expanded way my I Am and sometimes the compassion from my I Am. As for the effects, well, if I listen during the day, I’m more relaxed, mostly the mind is in more quiet state, before the going to sleep after a day… well, it can be an expansion with that invitation from the soul - `come with me`… sometimes with more awareness, other times more relaxed into the next day.
For my experience, the release of this material was just in time – and I only can say Thank you to all who made it to be such a gift for us / certainly for me - Geoffrey, Linda, Adamus and the CC Staff, because it is quite a support for me now, considering even the part of releasing, that seems to be in the energy design that comes with the material. And many thanks for another material that brings the safe space and us back to the CCCC in the safe space while being with it.
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 12/11/2018)
something really new in the planet about sleeping, returning to the "I Am" and Soul´s Compassion. Amazing!
I´m again in awe with Adamus! He is an incredible Master of the new! Never on Earth, I guess, such a deep explanation about sleeping has been revealed. He holds our hand step by step on this amazing experience and new Awareness of Who we are. This is also an incredible tool to go back to real Compassion, to the “I Exist”, first for ourselves, and then to let it silently shine for the others. Adamus, I thank you from the bottom of my hearth!
Review by Placidia Espinha / (Posted on 12/7/2018)
Nappy Time
In the Master’s Pause - I Am Sleeping, Adamus breaks down what sleep really is and the way it happens. This is the best that I can remember, because my mind was slipping in and out of the sleep state.

Days and weeks after listening, I find I am sinking into a different kind of sleep, one that is more restful and calm. I am finding “sleeping” no longer just happens at night. Sleep is more like resting and I can do this anytime during the day that I choose.

This was very good information and well worth my time.

Joe Davinroy
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by JD / (Posted on 12/6/2018)
Going Beyond the Mind to Rest in the I Am
I Am Sleeping deepens the connection between the human and the I Am. I experienced a sense of compassion that is challenging to describe. As a long-standing member of the “3:00 a.m. Club,” I will say this class offered a whole new perspective on what sleep can be. There is a much greater potential than the one I have been experiencing.

I had to listen to the session three times because I kept falling asleep mid-way through (haha), but that didn’t seem to matter. After the first listen, I experienced a big shift of energy and noticed a new flow of forgiveness entering my life. Something is definitely happening without my mind’s interference, and I’m allowing the experience to unfold.

The Master’s Pause Series really meets you right where you are. I’ve had some surprising insights showing me how energies are always in service matching how I resist or allow. In this new series, we are being invited to trust in ourselves and expand beyond what we know, even in our sleep state, to experience new realities. A new life, indeed!

Donna Van Keuren
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by DVK / (Posted on 12/5/2018)
Adamus explains in the beginning what sleep really is, the purpose of it and how it should be every time we go to it: Hearing the soul`s call to return back to the I AM that I AM, I EXIST … He also guides us to a deep compassion for ourselves. To feel lo
Adamus` Pause Series: I AM Sleeping / REVIEW

Adamus explains in the beginning what sleep really is, the purpose of it and how it should be every time we go to it: Hearing the soul`s call to return back to the I AM that I AM, I EXIST …
He also guides us to a deep compassion for ourselves. To feel love, acceptance, truth and awareness through the flame of compassion from our soul. This goes so deep and is a very beautiful part.

As always this message is told in a very profound way with a deep effect of relaxation in the body of consciousness.

I saw the video version first. Not in order to go to sleep but to feel into the energy so I could write this review … To be honest I got more awake and aware by watching this.
I started getting aware of the cycle of pictures on the screen; noticed how the music was built up in chords and returning themes … So I stood up afterwards more rejuvenated and fresh … This is not the way to use it for me if I want to fall asleep. I need to turn off the mind and go beyond.
Review by IAMAI / Finn Andersen / CC Product Review Team Member / (Posted on 12/3/2018)
Did the opposite of what I expected
Dangerous, falling asleep while driving the next day, awoke feeling lousy. Usually I have good sleep and very rarely feel tired during the day. I sleep soon after beginning the recording so not sure what it’s saying. If you are sleeping fine maybe don’t fix what ain’t broke
Review by Samantha / (Posted on 12/2/2018)
A large gift in a small package!

Another Pause! This channel was much more than I had expected, and, as was expected, on listening for the first time, I feel asleep!

All I remembered from listening the first time was the half that I heard before falling asleep, which clearly expanded my awareness of the difference between sleep for the body, dreaming, and returning to the I Am.

Of course, my human mind was quick to assess that “it hadn’t worked” because when I woke from probably a half hour of sleep, my body didn’t feel especially rejuvenated. The dear mind simply isn’t able to assess the experience of the I Am!

Then I read the text and was touched deeply by the experience of compassion that Adamus leads us into. Then I knew that my human’s assessment of not having made any shifts after listening was limited and inaccurate. I have indeed been waking in a more compassionate awareness—just didn’t have the words for what I was experiencing until I read them.

