Journey of the Angels


 •  Understand the current dynamics on Earth
 •  Remember who you are and why you’re here
 •  Are you still in the Wall of Fire?
 •  Did you ever really leave Home?
 •  There was never any mistake… ever
 •  It’s the greatest story ever told

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Journey of the Angels
With updates from Adamus

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You are here for exactly this time on Earth, for the future is truly the past healed. By understanding where you came from, future potentials open into freedom and you realize your purpose on the planet in this very moment. In this epic experience, Adamus Saint-Germain adds his profound and incredibly timely insights to Tobias’ beautiful story of creation. You will be deeply moved, inspired, and reminded of who you really are – a star player in the epic saga called Journey of the Angels and its sequel!



Remember the Oneness of Spirit from whence you came, revisit the origins of duality, the heartbreak and adventure of leaving Home, the discovery of Self, the Order of the Arc, and the beginning of Creation. Understand the purpose of your life, why you’re here on Earth, and the joy of the love of self.

With the exquisite realization of your own existence, you set out to experience, discover and learn. Through the many adventures of becoming hopelessly lost, forgetting your roots and trying to find your way Home, the eternal flame of Spirit within has always burned deep within. It has brought you through countless experiences, relationships and conflicts, the greatest doubt and the deepest love. And now, it all comes together in this Time of Machines in the greatest consciousness shift of all time and creation.


1. Backstory (Adamus); All That Was (Tobias) (1:22:21)
The Oneness of Spirit split into duality, the “King and Queen,” who then burst forth as the Children of God, infant creators who set out on a journey of discovery and experience. 

2. Leaving Home (Tobias) (52:05)
Saying goodbye to Spirit, you embarked on a profound journey of discovery. For the first time, you experienced creating for yourself, a frightening glimpse of the future, and profound separation. 

3. The Wall of Fire (Tobias); Wisdom (Adamus) (32:31)
Shattered and torn into billions and trillions of pieces, every knowing of self was ripped away. It was the end of existence. 

4. Awakening (Tobias); I Exist (Adamus) (50:45)
Lost, alone in the Void, aware of nothing but a menacing Shadow. Yet with that awareness, you realized “I Exist” – the most beautiful awareness ever known – and the question, “Who am I?” 

5. Star Wars (Tobias) (1:04:37)
You went forth on behalf of Spirit to learn and discover – without shame, guilt, judgment or rules. You discovered others and began playing, fighting, and trying to find the way Home. 

6. Order of the Arc (Tobias) (58:55)
As creation slowed, you helped form the Order of the Arc to find the solution. The plan of Earth came into existence, and you volunteered to be among the first. Would you become lost? 

7. Coming to Earth (Tobias); Your Name (Adamus) (1:12:25)
Gaia prepared the way for you, bringing life to this rock. Then you took one last breath on the other side and plunged in – tossed, compressed, restricted – and then incredible discovery. 

8. Lemuria and Atlantis (Tobias) (1:09:07)
Life on Earth – there’s nothing like it in all of creation. In Lemuria you learned how to stay embodied, in Atlantis you learned to collaborate. Power games returned, Atlantis fell, humanity went dark. 

9. Out of Darkness (Tobias) (1:06:031)
Taking a deep inward look at the question, “Who Am I?” we slowly learned and healed. Humanity began to emerge, and eventually discover Spirit within. This is why you’re here. 

10. The Future is the Past Healed (Tobias); The Sequel (Adamus) (1:39:15)
There is nothing more beautiful or challenging than being in physical form. To feel lost, to love, to remember – it has all been an incredible journey of grand experience.

