I Am That I Am

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This masterpiece album is rich and deep, melodious, sweet and soulful, bringing you back to listen time and time again

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I Am That I Am
by Yoham

At a workshop in Tel Aviv in 2008, Adamus Saint-Germain called Gerhard and Amir to the stage without advance notice and asked them to sing “I Am That I Am." It was totally impromptu but within a few minutes the entire audience was singing along. It was one of those golden moments where everything was… just perfect.

Using that song and moment as inspiration, Gerhard and Amir went back to the studio to record their latest CD, "I Am That I Am." It
is rich and deep with a unique “world beat” that weaves throughout the entire album, going beyond "New Age" into New Energy. This album is melodious, sweet, soulful, and it brings you back to listen time after time. Each of the seven songs has its own character and each delivers the magic that we’ve come to know from Gerhard Fankhauser and Amir Ya’acoby. Also featured are Einat Gilboa on vocals, Noa Zulu on the didgeridoo and Tom Sharfstein on electric and bass guitar.

"I Am That I Am":

1. I Am That I Am 7:10
2. Sweet Mystery 8:34
3. Heart Warrior 7:03
4. Celebration 8:50
5. Earth Dance 6:07
6. Ambient Prayer 8:51
7. One 7:29

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