For the 3rd experience, after reading the suggestion to listen to the recording while simultaneously reading the transcription, I got a beautiful clarity on 2 things. This sleep, this returning to I Am, is the experience of connecting each night with Compassion, which Adamus says in a combination of Love, Acceptance, Truth, and Awareness.

This is a different experience of sleeping from what we’ve done in the past for our body. It's more than just sleeping to rejuvenate the physical body. This channel is a beautiful description of a very special experience of an expanded awareness of sleeping--no longer just body/mind sleeping.
I AM sleeping is returning to I Am and refreshing compassion.

The 4th time I listened was in mid afternoon, and my mind fought hard to maintain control—she had grocery lists to review and errands to plan. So there was no sleep and no deep experience.

And then, on the 5th listen, it happened. Adamus talked about I AM sleep being different in several ways, including that while the body and mind sleep, there is still an awareness of the soul’s return to I Am. I had that experience. My body and mind were sleeping and yet I was still aware of what Adamus was saying and was aware of the awareness of being in my I Am space. As I started to waken, Immediately, the mind started doubting, only to feel the body jolt awake as the trinity re-united!

Is this different from when Adamus began talking to us several years ago about going to Theos at night to be free and safe to experience and be rejuvenated in the fullness of love? It feels the same to me, only simpler and more personal. My “I Am space”, like Theos, is my safe space with no noise or resistance, where I can fully experience compassion, love, acceptance, truth, and awareness.

Master’s Pause I AM Sleeping is a large gift in a small package—perfect for a special gift to yourself for the Holidays!

Thanks, Dear Adamus for again inviting us to experience the simplicity of I Am! Gratitude, Love & Holiday Cheer to dear Geoff & Linda, the CC staff, and always to all of us for being here now and allowing!!

Patti Severance
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Patti / (Posted on 12/1/2018)
Discover the real purpose of sleep on a beautiful sleep-walk
I had quite some expectation to this episode of Master’s Pause. Coming back from The Ahmyo Retreat in Hawaii – which was amazing, I can only recommend that one! – I had some strange sleeping patterns, probably because of the time zone difference of 11 hours. So, I was very excited when I started listening – just to discover it was totally different than I had expected!
Adamus started talking about the purpose of sleeping. Originally, when we came to Earth in Lemuria and Atlantis, it was the opportunity to go back to your I Am that I Am. So that you wouldn’t forget where you came from and get totally lost in dense energies of the Earth.
That has changed over time. When you now sleep, it is resting the mind and rejuvenating the body. Instead of going all the way to your I Am, you go to the Near Earth Realms and dream. That is kind of the same as when most people die: They don’t go all the way back to the Bridge of Flowers and their Angelic families but stay in the Near Earth Realms. That means, they will not be as well prepared for their next lifetime, they will mostly stay in the same family and the same patterns. (DreamWalker Death) When you during your sleep at night in the same way stay in the dense energies of the Near Earth Realms, you will not have the benefits of returning to your I Am.
The common opinion is that you need at least 8 hours sleep. Adamus says you only need a half or an hour of REAL sleep, meaning coming back to your I Am! Your body needs some hours of rest to rejuvenate. As it is now, the mind wants more, because it’s overworked!
In the next part of the video, Adamus guides us on a sleep-walk, returning back to the I Am. This means, you are in your awareness during the sleep, instead of sliding away, as you would usually do. During this sleep-walk he reveals the real benefits of the Master’s sleep!
So far, I have listened to it twice. The first time, I felt very refreshed afterwards and also the following morning, waking up very early. The second time, I felt it so difficult to let go of the mind, go beyond it. And then I easily get irritated. But as Adamus says, it’s a matter of allowing. So, it will come.
As always, the graphic is amazing. I would have liked, if the music in the last part, when he stops talking, were not so loud.
I highly recommend this Master’s Pause. I Am sleeping!
Anne Maribo Andersen
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 11/28/2018)
Another masterpiece by Adamus
I thought I Am Cleansing was incredible and the second Master's Pause doesn't disappoint. Amazing! I had a very solid and deep sleep after listening for the first time. I had some crazy dreams too. Don't drive while listening to this, it will make you super sleepy and drowsy in minutes. I'm looking forward to falling asleep listening to it again.
Review by Merav / (Posted on 11/27/2018)
Sleeping like a Baby and being aware at the same time does work!
I Am Sleeping like a Baby. This really works!!! Not that the other products do not work but this is a new (at least in this lifetime expression of my I Am) experience. Yes, indeed to sleep and to be aware at the same time and to be and experience between me and I. The compassion, love, acceptance and truth as well as the forgiveness (although now I do know that there has never been anything to be forgiven in the first place because there is no judgement).
To Adamus: "You are indeed a Master and how well you put all of this together. Thank you from my heart to yours."
To Geoff: "Dito! And beautiful beyond words. You did a great job!!!"
And as always thanks and Blessings to the whole CC Staff for putting it so beatiful together.
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 11/27/2018)