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Featuring: Geoff & Linda Hoppe, Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded in Breckenridge, Colorado June 2009 and Kona, Hawaii March 2020

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What an interesting experience to feel where you came from and why are you here on Earth!
. Well, now is the time for that more than ever.
I really liked the closing update with Adamus, the idea that there’s a continuation to the story from the Journey of the Angels – The time of the Machines, continuing saga of the Journey of the Angels. Interesting perspective, and I liked very much this cloud class mostly for the opportunity to feel and to decide for me if this is acceptable version, because it is so different from what can be found in other places or domains that try explain about history.
This cloud class has some potentials to be felt, some to be remembered, and it is quite an experience in itself, one that I would recommend it anytime and it has valuable information, also. Even it is told in a form of a story, the feeling experience of it brings so much more than a book, or even audio study material (I tried all versions). For me it is the best way of feeling and remembering where I came from and what it is all about the experience on Earth.
As Adamus points in one of his updates, this material was kind of a sleeper, meaning that all the information was prepared for the appropriate moment, which is now. And by going through it is kind of a different perception and feeling for this times. Even if I seen it before, now it has a special meaning. And I did felt into a deeper levels of it.
So, the first session, an update, starts with some interesting elements – creation of the Ascended Masters Club and the fact that presenting the story of the Angels was a difficult task for Tobias.
The experience goes as far as feeling pure consciousness, remembering some feelings from that period, then goes by remembering some of the first doubts and shame feelings, while leaving the first circle.
Then we get to remember the wall of fire, one of the deepest trauma affecting our lives. Then comes Adamus with some remarks, very appropriate, also related to the receiving the forgiveness from the I Am.
The sessions from the second day are very informative, as well as full of feelings, and many levels of consciousness. The Awakening session is one that brings about the basis of the idea that we are already realized. The feelings of it bring about the next steps, the burst into expression and experience for our soul, and the understanding of the two parts of us – one in external expression, and the other going for an inner-look into consciousness, the one that would be known as the god from within. Adamus updates on that by reminding us what he said at many workshops – to get back to the I Exist. I Am that I Am in any situation. And the fact that it always is a transition.
In any case, the feelings of the sessions from the second day bring more awareness about how dimensions came to be, how spiritual families came to be and how the Order the Arc was needed. Also, what was about the plan of Earth experience. And the comments of Tobias in each of the sessions is very interesting and lovely.
The update of Adamus is with a Merabh, going through the Journey of the Angels, understanding the basics, why we are here, and introducing a new element.
The last day has a lot of meaning in terms of understanding us, now, with talks about Lemuria and Atlantis, then coming out of Darkness. And a lot more perspectives from Tobias about the concept that `The future is the past healed`. And it has some pointers about what will be our experience with Adamus, beyond the current state.
As I have said, the best of the best seems to me that there is a continuation of the saga of the Journey of the Angels, and it looks for me something to look forward as experience.
For me, this is the best place of experiencing and remembering where we came from and what’s all about the life on Earth. Adamus updated also the material, so it would explain best about the recent events and the Convergence, so now it is kind of the complete material to clarify all things. Already this is a core material for Crimson Cricle, for me it was an important material, almost vital.
I appreciate very much the way it was done in the past, now with updates from Adamus, it is a very well done material in terms of graphics and video, and I know it was not always easy. It is one of the best materials presented in the best way, and I do thank for that to Geoffrey, Linda, CC staff and Tobias and Adamus.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 6/8/2020)
must see
. This is my favorite story told by my favorite storyteller, Tobias. It takes you on a journey deep inside. Only now, watching it for the nth time, I realized how deeply it goes. After the second session I was so expanded that I couldn’t make sense of the reflections that Linda was inviting us to do. The words didn’t make sense. I was there on the ocean of consciousness in that boat. In full experience of my first creation. And I am a certified teacher for this class, so I went through this material so many times.

It seems it was just waiting for this particular moment in time. Even Adamus mentioned that Journey of the Angels was a sleeper. It was just waiting for the right time. Not to mention that it is a story that Tobias is telling his next incarnation: Sam.

This is such an epic story. I told this story so many times. Most people thought I was crazy. But for me this is the real history class. I can feel it resonating inside. Remembering why I AM are here. And the simple beauty of being here. Deep resonance of the remembering in my soul.

