Letter to Awakening Humans

A beautiful and comforting message to all humans who are awakening to their true spiritual identity

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Letter to Awakening Humans

During the monthly Shoud on June 8, 2008, Tobias gathered the energies of Shaumbra and delivered a very special message for humans around the world who are beginning to awaken. He called it a “Letter to Awakening Humans” and asked that it be made available to anyone who desired to read or hear it.

In this Letter Tobias talks about the spiritual awakening process and the changes, challenges, doubts and fears that it brings into your life. He explains what is really going on and that there are thousands of human angels that have already made this transition and who are now here in loving support. Tobias also talked about Gaia, the role she has played for Earth, and how she is now handing over the to humanity responsibility for Earth.

More than anything, Tobias reassures you that you are not alone, that the world is not falling apart and that you are going through a beautiful and natural process.

Please share this PDF document with anyone you like.
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