I Am True


  • Doubt is a distraction AND it’s a gift
  • It’s an irritant to keep you moving
  • Helps you not stay stuck in an unnatural state
  • But it doesn’t need so much attention
  • There is actually nothing false within you
  • Come back to “I am real”

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The Master’s Pause Series
I Am True

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One of the most difficult things one must deal with on the way to Realization is the intense doubt that comes up. This doubt stems from many things – mass consciousness, past experiences, self-judgment – and seems to only get stronger the closer one comes to completion. Although it can be a huge distraction, doubt has a very important purpose. Ultimately, it is your own energy serving you by making sure that you don’t get too comfortable in a very unnatural state of being.

In I Am True Adamus talks about the purpose of doubt, and how important it is to remember the trueness of you. He makes the statement that “Doubt rushes in to fill the void when you place sovereignty outside of yourself,” and reminds us that doubt is only a small part of a big picture and doesn’t really merit a lot of attention. Instead, come back to trust in yourself and realize that doubt is your own energy saying, “Don’t stop. Don’t settle for anything less than the true You.

Length: 1:22:44

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3), video (mp4) and text (pdf)

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at Villa Ahmyo, Kona, Hawaii, March 2020

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My favorite so far.
. This Master Pause goes deep. And it did bring to the surface all the parts or aspects of me that were not authentic, not free to be true to Me. Why not? Because of doubt.

Are we there, yet? I doubt it. And yes, “I am True” is all about diving into your doubt and going beyond. So, I dived. Deeply. Felt into my doubts and sometimes believed that those were true. Felt unworthy. Wanted to quit my job, run away from my life. And I know, thank you Adamus - I stayed there, in my doubt, probably a little too long. I felt uninspired. I even doubted if I will ever be able to write this review…

I cried a lot, felt a lot - for all the times I compromised my truth. So, I cried again.

Feels like I’m waking up from a long dream… not always so bad… but recently very boring.

This is by far my most favorite Master’s Pause. Deep resonance. Adamus reminds us to never settle for less than you truly are. 

Iwona Wirkus 
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team 
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 7/25/2020)
Another beautiful and helpful material
. As every topic from the Master’s Pause, I Am True comes at a time when it can help us best in our Journey. I can say that for me it is so also.
Starting to listen and see the material, I thought I’m clear from doubt, or most of it based on some previous materials, but, finding the time re-listen made me see how it comes at surface again, so I just appreciate how wisely Adamus takes us on almost three levels on explaining why doubt it is here, in order to reveal its purpose or even the other perspective of why it’s here in the merabh taking us on very clear levels and seeing why we placed it there to serve us.
I did observed that going through this material I get more relaxed and I can be in more of my own balance with life. At first, I did felt the potential of something extraordinary experience, but the experience itself goes beyond, and Adamus mentioned that it is a milestone point and here is a potential to shift how energy serves you. I liked also how Adamus addresses some of the doubts and then gives a perspective about what it is really saying and why.
I can say that based on my experiences, I find myself revisiting constantly the material after a few days and just making a pause and see or look into the new perspectives with Adamus, Geoffrey and Linda, the birds from Kona and I am just thankful for this amazing and deep material. Also, big thank you to the CC Staff.
I do highly recommend it.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 7/18/2020)
Doubt serving your truest self
. Almost fifteen years ago I heard Adamus say:
“You are in a very unnatural state of being; being in these physical bodies, being in biology. It is not normal. As some of you might say, it’s just not right for an angel to be in a body like this.”
He spoke those words in the DreamWalker Birth School in 2006, and I’ve never forgotten them. I had always been aware that our bodies are something we are born into and eventually leave, but at that time I hadn’t heard it described exactly in that way.
In the years since, there have been many opportunities to connect with and experience my truest, most natural state of being. Some of those opportunities have come from events I’ve attended, and some I have created on my own. As Shaumbra, we haven’t lacked for information about our truest self nor opportunities to connect with it. So why bring it to the forefront now?
That’s exactly why the Master’s Pause series was created. Adamus takes a look at Shaumbra, and mirrors back what is most appropriate and supportive during a time when many are allowing their realization. He felt it was important to pause and go back to the truth and trueness of who we are. That in itself is certainly worthwhile, but he then brings what I thought was an interesting element into the discussion: doubt. Why doubt is so present at the point of emergence for so many Shaumbra, what it really is and how it can serve during this time is the essence of this Master’s Pause.
After a short discussion, there is a beautiful merabh that takes a deep dive into doubt. Like other merabhs, it invites you to go beyond the mental concepts into experience, and allows for a shift and greater clarity. I must have needed this on some level, because this one knocked me out quickly. I “came to” when the music was still playing but after Adamus had finished talking. I’ve listened a few times more (and read along with the transcript) so I could hear every word in a more awakened state.
After experiencing The Master’s Pause - I Am True, I feel an even closer connection with my truest self, and a deeper knowingness of my authenticity. I have a different understanding of doubt and why it comes to the forefront on the brink of realization, and how that is in perfection. I particularly loved this explanation of what doubt is really saying: “Don’t settle for anything other than your sovereignty.”
Thank you to Adamus Saint-Germain for this pause, and for Geoffrey and Linda and staff for making it available. Like the others in the series, I highly recommend I Am True to support the choice for embodied realization.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 6/26/2020)
Tipping point!
. We can't be false, so why do we need to remind ourselves that we are true? Because we can doubt the truth, and doubt is looming bigger than ever for those close to their realization. I didn't think I had much doubt, keyword "think"! After listening, I saw it everywhere, and it is. And that is a good sign, says Adamus.