And now things are changing. The last chapter ended on 4/4/2020 according to Adamus. At this point the whole humanity is taking a break, everyone has the opportunity to look deep inside themselves before we – as humanity - start a brand-new book - the age of the machines. End of the experience of energy and consciousness separated.

In addition to an update, Adamus brings his own story - We learned how Ascended Masters club has started - experience of the Void and a beautiful Merabh....

I just recently purchased a second edition of the book and I sure hope there will be a third edition with Adamus’ additions. Those were precious.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 4/27/2020)
The journey begins in the Oneness, with the King and Queen (the I AM). Spirit (you) leaves home to go beyond to explore where spirit has never been before. Comes to a beach where a boat accidently is lying, waiting. Sets out on the ocean. Goes through the
Are you ready? What? To take the fast train to realization!
Journey of the Angels was originally recorded with Tobias in 2009.
It is now a couple of weeks ago I joined the online class and went through Journey of the Angels. This time it was online; teachers were Linda and Geoffrey. I guess I have gone through the class about 10 times (as a teacher included), but this time it seems more appropriate than ever before! AND this time Adamus gives his contribution to Tobias` “story” about how we came here, why we are here, and how we can go into our realization.
The class is online, takes place from Villa Ahmyo on Hawaii, where the energies from The Order of the Arc first came in. Now, today in 2020, the Order of the Arc is disbanding, leaving the responsibility to humans on Earth; many, read enough, are ready to take the responsibility … So, it is so very important to be aware of our role(s) in this “crazy” situation that we are in right now.
The journey begins in the Oneness, with the King and Queen (the I AM). Spirit (you) leaves home to go beyond to explore where spirit has never been before. Comes to a beach where a boat accidently is lying, waiting. Sets out on the ocean. Goes through the Wall of Fire. A very impressive experience, where Spirit is dissolved into pieces, pieces and more pieces. Into the Void, Nothingness. Meeting the shadow, not alone. Creation begins, Earth is created and the story of how we came to Earth is told.
Through the whole journey (class) my senses and feelings are challenged. Linda and Geoffrey ask questions to help us go deeper into feelings and experiences from what`s happening. Music and background tapestry of beauty support the messages in a fantastic way, very impressive and beautiful.
According to Adamus, the biggest fear that humans have is the feeling of Nothingness. Therefore, humans create drama in their lives in order to feel anything at all. It is like being in the Wall of Fire. In the Wall of Fire is also pure consciousness – the I AM – Energy. You bring potentials into your experience. All experience is turned into wisdom.
All potentials are right here – right now. Combine consciousness and energy – Allow your realization …
The dragon is here to purify, help you to clean out guilt and shame that stand in your way. Receive the forgiveness from the I AM … into your Heart, your mind … No remorse … ALLOW!!
I recommend the “Journey of the Angels.” It can become the experience of your life.
Finn Andersen
Member of the CC review team
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 3/30/2020)
How we got to Earth and our mission here
Journey of the Angels
