Just Passing Through (Time) Merabh

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 •  Time lets you be in this very sensual experience
 •  Stop fighting time; let it work for you
 •  Time isn’t linear, it swirls and bends
 •  And you are just passing through 
 •  No need to struggle, it comes to you
 •  You’re not stuck anymore

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Just Passing Through (Time) Merabh
From Merabhs* Volume 3

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Time is an amazing dynamic that allows you to experience the very sensual nature of this reality. Time is not energy, but it has a way of holding energy in. It’s not a dimension, yet it surrounds many dimensions, bringing them together. Time creates the gravity of Earth so you can dive in for a rich, deep and meaningful experience. But time has a unique quality that can make you feel trapped in it, like you’re never going to get out because everything is just so slow, so thick and takes so much effort. But you’re not stuck. You’re just passing through on your way back to freedom.

As you breathe and allow, Kuthumi leads you on a magical journey into time and back out of it in this delightful and insightful merabh. While the music plays, you will experience going into the thickness of time itself, only to pass through into clarity, beauty and sensuality. Yoham also performs a piece called Just Passing Through from the lyrics written by Kuthumi the day before the recording.

A timeless transformation!

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Length: 26:04

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $15

Featuring: Kuthumi lal Singh and Yoham (Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa, Amir Yakobi)

Recorded in Božič Studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia in May 2014

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* Merabh™ - A non-linear and non-mental energy movement that combines words, music and perhaps physical movement to create a quantum consciousness change (from the Crimson Circle Glossary).

Time Travels Cosmic Conversations Timeless ProGnost 2018 

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