What is doubt? Adamus politely quotes two other spiritual teachers, before doing them one better:
"Doubt rushes in to fill the void
when you place your sovereignty outside of yourself"

So doubt is not just a flavor or a shade that attaches itself to a truth. It is Un-truth, and it is trying to manage a big chunk of our lives; the ultimate imposter, and we put it there! For the fact that it does essentially not "exist, it has become a huge phenomenon! Truth or Doubt is what it all seems to come down to:
The timing of this Master's Pause is based on Adamus' real-time perception of Shaumbra, currently under assault by aggravating doubts right before their realization. Yes, we have allowed doubt to be a placeholder while having our experience in the unnatural state of being a mortal human, adding countless facets to our perceptions, until we were ready to claim our natural sovereignty, right around NOW. Doubt knows it is going to "die, so it stages a big last hoorah, before expiring in the embrace of the I AM.

Knowing that doubt is our energy, that has represented our consciousness while we chose to play in duality, is half the battle. We tolerated it, in a weird way maybe even enjoyed the ramifications of it, and now we can release these energies that stall our momentum toward the inevitable outcome of realization by luring us back into identifying with "the painting" while telling us Your colors suck! With our consciousness present in the AND, we can even listen to what doubt really had to say, because the dreaded negativity came mostly from resisting it: in the light of consciousness, doubt says "Don't stop now and don't settle for anything less than the true you!" It has been edging us on all this time; never comfortable, but never mean either.

In terms of proportions, doubt at this point is but a minor blemish in our overall expression, a small stain on a white foundation, an itchy spider bite on an otherwise healthy body, but we tend to get majorly distracted by it! (True story: I go to the nursery to pick up a few kitchen herb plants, and ... a spider bite! Nice itchy one, big enough for the associate to google how poisonous it might be! The energy serving me, as I cuss between my teeth, not opening my mouth for full expression, except when I am ready to laugh shortly thereafter in the car:)).