I have always felt so touched by the Journey of the Angels. Some of the contents was first presented in one of the early series, about the time when I joined Crimson Circle. It was a totally new understanding of why we are here on Earth, not as a “fall” or punishment, but because we are on a “mission”. It changed my life! Participating in the Crimson Circle school, Leaving Home, - I guess it was similar to the first 5 channels – in 04 or 05 added to it. Going from the feeling of just being an unworthy human, that had to work my way back to God, to the emerging understanding of who I really am!
Journey of the Angels is the last recorded class with Tobias and watching it now, was like feeling the energy and compassion from Tobias reaching out to us again.
I love the way Tobias tells this story, almost like a fairy tale. That allows you to go out of your mind and feel what he is saying. You can identify with the young child that goes out and explores the Kingdom. The desire of the child to go even further, leave the Kingdom to find out what lies behind. And when doing so, also having a slight feeling of hesitation – maybe I shouldn’t leave… But doing so and enjoying it. But then coming to the wall of fire and be shattered into billions and billions of pieces, just to end in Nothingness. Totally alone and with only a faint memory of Home, the Kingdom. Sitting here writing this, I can feel it again. As Tobias also says in one of the sessions, these deep buried memories are still within humans today and causes fear, depression, feeling of hopelessness and being abandoned in our lives.
If I should mention my favorite channel, that would be the 4th one, Awakening. Tobias takes us through the feeling in the darkness, the void, and then the discovery of our shadow. By doing so, to become aware that I AM. I Exist. I Am that I Am. This insight created a rush of energy. Of joy. Watching it now, I felt, Yes! I Exist!
From that place the question came up, “Who am I?” And that sent us on a long journey.
Adding to this beautiful material, are the updates from Adamus. He comes in each day and add his energy to it. Where Tobias told the story, Adamus explains the physics: The Kingdom being our I AM. The I AM’s creation of energy is what we experience as the Wall of Fire. All the potentials we could possibly experience. What if we could see this as an amazing gift from our I AM? That it actually wanted us to go out and explore. See that our I AM has no judgement of us what so ever. That is freedom.
In channel 7 Adamus guides us in a Merabh to remember out name. Our energy has a certain signature, and that is our name. Changing all the time. Not to be pronounced, but more to be felt. For the first time, I got a feeling of mine. And doing so, it made me feel at peace with myself.
Although I have watched the channels several times before this presentation, I discovered new insights. One of them, “The future is the past healed”. I have heard it a lot of times and surely it makes sense, but this time I really FELT it. No longer being bound by old wounds, old guilt and shame. But being free to choose from ALL my potentials, not only the limiting ones! What a gift this class is!
In this last session, Adamus ends it by telling a story, a continuation of Journey of the Angels in The Time of Machines. He talks about what is going on now, and the great importance of we allow our realization. To shine out light in this time of great change for humanity and the planet. So, let’s do so!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 3/23/2020)
Perfect Experience Perfectly Timed
The 3 day online class, Journey of the Angels, is the perfect experience, perfectly timed, for where we are in our personal awakening and realization. As well, remembering our Journey is a priceless gift in the midst of the nearly unimaginable fear filled story being created across our beloved planet today. Hearing, or rather feeling, the Resonance and Radiance of Tobias again is also priceless. These gifts, coupled with the addition of the wisdom and insights shared by Adamus in 5 new channels, is for me, the most balancing experience in ages.

