Lemurian Homecoming

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Lemurian Homecoming by Anders Holte

From Anders:

There are many legends about this mysterious and magical place. Many tales have been told of an ancient land with astounding beauty.

For me Lemuria means Home.

When I began this musical journey I had no idea where it was going. I just knew that creating these sounds felt so good. It was like discovering a crevice in my reality which I always sensed was there. Something strong was shining through and I just knew .. this is the sound of home. The sound of where we all come from.

The language
When I sing this kind of music I exclusively have my awareness on the sound itself. It's like my left brain steps outside and takes a break. People ask me ".. what language are you singing?" - and the answer is.. probably a very old one.

I don't sing any specific words that I would be able to recognize as I do it. Instead I "lean in" to the music and "hope for the best". It's a bit like watching and enjoying the ride.

Afterwards I too listen to the sounds I sing and I always feel an ancient vibrational connection to this "something".. that my brain doesn't understand. But my heart knows the truth of it.

I sense this comes from a time where language was something entirely different than it is today. The information stored within the very sound itself exceeds the cognitive information of our modern day language by dimensions.

Interdimensional Music
This music enhances your awareness of reality. Your life goes "High Definition" so to speak. If you listen to the music in a quiet space - it expands your perception to the point of sensing other dimensions.

A review by Geoffrey Hoppe –

Linda and I met Anders Holte and his beautiful wife Cacina in Amsterdam in late May, 2009 during the Channeling Workshop. Anders asked if we’d listen to his newest creation, Lemurian Home Coming. We put the CD on the sound system and sat back to listen. We’d never heard anything like it. Linda and I immediately felt a sensation in our chests, like our hearts were expanding and ready to jump out of our bodies.

There are no musical instruments in Lemurian Home Coming, only the crystalline tones of Ander’s voice. I’m not sure how he did it but he created other-worldy tones that literally awaken something deep within. We were mesmerized by the sounds.

We played parts of Lemurian Home Coming for Shaumbra that weekend during the workshop, and their reaction was the same; no words could describe the experience. Everyone was in a conscious trance after listening to Anders’ creation. It opened something within them and helped make it the best Channeling Workshop ever because they went beyond their own fear and anxiety about channeling.

As I told the group in Amsterdam, I don’t know what to call Lemurian Home Coming. To say it is “music” is far too limiting. But neither is it just toning. So I’ll leave it by saying that Anders has created something that is nearly indescribable, but definitely New Energy. I invite you to experience Lemurian Home Coming for yourself.

Geoffrey Hoppe

Click each track to hear a sample:

1. Lemurian Home Coming (18:27)

2. Timeless Prayer (19:04)

3. Full Moon Dance (14:34)

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This is it, the music and the vibration is home.
Review by Angel89123 / (Posted on 9/2/2017)