So Adamus offers a delicious, powerful opportunity for us to get beyond doubt, once and for all: if you can allow the shift, it is for good, "You'll never lose that again", not from this moment forward.
There are no more previews or preparations, everything is ready to go: The tipping point, the magical shift is built into the session: a brief discourse, an intense merabh, and a good half hour of full immersion in the music-infused energies - never to place your own energy, your sovereignty outside of yourself again"
I get this feeling of being in a helicopter, parachuters hooked up to the line, I am the nervous one! The instructor is yelling the cues, the one in front of me jumps and the one behind me is ready to jump - so I JUMP - into the friendliest territory I have jumped into in a very long time
Review by sig / (Posted on 6/20/2020)
Adamus gives a clear definition of what happens and what causes doubt to enter: When you place sovereignty outside of yourself, doubt rushes in to fill the void. It is in fact so simple: Stay in your sovereignty and leave the rest behind.
The Master’s Pause Series
I Am True
Like the other Master`s Pause editions this one is right on time, according to Adamus …
I find it a little difficult for me to give a review on this one. I do not find myself doubting, I am not much of a “thinker.”
Nevertheless, Adamus is clear in discussing the reasons for having doubt in your life:
The closer we get to realization, the more “pressure” the mind will put on us to maintain status quo and feel safe in the reality that is known. Mass consciousness, experiences from the past and how we perceive ourselves will contribute to this feeling stuck … But, says Adamus, it is important to be aware that we/you are here on earth in an unnatural state of being, living life in this 3D reality in this body. Mind and thoughts will establish a “safe” feeling in taking care of this very unnatural state that we are in. Doubt will help to find a way out from the stuck situation and is a distraction at the same time. So, it is of importance to find the “true you,” the natural state of being … AND perceive from here.
In the same way it is of importance what you give your attention to: Is it the stain on the wall? Or do you allow yourself to see and enjoy the big, beautiful wall that is there?
Adamus gives a clear definition of what happens and what causes doubt to enter: When you place sovereignty outside of yourself, doubt rushes in to fill the void. It is in fact so simple: Stay in your sovereignty and leave the rest behind.
More than half of the Master`s Pause “I Am True” is a merabh, ending with beautiful pictures (flying over clouds in a clear blue sky) and music, especially designed to “let go” and dive deep into the feeling of trust and being sovereign in yourself.
If you feel doubt, I am sure this Master`s Pause will no doubt be good for you and you will enjoy it.
I will recommend it, though I found that it was not so much directed to me.
Finn Andersen
CC Review Team Member
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 6/18/2020)
A journey to the true you deep inside
. As always with Master’s Pause, it invites you on a deep inner journey, if you allow it. I Am True takes you to a place where you can allow yourself to feel the true you. To me the experience with this Master’s Pause is so very subtle that it is very difficult to put into words.
Adamus talks a lot about doubt in the beginning, before the Merabh starts. He has some quotes about doubt like, “Doubt comes in to fill the void when you place your sovereignty outside of yourself.” That is really one to feel into.
He also says that doubt comes up very strongly just before realization. Well, I guess that most of us has experienced doubt a lot in our lives, but as I feel it, now more than ever. You doubt yourself, is all of this real or just another game? The doubt comes in on so many levels. He asks us to embrace the doubt, instead of what we mostly do, run from it. That helps us to understand, why it is here: To push us, so we don’t get too comfortable in an un-natural state of being, that means as the human. Actually, to help us remember our true nature.
One of the things that we do as humans is, we try to fit in. Try to do the right thing, and when we don’t, from a human perspective, we judge ourselves. Adamus says that we judge ourselves more in this lifetime than in any of the previous. The true beings that we are, can’t do anything wrong – it is only experiences. Sometimes I can feel that if I hurt somebody unintentionally. They have chosen that experience themselves, I am not responsible for them. It is all in their own energy. – Other times, the feelings of guilt and doubt come up, “Why did I…” or “I should have…” Some good deep breaths usually help to change the perspective…
The understanding that all you perceive is your own energy runs like a red thread through the whole Master’s Pause. It is your energy, so there is no reason to fear it. It is there to serve you. Even the doubt is there to serve you. It actually wants you to go for nothing less than the true you, your sovereignty. “All I perceive is my own energy”. It feels so liberating, and yet so difficult to totally accept in my life. I get the concept, but in practical life – well, something is still missing.
In the Master’s Pause series, it is not so much about the words, but the energy. Adamus says that he has infused this one with ingredients that will tickle our energy, to remind us that we are true. Although I know that I am much more than a human, it is so reassuring. And talking about the energy in it, I wanted to check something in the transcript before I wrote this, and I immediately got sucked into the energy…
I love the graphic of this Master’s Pause. First the beautiful setting in Vila Ahmyo in Kona with nature in the background. So relaxing and enjoyable. And in the end when Adamus has left and it is only the music playing, you see summer clouds with sunlight on them drifting closer… It enhances the whole experience.
I Am True – to me a journey to a deep place within me that I can’t really describe. And the energy is still continuing… I highly recommend this Master’s Pause!
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 6/18/2020)
Doubt is saying, "Don't settle for anything less than your full sovereignty"
. So dear Adamus invites us to dive right into our doubt, to come back to our very roots of I AM Real, I Am True!!

He cites quotes from both Kahlil Gibran and Ram Dass about doubt, but likes his own quote best: “Doubt rushes in to fill the void when you place sovereignty outside of yourself,”

He reminds us that your doubt is YOUR Energy, serving you, that it’s a beautiful energy; that all Energy is communication, the song of the Soul, and what it’s really saying to you is, “Don’t stop”. You placed your doubt here so that you wouldn’t get any more immersed in an unnatural state of being.

We have experienced our True Self, our Self Loving self, our Merlin self, and then doubt comes in.

We’re now diving into and breathing our way through that doubt to allow & embody & feel I Am Real; I Am True!

“You’ll never loose this feeling again”, Adamus assures us. What sweetness!!

The words and explanation of why we have doubts and why they are good, are informative distractions, but the real stuff is in the experience of feeling the waves of transition wash over you as you release the doubts and allow all of your energy to serve you!

This came together for me on a walk after numerous listenings/readings. The simplicity is that the I Am True merabh, combined with the merabh of the Breath of I Am in the June shoud is like a sensual “cocktail”, a cocktail of the Master, a cleansing from inside and outside simultaneously, allowing a huge remembering of I Am True, I Am the breath of I Am, feeling the waves of transition to the New perception of knowing all Energies are mine and are now serving me!

I experienced the “Holy Shit” moment imagining I Am clearing from the inside AND from the outside simultaneously, sort of like my physical body washes away, disappears, and I am Free to BE and feel my True I Am, my I Am True!!

