Call of the Soul


 •  You and your soul long to be together
 •  Are you ready to feel totally at ease with yourself?
 •  Learn what it’s like to live as an Ascended Master 
 •  Abundance and health are your natural state
 •  Others will notice your radiance 
 •  This is the most precious time of all



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Call of the Soul
The most precious longing

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Living on Earth as an embodied Master is what this lifetime is all about for Shaumbra, and there are many questions about what that means. In this beautiful message, Kuthumi – who lived for a number of years after his enlightenment – talks about what life will be like as an Ascended Master. Speaking of the grace, ease and preciousness of being on Earth, he reminds us that self-love, abundance and a balanced biology are natural states in enlightenment, also called Realization. And he tells a beautiful story of desperately calling out for reunion with his soul, inviting us to choose an easier path.

Kuthumi encourages us to truly enjoy and fully experience every moment of our becoming, for it will happen only once in our entire existence. He emphasizes that living as an Ascended Master is about being in joy and radiating one’s light to all. In fact, it is one of the great pleasures of enlightenment to be in service, helping others walk out of their prisons. Then, accompanied by the live music of Yoham, he shares a poignant tale of the search for his own soul. He tells of calling out across the infinite waters, of the ache and longing for reunion with Spirit, and what it took to finally experience that reunion. 

Call of the Soul is a precious and beautiful tale, delivered with Kuthumi’s incomparable compassion, wit and grace. It is a clear reminder to live life large.

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Length: (42:20)

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $20

Featuring: Kuthumi lal Singh and Yoham (Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa, Amir Yakobi)

Recorded in Estes Park, Colorado, August 2012

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