Interdimensional living

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Adamus™ helps you learn how to perceive and function in many different dimensions. Includes guided interdimensional experiences.



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Interdimensional Living
A Personal Study Course with Adamus™
Golden, Colorado USA

In this interactive and experiential Study Course Adamus Saint-Germain gives in-depth presentations on what dimensions are, how to perceive and experience them, and how they can serve you in your life. Adamus helps the listener find the answer to the very important question “What is your prison?” The answer to this question and the choice to set yourself free then gives you the ability to traverse the dimensions at will and bring back the potentials you choose into your everyday reality.

As you go through this study course, you will begin to reawaken the five angelic senses that have been dimmed over many lifetimes on Earth. You will also learn how to expand your five physical senses and use them along with the angelic senses to consciously perceive and interact with energies and dimensions.

Kuthumi also takes part in this Study Course, guiding the listener through several intense interdimensional experiences.

This Study Course is very beneficial for anyone seeking true freedom and desiring to consciously explore and interact with other dimensions.

The Interdimensional Living Personal Study Course includes:

Session 1 – Introduction; Being Here, Being There [73:11]
Session 2 – What Is Your Prison? [64:43]
Session 3 – Angelic Senses: Awareness & Compassion [60:00]
Session 4 – Angelic Senses: Imagination, Focus & Expression [60:54]
Session 5 – Human Senses: Hearing, Taste & Smell [61:35]
Session 6 – Human Senses: Touch & Sight [67:23]
Session 7 – Experiencing the Dimensions [67:10]
Session 8 – Prisons and Dimensions [67:13]
Session 9 – Interdimensional Journeys with Kuthumi [79:31]
Session 10 – Recap and Questions & Answers [57:19]

To view an introductory video, created by Paul Mochalov our Russian translator, please click on this link.
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