I will end with my favorite Adamus quote from I Am True: “Instead of serving you in doubt and in limitation, when you continue to allow the ‘I Am True’, the energies will come in and they will then mirror that truth. They will bring that truth into manifestation. They will bring the true You into light.”

Review by Patti / (Posted on 6/14/2020)
It's Not Unusual
. Remember that old song by Tom Jones “It’s Not Unusual?” Well maybe not, unless you’re a “golden” Shaumbra like myself! But google it and it too may ring through your ears watching this latest Master’s Pause – I AM True! However, we may need Randy Rainbow to do a CC version. (Yeah google Randy too.)

Thank my godself for this latest release and perfect timing as usual even though it was recorded in March, 2020. “Are you talking to me Adamus?” as he shares that “it’s not unusual” to have plenty of doubt the closer we are to our Realization! It comes on the strongest and rushes in as a distraction. Yup that’s me and probably you too. But in this Master’s Pause we learn that this is actually good news – whew!
I really loved right away where he compares doubt to a “stain on the wall” or a ‘spider bite” or “dog poop on the lawn”. Again, I think Adamus was looking over my shoulder recently as I became obsessed with painting some walls to cover some marks along with fixing a scratch in my son’s car. (Yes toothpaste works!) And yes, I have dogs, so poop on a lawn is a given. Total distractions for this Capricorn who likes order and “perfection”. I have a grand “fixer” aspect. Ha!

Adamus says the doubt keeps us distracted from the bigger picture of our Realization. That this “stain” keeps us focused and all our mind thinks about. Or the spider bite. Or in my case, a very itchy mosquito bite. So, we place our consciousness there and it get’s all our attention. That is what doubt is like. Oh so true dear Adamus.

He goes on to tell us to just ignore these and just allow the whole picture. Battling doubt just feeds it and I know once you start focusing on every little paint chip or stain it will never end. Personally, I’ve had to reconcile that the minute something is created in our reality, it is in a state of decay and destruction so perfection is really an illusion although the human does try to maintain it.

But back to doubt. It DOES serve a purpose and this for me is the huge aha of this Master’s Pause! Adamus says that “Doubt rushes in to fill the void when you place sovereignty outside of yourself.” Let me repeat that. “Doubt rushes in to fill the void when you place sovereignty outside of yourself.” Whoah. Doubt is coming in to help us recognize we’re in a false sense of being. We’re not being true to ourselves. It’s not natural to be living the way we are. So rather than being another complacent muggle, our doubt makes us question the status quo and help us awaken to who we really are!

This explanation of Adamus is really huge at this time at least for me. Rather than thinking you’re another spiritual schmuck not getting it and needing another lifetime or two to realize Realization, the doubt comes in to let you know you’ll NEVER get that stain out of your life. Because you’ll just focus on another one and another one if you’re a Martha Stewart wannabe. There IS no perfection in this unnatural way of living.

“You come to doubt when you think you’re doing something wrong, but the paradox is that you’re in an unnatural state and you’re trying to be right in an unnatural state that’s not right to begin with. It’s an experience, but it’s not you, the true You. And then that doubt comes in when you don’t do it right, which you kind of can’t anyway, because you’re in an unnatural and untrue state of being.” Breathe that in!

I fuckin’ loved this! I was brought up being taught there is “only one way of doing things and that is the right way!” (Ah in which version of reality?) So, yes I’ve struggled trying to perfect things and then I could relax and enjoy life. Arghhh... You can’t perfect our true perfection, our true selves, our real selves!

Deep breath. The doubts are here to help us out of this unnatural state and big at this time of almost being realized we’re Realized!

Adamus then invites us to dive deep into our doubts in a masterful amazing Merabh… From not trusting ourselves to “Am I worthy? Will I ever get there? Is this real?” We need to listen to our doubts, feel our doubts… They are there to keep us moving and not get too comfortable. It’s our energy and here to serve us in a beautiful way.
The doubt has really been saying to you, “Don’t settle for anything other than the true You.” “I Am True. My natural state of beingness is true,” and you’ve covered all that up.

I love “You can’t take the true You out of you!’ Another Shaumbra t-shirt or bumper sticker.

This latest Master’s Life couldn’t be more perfect for me. “Stop looking at the stain Tammie and look at all that you are! I Am Real. I Am True. I Am that I Am.” “Don’t settle for anything less. Never place your energy, your sovereignty outside of yourself again.” (It’s not on the damn wall!)
I love, LOVE this Master’s Pause and will listen many times I’m sure over these next 3 months that Adamus says are so important to allow our Realization. When in doubt, listen!

I have no doubt that you will love “I AM True” too! Thank you to Adamus, Geoff and Linda and the CC creative team that keep these timely reminders flowing.

Tammie O’Rielly
Member of the CC Product Review Team

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 6/9/2020)