Call of the Soul

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Call of the Soul

In this beautiful message (given during the DreamWalker Life event in Estes Park, Colorado) Kuthumi talks about what life will be like when living on Earth as an Ascended Master. Talking about the grace, ease, and the preciousness of life, he reminds us that abundance and balanced biology are the natural state of being, and that the joy and radiance of living Ascended Masters can change the world.

Kuthumi reminds us to truly enjoy and experience every moment of this becoming, for it will happen only once in our existence.

Then, accompanied by the live music of Yoham, Kuthumi shares a poignant tale of the search for his own soul. He tells of calling out across the infinite waters, of the ache and longing for reunion with Spirit, and what it took to finally experience that reunion with his soul.

Call of the Soul is a precious and beautiful tale, given with Kuthumi’s incomparable compassion, wit and grace.

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