In simplicity, it is our story of asking the question, “Who Am I?”, of leaving Home, going through the Wall of Fire, the Void, Awakening, Star Wars, coming to Earth, coming out of Darkness, and the potentials of now creating the continuing saga of the journey of the angels (us!!) in the Time of Machines. For me, hearing again Tobias’s Journey of the Angels is a remembering, analogous to the transitions we’re experiencing now in our “present day” awakening and Realization.

There have been several excellent reviews already posted which I won’t attempt to improve upon. So I’ll do what I love best…..share my personal experience of this magnificent 3 day online class.

When the cd’s were available for the original recording of JoA, I purchased them as a home study course. I will never forget my feeling of being nurtured and safe as the grand story teller Tobias began to unfold and weave his story of our journey. I truly felt like a child again, safe and secure. What a joy to experience that anew with the online class.

While Tobias’s story is metaphorical, it is easy to feel beyond the words to the essence of the Energy & Consciousness of our story.

For me, the story is a “circle”. At the onset of the story, Tobias invites us to step aside from our minds “to allow your heart, your soul, the expression of the God within you to come forward. We invite you to allow yourself to remember and to accept and love yourself during this entire journey.”

And also in the first chapter, All That Was, Tobias gives us the whole journey in a couple sentences. “When Spirit, the original, Eternal One, said, ‘Who am I?’ It instantly created a mirror of Itself so that It could see who It was in order to answer Its own question. And in that mirror the Oneness gazed into Its own heart and instantly fell in love. It fell in love with all that It had been and all that It could ever be. The Oneness fell so deeply in love with Itself that It manifested Its expression.”

The first time I heard Tobias say these words I was literally stunned at their simplicity, beauty & completeness.. Now it’s so clear that this is also the simplicity of New Energy; how Energy is first created from the passion & perfect love of I Am, and how Energy & Consciousness are now playing together in Freedom.

Our story is a “circle”, actually a multi-dimension sphere, of completion.

The essence of the story is of this “original” Oneness coming to completion, coming to fullness in our own sovereign Oneness of inviting and fully integrating our Divine with all of our human experiences and expressions, and falling in love with Self again, “with all that It had been and all that It could ever be.”

And interestingly, Tobias says it takes longer to tell the story than to actually experience it!

The beauty of this “original” Realization, is now being remembered as we invite and allow Home/our Divine to come to us, allowing & experiencing our own Oneness, our own sovereignty. Remembering and Realizing our name, our song, who we are.

And as Adamus beautifully points out in his 5th and final channel, following Chapter 10, The Future is the Past Healed, the story is not over.

He said it’s like when we finish a really good book or a movie series, like Star Wars for example, we want there to be a sequel. There is. We’re writing, creating it right now. Not surprisingly, Adamus suggests we might call the book or the movie, The Time of The Machines. (He’s not sure who will play him!!)

So…. Let’s imagine and feel our expressions, our “character(s)”, in the continuing saga of our story, Journey of the Angels In the Time of Machines!

Inviting us all to stay dancing & singing together, grounded & undistracted, as we slide & glide through this current planetary story, an expression & experience of fear and imbalance, the antithesis of OUR epic, astounding, & magical story of self love, self knowing, & self expressing.

This is why we are all here now.

Review by Patti / (Posted on 3/21/2020)
The Journey Continues
And so it was… These words from Tobias introduce almost every session in the Journey of the Angels - the beautiful and at times quite intense story of creation, our origins and what has happened since. First introduced before his departure in 2009, the message from Tobias is as relevant today as it was then.

I was fortunate to be in attendance at that three day event, and for me and the others there, it brought up a myriad of feelings. As Tobias told the story, he also introduced us to some of the first traumas and wounds we ever experienced. It was an invitation to go deep within and open up to whether or not you may still be carrying those traumas. It was a real eye opener to me to understand the origins of some wounds that are common in humanity.

The Journey of the Angels is also a book, and while that is a good way to experience it, there is nothing like hearing the loving and passionate words of Tobias as he tells this story. On day two and three I pulled out my book and followed along as I once again heard his narration. It really made those pages come to life.

Not surprisingly, this revisiting of the Journey of the Angels also includes some channels from Adamus Saint-Germain. He pays tribute to Tobias in such a touching way, and then beautifully bridges the story and messages from Tobias to the current time to where so many have chosen the embodied realization. The merabh at the end of day two is one of the most clear and passionate I’ve heard from Adamus. It has stayed very present with me. Another addition to the original material are the reflection questions from Geoff and Linda after some of the sessions. Those questions were an invitation to discover any feelings or insights you gave yourself while experiencing the material. They created a nice place to land and gather yourself as some of the sessions could feel very expansive and intense.

I would invite those who have not experienced this beautiful material to do so. It is the story of every being who has set out to discover themselves. It is the story of the creation of earth and its eras. The last session brings everything together as dear Tobias invites each of us to truly love and trust self allowing a healing of what we’ve previously experienced. He left us with this years ago, and it’s as pertinent today as then: “the future is the past healed.”

I want to add my thanks to dear Tobias for leaving this gift, for Adamus for adding more clarity, and to Geoff and Linda for bringing the Journey of the Angels back into awareness.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 3/16/2020)